Stocking stuffer ideas for a 13-year-old?

Hey ladies I’m looking for some ideas for stocking stuffers particularly for my daughters I have a 13-year-old daughter and a seven-year-old daughter they both have phones and AirPod to go with the cell phones but I want to get some fun stuff for their stockings because they both have felt over the years that they don’t have as much good stuff their brothers and I want to change that this year please give me some ideas


Lip balm, fav hair/skin products. Maybe some nice razors (if they are at that point) usually what my mom does and fills it with candy, gets everyone a new toothbrush and fun matching socks.

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portable chargers, make up / brushes, hair pretties, art supplies, their favorite candies, ear rings

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Bath bombs, ends for charger cables so you don’t bend the end they come in all kinds of fun characters, chapsticks that smell like Christmas (mint, gingerbread etc), slipper socks, novels, timmies gift cards, nail polish, fun stick on lashes, fun tea or hot chocolate packets, teen colouring books, bic makes body pens to make your own fake tattoos, wet hair brush, hair ties, Bobby pins, tshirt, chocolate, candy, chips, Dried meats, fancy royal icing sugar cookies, toque/gloves/scarf, hand warmers.

Candy is always a go too. Deodorant, socks, cute hair ties, face masks. Lush bath bombs (you can get some super cute ones)
Press on nails (walmart^)
Nail polish :nail_care:
A book :open_book:
Hair gems
Stone bracelets like rose quartz or amethyst!
Gift card to the movies :movie_camera:
Coupon to get out of doing a chore ( like a get out of jail free card LOL)
Uno the card game if they like it.
A cute mug with the letter of their name on it :coffee:

I feel like I have to opposite problem. I can always find a stocking stuffer for girls/ teenage girls but never for boys and especially not for teenage boys. Your basically limited to body wash and cologne with teenage boys. Last year I got my younger almost teenage sister the morphe Lisa frank pallet and brushes to go with it, pack of lip smackers, candy and stuff like that

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They have all kinds/types airpod cases esp on Amazon! Food i spired ones drinks u name it! Gift cards for their fave places/fast food places even ones for ulta bcuz they can choose makeup hair products/services even stores like Walmart Target 5 below- all stores w/ varieties if items I mean I think itd be worth getting!

For the 13 yr old, a nice set of makeup brushes. If she’s into that sort of stuff obviously

Maybe new cases for their phones and AirPods, scrunchies/ hair accessories, Starbucks cup and gift card for the teen (they have smoothies and refreshers if you don’t allow coffee)

You could add Phone case/airpod case to the ones mentioned before


Face masks, chapstick, chocolate, nail polish, makeup brushes, pop socket, candy canes, hot cocoa