Teething pain relief?

I have a 2 month old, she will be 3 months in a couple of days. Last week we noticed a tooth coming in on the bottom, can be felt with the finger. Lately it seems like nothing will soothe her. During the day she will scream and cry for about 30 minutes at a time even when we are comforting her. She is always fed and has a clean diaper but still cries like this majority of the time. These 30 minute episodes happen around 10 times throughout the day . She is my second girl but I never went through anything like this with the first. Could it be teething making her act this way? Or is it possible it could be something different? I haven’t had much luck getting her to lay down on her own, which used to never be a problem. Now she will only fall asleep in MY arms, not even her dads.


It could have to do with teething! My daughter used to do great sleeping thru the night and since her two botton teeth started coming in, she screams multiple times throughout the night. She will sit there and chew on her bottles now too. Tylenol hasnt been much help. Good luck momma❤

It could just be her teeth that’s how my son is most of the time but just have her checked out just Incase

Could be an ear infection, something that needs to be checked out by her pediatrician I would think.

When my babe first started teething at 4 months she got an ear infection from the excessive saliva drainage. Have the doc check her ears!

Probably her teething, my grandson is 8 months old & teething, somedays only thing that soothes him is a cold wash cloth to chew on soothes his gums from the pain

My son was like that. He’d cry like the world was ending for seemingly no reason. Gripe water saved my sanity. He’s 3 now and we still give it to him, only now he will tell us it’s cuz his tummy hurts.