Tell me about your experiences on adderall?

My new doctor wants me to go on it to mix

with my wellbutrin as they think my add/adhd may be what’s starting the mental health cycle.
I want to be a better mommy and wife and I feel like I haven’t been nearly the women I need to be.

From my experience it just helps give you energy. My friend took it and deep cleaned her whole house after an hour of taking it. My husbands boss took it & he was running around doing everything. It affected him a little more though as he didn’t sleep for a night or two. Maybe the mix with other medication will make it to where you have just the right amount of energy. I hope it works out for you!

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I suggest getting psychological testing done first to make sure it’s just adhd/add. I know Wellbutrin is usually used for depression so I don’t see a problem with a psychological test done cause once you get one done they pinpoint what your mental health is like and what may trigger a start for a mental health cycle if that makes sense???

I was misdiagnosed for 17 years with bipolar disorder and it ended up being ptsd, borderline personality, depression, anxiety, some type neurological disorder from my birth mothers drug usage while pregnant with me, adhd, bulimia, attachment disorder. So cause of the misdiagnose I wasn’t getting the right treatments I needed.

One is going to slow you down(adhd) and wellbutrin(will speed you up). I’d suggest them doing the psychological testing. If your ADD/ADHD is not severe maybe try green tea or raspberry tea. You want to have something with caffeine but without loads of sugar.

Honestly when I was on Adderall I felt like someone had given me a major anti-anxiety med.
I was calm and relaxed (which I never am).

I never took it with anything else though.