The Mom-to-Be Unfriended Me, Would You Still Send a Baby Shower Gift?

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"Would you still get a baby shower present if the mum of the child to be unfriended you? The backstory is I got unfriended and uninvited to a baby shower recently because the chick was offended by something that wasn't even aimed at her, I spent a lot of money on her baby shower gift would you still give to her or return items? Some of the items I even hand made so I'm out of pocket a lot now. She's such a drama queen wasn't even directed at her in any way and I explained and apologized, she didn't even respond now I'm just like do you even deserve these gifts? What's everyone else thoughts am I being petty??"

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"I would return the items you bought, or donate them. If you reached out to explain it wasn’t meant for her and still apologized that’s on her. For the items you made maybe try and sell them or donate them as well. Or if you have another friend who will need them."

"I would return what you can and give what you've handmade. It was made with love. She doesn't deserve a present. But it's not for her. It's for the baby."

"Just give it to her you already made the effort so you are the bigger person"

"I would return what you can and just still gift the personalized items you made."

"I say give the baby a gift cause the baby didn’t do it"

"Return what you can and post the things you had made on market place"

"You can always donate to a woman and baby shelter! A lot of women leaving difficult situations don’t have much on their backs when they arrive at these shelters and those gifts would mean the world to someone who has a lot less. Do whatever you want to! If you would like your money back you are more than entitled to! However, if you are still looking to brighten a mother in need's day, you’d be doing them such a blessing. I’ve donated a bit of my own children’s stuff that they don’t wear or use to a woman’s shelter. Meant the world to me to see a struggling mother smile at those small things I never used anymore xoxo"

"If the items aren’t personalized you can donate them to the hospital and the nurses will pass them out to the new babies there. Where I deliver a group of older ladies makes blankets for all the newborns and donate them."

"Anyone who has ever been pregnant knows how hormonal you can be. I would still give the gifts. It's not the baby’s fault and that's who the gifts are for. If you two were truly friends I'm sure things will sort themselves out!"

"Return what you can and I’d say donate the rest to like a church or women’s shelter. Her loss will be someone else’s gain."

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