Tearing at birth

Who else had a vaginal delivery where their drs used two fingers on each side to tear their vaginas to make room for babys head to come out? Ever since I had my daughter I rip so easily down there weather it be from wiping to walking it is excruciating!! Should my dr have used a scalpel? Does anyone else have this issue?


Are you actually ripping back open? This doesnt seem normal and I’d go back to the drs to get checked. Once they stitch you back up it should heal and not rip again. I tore with both of my children but once stitched it stayed healed. Good luck mama!


He should have used a scalpel. They specifically cut you because it’s better than tearing. Unless it was an emergency and the baby was in immediate danger I can’t think of any reason he would use his hands to do it. Even then it sounds questionable…What is the two seconds it takes to grab it?

Following. That sounds crazy to me!! I’m sorry.

You must have teared. But should have been stitched back up. Go back to doctor…

I tore with my son. He was 9 pounds & he completely tore me when he came out. I was stitched & never had a problem since a few days after birth from being so swelled. You definitely need to see someone & not to back to that doctor!


My doctor uses/used 2 fingers to help stretch my vagina while baby was coming out. But he doesn’t rip the vagina that way. Maybe that’s what your doctor was doing as well?. And babies head ripped you open.

Scapel would have been worse.


My doc did this and I healed just fine. Maybe your body just isn’t as quick at healing as others

My doc basically shoved his hand in there to get my littlest out

I ripped pretty bad just because my baby came so fast and it healed and didn’t rip back open. It still hurts sometimes after a year. If you are still ripping i would see a new doctor asap!

My daughter came out with her arm and head first I tore. I was stitched up and good to go. You need to see the OB immediately

They should have stitched you up I hope

If it’s still not healing I would go in and see what options you have to fix it

Are you sure he wasn’t helping you stretch and then you tore from delivery ? Because doctors will manually help you stretch but I have never heard of a doctor tearing you. Truthfully that sounds superhuman


My first baby there wasn’t time for an episiotomy, she used her fingers. But I never had any issues with tearing afterwards, Once I lost the stitches. You should go back to the doctor.

***edited to add she didn’t use her fingers to tear me, just around the baby’s head once she started to come out.

My doctor did that and i never had an issue like this after I was fully healed I would definitely talk to a doctor

Sounds like you need to go back and be seen

I’m not trying to be funny but as a nurse this sounds like a possible STD or infection. All I’m saying is go to the gyno when it’s feeling torn so they can assess.


That sounds terrible! He definitely should have used something. The whole reason they cut you in the first place is so you don’t tear awkwardly… I imagine it would rip badly with use of fingers also, instead of a clean cut you would have got with a scalpel…
But it shouldn’t still be opening up, I assume you were stitched up? Maybe the stitches fell out before you had fully healed. I’d go your dr and get it checked. Good luck!

I’ve experienced both… being cut & tearing… with my 2nd delivery (my daughter) I had both… the Dr cut me & I ripped… tht was definitely the longest healing process but with my 3rd I swelled terribly & I tore with him… I’m now pregnant with my 4th baby so praying I dont swell like I did with my 3rd

Drs now tend to not cut as the body can actually heal better if torn vs cut. I had 4 babies and after they were out, I had some stitches. After it healed, I never had any issues. I would definitely be going to an to a gyn to get checked out if I were you.

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If the OB did a bad job stitching and you think you’re tearing call and let them know what’s going on and that you need to get it checked because it’s causing you issues. :heart:

I had 30 something stitches i tore all the way into rectum and granulated and i would tear there i had it burnt off no more tearing

The OB that delivered my son used her fingers like you’re describing to kind of hold me open, I didn’t need stitches thankfully and Im pretty sure it’s because of what she did. I’m sure your dr wasn’t purposely trying to tear you with their fingers without thinking that’d be the best route to go since not everyone needs an episiotomy , but I’d definitely talk to your dr about the bleeding and discomfort

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I had two perinal tears and they stitched me up, I was super careful for a few days then I was fine, sexually active again 6 weeks postpartum no issues

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My first delivery my doctor cut me quite a bit and it healed nicely well before my 6 week check up and with my 2nd he only had to cut me a bit and it was healed with in 3 weeks. My friends doctor just let her tear and it took much longer to heal. I think it depends on the person.

They do that to help you stretch to keep you from tearing. Trust me, its worse to tear or have an episiotomy. It takes awhile to feel better down there. Ask ur doc to take a look if youre concerned.

Typically they do it to try and stretch you? I had this with both of my births. I do t think they meant any harm…but babies hurt us…part of why we love em so much, as odd as that sounds

I ripped naturally. Doctor didn’t do a great job sewing me up in one spot and didn’t bother in the other. Then got a really bad infection while in the hospital so they took them out. Now I’ll never have an issue with ripping as my girlhood is just hanging out all messed up and gross looking:(

With my first son I had an on call OB and he did not do that. I tore horribly and recovery was a nightmare. I wasn’t right for months. With my second son, my OB delivered and did that and I barely tore. 2 stitches and I was almost completely healed in 2 weeks. Way easier and much more pleasant recovery.

Update​:grin::grimacing: I am going to be getting my business fixed , they are going to stitch me up so it dosent look like the grand canyon :flushed: , doctor was Polite enough to pay for the procedure out of pocket​:grin: