The doctor found fluid around my babies lungs: Has this happened to anyone else?

Hi! Could you please make an anonymous post for me? I had my first ultrasound yesterday at 8+5, and they found fluid around the baby’s lungs. They had me come in for another ultrasound today to show me what they were talking about. The Dr said the fluid could disappear on its own by 12 weeks or that it could be something more serious than has caused it, like chromosomal abnormalities. We go in at 12 weeks for another ultrasound, and we will be doing genetic testing then too. I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else and what ended up happening. Thank you.


Our first daughter had fluid build up around her lungs my entire pregnancy with her and they told us we needed to do testing for Down’s syndrome but it was an extensive test that could harm her. We didn’t care either way just as long as she was here and healthy so we didn’t do the testing. But when I delivered she did not have Down’s syndrome and no learning disability whatsoever.


My 1st pregnancy showed abnormalities as well so they did the genetic tests showed she had tricemy 18 they offered me a late term abortion which I declined they offered an amniocentesis but I didn’t want to risk a leak or early labor we did the amniocentesis at 34 weeks she was perfectly healthy. It was a false positive from the genetics test and she turned out to just be growth restricted. They took her via c section at almost 37 weeks so she was 4 14 and healthy shes 9 now and is super smart