Tattoo ideas to represent kids?

Hi I want to get a tattoo about my kids, can you share some ideas, send me a pic of the one you might have please


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Tattoo ideas to represent kids?

Tree of life with the kids names and dob in apples on the tree

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My kids have drawn things. I get them tatted on me. They’re 3 and 5.


I had each of my kids draw a flower. No directions and separate pieces of paper. Each is different

Anything they’ve written or drawn for you. I think that’s the BEST representation of them.

I have something like this with my daughters name. I just had my son and want to get their birth flowers along with mine and dads birth flowers drawn into a half sleeve.

I have the outline of the state my daughter shares a name with with a gem my other daughter shares a name with in the location of where we are from.

I have Minnie and Mickey Mouse heads on my chest…

Names and date of birth

For my daughter and middle son I have their animals (dragon and rabbit) from the Chinese Zodiac and a lion for Leo for my oldest son. I added roses to the idea and had it all put on my arm.

I got a charm bracelet tattoo.

I have the tree of life on my back with there names and dates of birth entwined on the tree and each branch coming of have the grand childrens names for that child coming of x

My son, at the time, loved sharks… my older daughter loved mermaids…

It’s not colored because I let them color it over and over with washable markers…

She’s topless, hence the pinky, lol

I have plans for more, for my kids likes… combined… through the years…

But my next one will be a dinosaur wearing a tutu and a yellow hat (curious george)

When my youngest was a toddler (8 now) my oldest loved dinosaurs, 2nd loved barbie ballerina, and youngest loved curious george…

It probably won’t be colored either… probably eventually let grandkids color them, lol… and be smart enough to take pics!!

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It’s mirrored but it says Chace 4-19-16 for my son

I have a family tree, my kids first initial and then in the roots my husband and I!


I found this shoulder blade piece.


I have their names on my chest as well as my daughter’s foot print on my forearm. (Still need to get my son’s done)

I have 4 amazing stars :star2:. Also it’s a mock up of a picture my youngest had drawn.

My daughter has tattoos of her kids’ baby footprints on her back with their first names and birthdates.

I’m getting a anchor with both their names with it or a trash polka with just the letters. It’ll be a cover up design for sure. A girl I use to be friends with suggested getting a momma loin with 2 cubs for herself. You could do that and with any kinda animal

My birthstone is the body of the cicada the dangly gems are my kids birthstones


ive thought about something with my girls names like a bracelet or something

I have each of my childrens names tattooed on me, but this will forever be my absolute favorite tattoo! I have 18 year old twins, a 13 year old and an 8 year old. Each wrote I Love You and drew a heart. I had it tattooed, in their handwriting.

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I’m getting this one very soon! But on my inner forearm!

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I have a unalome symbol on my wrist with my daughter’s name written in cursive underneath. She was a surprise (a wonderful one at that) but the symbol stands for your path not always being straight - there are bends and curves on your journey to enlightenment.

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My kids’ last name is fish so I have 5 fish going up my forearm 2 blue and 3 pink

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I have a mommy frog with 3 lily pads with name and dob. I am a GiGi and have smaller pads under my daughters’ pads.

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Flowers are me and my husband and then I put their first initial in the petals for my 3 kids . 2 step kids are by the dad flower and the 1 bio kid is between me and husband’s flower

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I have my babies footprints from the hospital and their birth flowers on my arm.


My mom has a vine on her leg with flowers stemming out. each flower has our names. she plans on getting another flower stemming out from mine for my daughter, her granddaughter!

my mom has a vine going up her wrist/arm. with 5 blue flowers (all of her kids birth stones)
and then dragonflies for her grandbabies


I have a handprint with the autism colors/puzzle pieces, her birth flower & a mother and daughter with her name. All 3 for my daughter lol

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Not for my kids, but my mom and I got these matching tattoos, so it can be kid related I guess if you add like their birthdates or names to it.

Birth flowers, that’s what I did

I have butterflies to represent my children and my parents and my grandmother

This is how it all started

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This is a pretty recent picture of how it looks now


I have tiger cubs with there names and birthdays

Nothing super creative, the pink is for the birthstone color- I’m not a fan of pink in general. October has 2 colors, opal and tourmaline. Wasn’t sure how trying the opal colors would look as a tattoo. Now that my son’s older, I think it would be cool to get something he wrote in his handwriting.

I have butterflies in their birth colors and next will be white flowers around then representing my gradbabies

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My thought process knowing i was done having babies was every artist signs their art work at the bottom so i put my kids names on my hips so they could sign the “art” (strech marks) they left on my body

I have horoscope signs to represent mine

I have birds on a limb on my rest, birds are the kids birthstones, then I have the “flying birds above it” like a v to them represent the ones I lost

I have my whole family as crows on a tree brand on my arm.

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I got this one done for my 4 daughters

The dinosaur reminds me of my son. The supernova reminds me of my daughter nova.

I got their birth flowers along with a butterfly for each child :blush::butterfly:

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I have this with her name, and the 2 ladybugs she drew!

Birth month flowers for our family of 5

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The flower :cherry_blossom:
One for each child

I have a hummingbird which is me, with a heart with husbands initials. Then a vine from us to 3 feathers in a circle linked together with, My Three Sons written inside.
From the a vine of feathers which represent each of my grandkids.

I have my kids names & birthdates on my collarbone!

Mine I had done for my son. “HENDRIX” is along the chain

Stick people, butterflies, monkeys, zodiacs, hands or feet