Symptoms of sun allergy?

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Hi! can you post this for me please. My son is almost 2 (in May) for the last year or so, anytime we’re in the sun he gets this rash type thing on any part of his body that is exposed. Hes very fair skinned (my little white boy) after a few hours out of the sun it goes away. I dont know if it’s a heat rash type thing or maybe a sun allergy? It doesnt seem to bother him.


Sunburn? Usually heat rash comes with tiny little bumps.

My son has this too and his doctor told me it’s eczema then with his body heat it makes it look like a rash… Just apply eczema lotion and sun lotion and you’ll be good if it starts to bother him then take him in they may prescribe something

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My 14 year old daughter does this as well and she has a very naturally tan complexion. Hers shows up more on her legs.

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My daughter is 13 and has this identical issue!! Anytime I bring it up to her Dr (its not present) they brush it away just saying its just a type of sunburn or a start of one… But its not! It doesn’t last! And sometimes it even happens when its a bit cloudy and/or not direct beaming sunlight…

Eczema. Use eucerin eczema relief

I still have this till this day its prickly heat

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It never seems to bother my daught either except the fact of the way it looks. There has to be more to explain this other than Eczema. She’s never had any other type of skin issue not even a baby.

I have this. I have had it for ten years, I wasn’t born with it, and I am super fair skinned. I have found nothing that helps. There hasn’t been one eczema lotion that has made some sort of difference. Talk to his pediatrician. I know it makes my skin look like I have patches of dry, orangish pink skin visible in my neck, stomach, thighs, chest, and in the crooks of my elbows…and going outside in the heat or Sun make it worse.

If it’s only when he’s in the sun, I’d imagine it’s a heat rash.

I get the same exact rash on my face, stomach, legs and arms whenever I’m exposed to heat like the sun or shower. It’s worse on the parts where I’m always covered like my legs and stomach. It goes away. Just a pale skin kind of thing.

It’s just cause he’s fair skinned. Lmao. I’ve had that happen my whole life. If I’m outside for even 5 minutes my skin starts getting pink.