Tattoo ideas?

Hey mamas! So I am planning on getting another tattoo this week, I want it to be for my daughter. Her name is Layla Rose & I just need some creative ideas on what to get. :blush: help me out!!


I’m no artist, but you could do something like having her first name written in some fancy lettering in black, then overlay it with an outline of a Rose with red water coloring. My daughter has a water color tattoo of a fox where the colors don’t stay inside the lines and it looks really good. I like that method, personally

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A rose made out of the letters of her first name


Idk how big you’re planning to go, but you can get a stopwatch clock with the time set on her birth time and her name and birth date on the face and surround it by roses.


What about a rose with Layla written as the stem


Its 12 years old now, so faded and there are some scars on it, but this is what I did for my first born (it’s just above my ankle) I’m going to do something similar but with a moon for my second daughter Luna.


Wrist, behind ear… right middle finger.

I’m getting my daughter’s constellations or heart beats

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I want my daughters name and her birth flower, then a stop watch with the time and date she was born x

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Look on pinterest there are some nice ones

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Get a red Rose and. Her name on a rose petal

Where are you wanting the tattoo? (:

My husband recently talked to an artist about this and the artist gave him the best advice. He said “Dont do the name, everyone has that. Dont do footprints either for the same reason. Find something you share with your child, something that bonds you together as people. Get that tattooed on you. Because that bond will carry you through anything. And when you’re old, every time you see it you wont just see a name or little feet, you will see a million memories made over a lifetime.” He then went on to say he and his daughter share a love for dinosaurs and his next tat will be of the first dinosaur she learned the scientific name of :heart:

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You could do a rose but have the stem spell Layla in cursive. So the a at the end would be closest to the rose part.

I got my son’s constellations with watercolor

How about a little rose.

Rose on a Lilly pad. Make the Rose her favorite color

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Layla written over a rose…

Do somethinf that has ro do with hee nursery theme… My sons was owls so my husband and i are getting different ones but will still include an owl and his initials and birth date

I just did this for my daughter. You could do a rose instead :heart:

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I did butterflies and there bodies are my kids names and the butterfly with the halo is for my dad who passed