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Thermometer suggestions?

Im looking into purchasing a new thermometer. Right now I use the old fashion method but my son is no longer laying still and he don't understand that he needs to keep his mouth shut to take it that way.

Im worried about getting one that is not accurate.
Are there any no touch or forehead that anyone has had good with? Im currently reading all the reviews on Walmart website but I would love to hear what real people have to say.
Thanks for all of the help!!


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Thermometer suggestions?

Place a thermometer under his arm in the axillary area. Keep his arm close to the chest for 5 min. That will give a reading about 1 point lower than if it was taken orally but just as accurate. Hospitals are taking temps that way on children.


I used a regular thermometer under their arm. I’d just kind of cuddle them and keep that arm down til it was ready.


The forehead ones are really pieces of shit and inaccurate. I would recommend using it under his armpit and just holding his arm down.

Get a ear one…most accurate I have found so far. They cost like $40 but so worth it

we use a braun ear one. no issues so far.

Do it under his arm . Ear ones and head ones are quick and usually accurate

There are some great temperature strips that you can place on his for head

There is also one that you can stick in his ear that will go beep in 30 seconds that are very accurate
They use them in Australian hospitals for all paitents
I think you can buy them online

Got it on Amazon for about $15

I had several digital ones I got from the clinic or I purchased when my husband was being treated for cancer. After he died my sister, neice and her 5 children came to spend the summer. They were between 7 yrs and 2 months in June that year. One day we needed to take the temp of one of her boys he kept taking it out of his mouth and saying, “It’s time!” I told him it was a special one and made a beeping sound when it was ready. He waited for the beep, and got excited when it beeped. Then the other 3 wanted to use it. I gave my neice one of my 4 thermometers and some covers so she had one. It worked for her kids and maybe one like that will work for other moms. Telling the child the thermometer is special and tells us when it can be read may help another mom.

Being off a degree or two is not that big a deal. And most people do not have a 98.6 temperature. Better guide is behavior. Even with a fever if they are romping around, they are usually fine. If they are lethargic, worry.

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Forehead/temple thermometer. Best I have ever gotten and my son loves to take his own temperature with it. :heart:

This one seems to be pretty accurate and it was only $17.99 Non-Contact Thermometer for Adults and Kid,No Touch Infrared Forehead Thermometer for Fever, Smart Temperature Gun Reading Detection on Forehead

We have an ear one and a regular looking one that does butt arm pit or mouth depending on how you set it and it turns red (fever) orange (lowgrade) or green (no temp) based on result for that area

Vicks is the best one!

We used an ear one but my son will no longer have it done - so when they had covid I got a non touch temperature gun and it worked perfect :blush:

My doctor said do it under the arm and add a degree. The ear ones are not that accurate. I found that it read way high in one ear and way low in the other.


The more expensive touch less infrared thermometer is more accurate in my opinion

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The nurse at my doctor office told me the head thermometer is the most accurate

Go ear. The most accurate way of testing temp is rectal. Next best way is ear.

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We have a Kinsa thermometer that we were originally given free through the school (long before Covid) and it’s accompanying app makes it easy to keep track of whose temp and what symptoms and what meds we’ve given.

Also we taught our youngest who is a wriggle worm to blep like a cat. It makes taking his temp even now at 8yo super easy. Also we both run 99/99.1, dad is like 98.2 and ODS is somewhere in between.

I’m a huge fan of my generic Wal-Mart one. Apart from strip thermometers, they are all pretty good. I wouldn’t bother with an ear one. Practice using it on yourself and find out what normal temperature is for your child.

We recently got this Vicks no touch one…it was almost 40$ but has been accurate so far!!

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Ear thermometer, or forehead scanner

We actually have and use both “forehead” thermometer and a regular one.
Because forehead thermometers can be affected by air temp (if the air you’re in is cool/cold then your skin will be cooler…if the air you’re in is hot then your skin will be hotter ECT)…they’re not guaranteed to be 100% accurate, but they’re easier.

So if I think one of the kids may be feverish… I’ll use forehead. If that doesn’t seem right or I need complete accuracy for the doctor I’ll take kids temp under the arm with a regular thermometer.

Temporal thermometer work. You can also use the old school one under the arm pit

An under the arm one is more accurate

I haven’t used a mercury thermometer in YEARS! I use one that I bought from Walmart probably 8 or 9 years ago for about $30-$40 dollars and it works great! Thermo scan maybe? I don’t remember off the top of my head. It’s the kind that you scan across the forehead. Takes two seconds and it’s accurate every time

I use an ear one, but it reads differently for each ear all the time.
I usually just let my kid play with it while I have the regular one under her arm.