Things I should know before getting my eyelashes done?

Tomorrow I’ll be getting my Eyelashes done for the very first time. Is there anything I should do before or after? Any tips on how to take care of them good?

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Oh boy . I got them for my sons wedding and while I am sure I am in the minority, I was allergic to the glue or whatever they used to put them on and my eyes got so bad the day after and it lasted for four months. Many eye dr visits and it as a severe reaction . I could not see for weeks and I just won’t be able to wear them again . Just be aware this doesn’t happen often but it can occur

Maybe ask to go in hour or so earlier and get a spot test for the glue they will use to make sure ov no reactions before getting them done

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Do not drink caffeine. Wash lashes before. Use restroom before. Try not to sleep on them, get a 3D eye mask. Get some eyelash wash and wash them at home/comb them with spoolie regularly. Avoid getting make up on them.

Come with a clean face no make up or moisturizer around eye lids, and I always rec my clients don’t wear contacts.

As a former lash tech, clean the lashes with proper cleaner. This is a semi permanent procedure, treat it as so or you’ll loose your natural lashes.