Stepdaughter14 is so ugh

I know this is super long and im sorry im just lost rigjt now …
I’m crushed I been raising stepdaughter 14 and stepson 17 since she was 3 and he was 6. Well She’s been super mean and rude and disrespectful telling everyone to shut up not listening etc
Even told her 4 yr old brother to shut the helll up today … its been a long time coming and I finally lit into her today.
Her mom has been Mia for the last 10 yrs
Saw her 3x in the last month but hasn’t since cause she picked another dude over them. She started crying after I yelled and I felt bad but i didn’t go in there and kiss her a** I let her be. But what really pissed me off was when I finally did she had thrown her shoes everywhere her bed was flipped and everything that was organized was now unorganized. So I ended up saying something to her and I said " the way she was talking to people isn’t ok and how would she feel.
What Is wrong u know u can come tell me anything " and she yells at me saying " why do u care " I said cause I love u. & I’m sorry ur not seeing Mommy but we don’t want u to see toxic stuff agian " and she proceeds to " u told me already how many times are u gonna tell me ! " [ which I haven’t ]
I go ur mad at the wrong people babe. Just relax get up fix ur stuff and breath.
Then we told her she needs to go to therapy to get better to talk to someone cause this isn’t ok and she goes " u can’t make me go " I go yes we can make u go.
Then 2 days prior to that she broke her compt by having water next to it after we have told her multiple times no water or drinks in ur rooms to begin with specially being we rent a house and we aren’t trying to replace the RUG. She is now acting like. Entitled spoiled brat cause her father Hasn’t reformatted a new compt for her yet. She hasn’t been listening. We have had to tell her something 5 times everyday to do something today she was told to vaccum her rugs and she had until x time.
It wasn’t done at x time. Nor did she vaccum both her rugs only the one
She then came out to say she vacuumed which we said both ? She goes nope just the one I’ll do the other one tomorrow can I get on ? I go no. Go vaccum what u were told to vaccum. She goes I said I’ll do it tomorrow I go and I said go redo it now.
Ends up pouting throwing a fit like a brat. So I went to leave for work and asked her something and it was just pure snobbyness. She was also mad that she didn’t get to get on her compt 45 mins earlier then she was told she could cause she had to redo her chore.
Now remind u she vaccums
Does dishes 1x a week BUT NOT LATELY
And washes her laundry which I end up drying folding and putting away
And empty her room trash

She’s also been lieing told dad I never told her to do something. Which he didn’t believe her.
Everyone says just don’t be home with them or send them somewhere .
I can’t send them anywhere
And I have to stay home 1 car I don’t drive right now and my bf works from 4am-5pm
So I don’t have a option.
I told bf I’m ready to take everything but her bed.
AND if that don’t work if she wants to really use her items. She needs to earn them back and he 100% agrees he said if It don’t change by this week she’s 100% grounded and it’ll her fault. And he told her that

If u made it this far thank u.
I’m just at a loss. It’s getting to the point I don’t wanna be here