Surprise! I'm Pregnant... And I Don't Know Who the Father Is: Advice?

Whoever makes more money, tell them they are the father? :woman_shrugging:
Hahahahaha I’m just kidding. :rofl:
Honesty always is best, and ask for a DNA test as soon as baby is born.
Good luck.

Just be honest about it. Dont be ashamed though, so what you slept with two different guys; it’s not like you have to question 5+ ( my cousin did this, went thru 7 DNA tests and still couldnt find the dad​:joy::woman_facepalming::woman_shrugging:)
You slept with both guys, you need to make them both aware of the situation. They deserve to know, and if they try to make you feel ashamed SLAP them. They ain’t got that right!!

Btw. Congratulations on the expectation of expansion!!


Seek out birth control. Sex with multiple men is Russian Roulette. I am sorry that you have to experience this.

Arshia yeh group hai :rofl:

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Abortion is the answer !!

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Don’t be ashamed! You can have a dna test done during pregnancy at no risk to the baby. Cost about $1500 so maybe all three of you can pay a 1/3 of it so you know and the father can be prepared and you have time before the baby is here to figure out the parenting plan.


Depends on if you want to share the child with either of them. Meaning; you know the quality of these men. It’s your baby. If they are potentially bad parent material, spare that child from him. You don’t have to put a fathers name on the birth certificate. The only way you’d be forced to declare a father is if you took financial assistance from the government

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And then u people call muslims rapist,every second person is sexuallay involved without marriage

I love how supportive these comments are

Don’t slut shame yourself. You’re a human being, we are made to enjoy sex. Your situation is as old as time. Celebrate the new life you are growing!

I’d tell them both n be honest.

Just a little humor.

Honesty is the best policy, do not fear and do not be ashamed especially. Shit happens! God bless you and your baby!

Shit happens be honest with both and if they both want to be involved let them just be honest and when child is born do a dna test there is a dna test u could do now but I heard it’s risky while pregnant

Don’t be ashamed, just be honest


Dad needs to know, baby needs to know. Being honest is the only way to go. You will be glad you straightened things out right at the beginning so nothing gets messy.

I’d tell both of them don’t be ashamed not to many people can get married in white if you know what I mean

If you dont want the baby, I will be more than happy to take it

I am going through the same situation but i told both of them the truth,…fortunately they understood me