Stiff back after birth

Hi all , anyone else feel like your lower back still stiff after babies ? I had two back to back and it’s been 9 months . I stretch but still my back isn’t the same . Can anyone relate ?


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Did you have an epidural? I have numbness and tingling. Sometimes stabbing pains in my lower back. I was told it was nerve damage from the epidural with my first

My son laid on my spine when he was in utero and my back has never been the same. I think he may have pushed on my disks and moved them.

Physical therapy and massage. Use a heating pad when you sit.
It’ll help more than anything else.

After giving birth, your body is working on putting itself back together. I remember having some tailbone pain for several weeks after having my daughter. You can damage that during childbirth!

Carrying a child and giving birth can do a number on your body… chiropractics help a ton to get you back aligned.

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go to the chiropractor!!! they work wonders

We had ours very close as well, and the youngest is 13. My’n to this day still isn’t fully back to normal.

I had back to back Labour with my son and my lower back hasn’t been the same since and is been 9 years.

Your back curves during pregnancy to support the baby. It takes time to go back. The chiropractor worked wonders for me.

Professional massage

Yes had two kids back to back and my back hurts all the time

Chiropractic or acupuncture or both. My health insurance covers acupuncture but not chiropractic so that’s what use. I get great results.