Stocking ideas for a toddler?

What do you put in your almost 2 year olds stocking? I’m at a loss


Bath time finger paints, crayons, bath bombs, candy, markers, they have these cool holiday stamps at Walmart which my son used to love in his stocking!

Bathtub paint or chalk, bubbles, healthy snacks & Christmas snacks that are age appropriate, favorite movies, small stuffed animals, etc…good luck & happy holidays :grinning:

I had put socks, a toothbrush with toothpaste, a small plush toy, an orange, and a candy cane in a stocking for my youngest when she was two. Her favorite thing was the orange. Didn’t want to eat it, just carried it around for a couple of days before we snuck it away and peeled it for her lol.

My kids have always loved any kids of sensory toys ! (I have 3 boys ages 5, 2.5, and almost 1)

Mine was really into Thomas and Peppa Pig so it was just small items with that theme. Crayons, books, socks, small soft toy, chocolate coins. We also bought play food.

Last year I had a 1 and a half year old and he had a small board book, some character socks, a new sippy cup, and some toddler snacks. And some small bath toys, I think it was his little baby duckies that were in there. He was happy as could be.

Snacks crayons character drinks cups gloves hat for winter

Play doh, snacks, new cup

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new bath toys , coloring books , small dollar tree toys , snacks

These . The toddler I babysit took ownership of all my squishmellows so I’ve decided to start her a mini collection

The dollar tree has peppa pig characters and hot wheels I got both for my toddler

Bubbles, couple treats they like (chocolate bar/fav candy) a stuffy/blankie, bathtub toys (bath bomb/Epsom salt/bath tub paints), new movie, new Pj outfit/slippers, new book with fav character… lots of things