Swelling "there" and bleeding hemoroids :(

Ok, so I’m due 6/18/22…a babygirl. My hemoroids have been AWFUL, they hurt and bulge and bleed. My anemia is pretty worrisome to Dr already, plus now Dr said my vjj swelling is most likely from baby pressure (she’s head down) and some veins being swollen. I have had other kids and NEVER had this issue. My vjj is not only swollen but painful (like it is full of little shards of glass) and so much pressure. :frowning: I go see another Dr next week, mine wasn’t very helpful. My question is what do you Mama’s do for this? I’m desperate and can’t take it much longer. I have bought tucks pads and started using them today. Not sure if that is the right move but something has got to give!
Thank you all in advance.