Split from husband

Hi ladys, I need some advice. Im 9 weeks pregnant and I decided to leave my husband because ibcouodnt take thr emotional abuse anymore. He was constantly in a bad mood or always mad at me. He accuses me of cheating, lying to him, amd deleteing stuff out of my phone. Ive never done either to him. I found a message in his phone to his ex after she found out we were married, she screen shotted my Facebook asking him how he could do that to her and his response was anybody can change there ladt name on Facebook. All the while ive been telling him that he needed to tell her for five months that she needed to leave him alone. But he would get mad and say what I do is none of her business. Fast forward to our situation now, once i left he would text me, my mom, my brother, my ex husband, long and nasty paragraphs about me. Hes even went as far as to say hes going to stand with my ex husband in court to try to get my daughter taken away from me. Hes been calling and crying and saying he loves me and he misses me and he wants me to come home. Im just confused. I do love him but I dont know if what I feel is empathy for him because I dont want to go back if this isnt what my hearr really wants. I dont want to lose myseld just to please someone a man. And i have a feeling things wont get any better. Hes suppose to go get help and i told him after he did that we could try to work things out. Am I in the wrong.bim totally lost. Please help with any advice.

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Sounds like a bad situation. Have you tried to see a therapist together? Maybe that would help. I know of situations like these and they don’t get better on their own. He has to see his part and be willing to change.

Unfortunately the emotional abuse doesn’t get better. Leaving is for the best. Do you have somewhere safe to go? I was in a similar relationship :frowning: im sorry love

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They don’t change. It’s manipulation.

No we havent seen one together. I told him he needed his own therapy and myself as well. I fill like marriage therapy would be a bandaid to the real problems

Ive been over at my parents since Saturday night. He tells me he loves me and wants me back but then turns rifht around and tells me i dont fill like this is what you want so I’m not going to push you. I do feel like hes playing with me