Thinking of going back to school, what do you think?

I currently work at walmart and would like to go back to school. I'd like to go for social work. Does anyone have any experience getting a social work degree threw any of the colleges they offer to pay for? They offer Purdue Global, SNHU, Bradman University, Johnson and Wales University, Patgstream, Penn Foster, the University of Arizona, The University of Denver, and Wimlington University

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Thinking of going back to school, what do you think? - Mamas Uncut

I did 2 years of college for a diploma in case management here in Australia, it’s cost about 30 thousand all up, but we have schemes to help us pay it off over a certain amount of time.

social worker here…not sure about the colleges but go for it!!

Make sure to check with your state’s licensing bureau. Mine has a list of schools that are acceptable.


Any school you look at, ask for their career placement rates in the program you’re considering.

I would not reccomend Purdue Global

I’m at Purdue global for human services which is similar to social work. Great program, great school. I was at the main campus purdue and ended up having my son and online works so much better for my family. Best of luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

I love penn foster. Currently going threw them to get my high school diploma. Payments are cheap

Just a heads up, with social work you will accumulate a lot of debt and get paid very little. But if they pay for it then that’s pretty cool. If you want to make decent money you literally have to go for your masters or beyond unfortunately. I had to switch my major because the cons out weighed the pros. Most people in social work don’t do it for they money, they do it because they want to help people. I have no experience with any of those schools but doing your research is the best start! Good luck though, wish you nothing but the best.

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I am currently going through GCU for a degree in Education and special education. I am unsure of anyone paying for it though. I have student loans still.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Thinking of going back to school, what do you think? - Mamas Uncut

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Thinking of going back to school, what do you think? - Mamas Uncut

If you are looking into a degree in Social Work the most important thing to consider when picking a school is finding somewhere that is accredited by the CSWE.


Go for your dreams. It’s never too late!


I also work for Walmart. I signed up for they schooling they pay for. Didn’t see any social work classes on the list. It was mainly business/ops management, IT, and Healthcare management.


Having worked as an admissions advisor for a really jacked up school that I won’t even mention please PLEASE do your research. Make sure they are accredited. Wouldn’t hurt to discuss whether your credits would transfer if you ever wanted to switch schools. Pay attention to ANY loans you take out and all the fine print. I say check into your local community colleges. They’ll save you money and may offer scholarships and online programs. But most of all- going back to school regardless of what you decide to go for- could be the most rewarding decision you make so take your time and weed through all your options! Good luck!


I went to Purdue Global when it was still Kaplan. They base your degree plan and classes on your states requirements. Talk to an advisor and see what they tell you. Going back to school is never a bad thing. My youngest was 3 and my oldest 7 when I went back. They’re now 11 and 15.

I went to Purdue for a degree in Criminal Justice and some of my courses overlapped with social work. It’s an expensive school, but I loved the classes and style of learning

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Pick the shortest program out of the ones with the costs fully covered.

I’m in school for social work. I’m 39 and I have 2 classes left for my associates then I’ll transfer as a junior to a 4 yr for 2 more years for my bachelor degree. I love the course load, however some people only see social work as CPS, there are so many other areas of work focus in social work.

I used penn foster for my diploma I loved how encouraging they were

The only advice I have is that going back to school.was the best decision I ever made for me and my family. Good luck!!!

You can go through a community college. I am currently starting my classes this month for social work, my advisor helped me with everything that I needed. Im doing online classes and I’m also working part time.


I went back to college at 40. I had a BS in secondary education. I went to get an endorsement to teach special education. More than half of my retirement is from what I earned from age 50 to 66. Social work is hard. Be aware of the burnout rate. Best if luck.

Check your states guidelines on attaining a social work license before choosing a school/degree.there should be a list of approved colleges/programs.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Thinking of going back to school, what do you think? - Mamas Uncut

U go girl! Just apply for financial aid and pay it back later. You will not regret pursuing a career in social work. I am a teacher but love working with our social workers. Ann Moellman any advice for this young lady?

I dont work at Walmart nor am I going for social work but, I’ve been with SNHU for 2 years now and I love it! I get some financial aid and the rest I had to take out in loans. I can start paying them off now or after graduation. Snhu works great for me because no matter what class you take its the same schedule. Everythinf is due on Thursdays and Sundays no matter what class it is. That helps me manage better knowing that 6 different assignments arent due at random times that I need to try and keep track of. If you have any questions or want any more info feel free to message me! Hope this helps a little.

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It is never too late to study. Go for it, follow your dreams, life is too short

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Sadly Walmart won’t pay for anything outside of business and technical degrees. I went through it.

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It is never too late to follow your dreams you go girl!

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Wait two years then reevaluate

Julie Wright any advice

I’d go through SNHU!

I know I just used for my peer support certification and they had a lot of other certifications on there for case management and social work. I’m in OH so idk if that will factor in or not. But everything was completely free! Also community colleges are still offering tuition assistance for the pandemic so there’s no better time to do that than now. You would get your tuition covered in full so then you can keep all your Fafsa money for the year. And I feel like people sleep on grants and stuff! Apply for as much as you can!!! If you can cut down to part time at work you’d be able to focus so much more on school! It won’t be easy but it’s definitely worth every bit of effort! I’m 32yo and I’m just now getting into harm reduction work but I’ve never felt more “rewarded” in anything I’ve ever done in life🥰 If you think you want this then you’ll probably be great and we need so so many more caring people in the social work field

Johnson and Wales is a really good school

University of Arizona has a human services degree you can earn. I’d say if Walmart is paying for it, go for it!. I work at Starbucks, and to ensure we actually complete our degree, we have to pay half our tuition, and then at the end of the semester, Starbucks pays us back. On top of the other half of the tuition they paid at the beginning of the semester.

I love SNHU!!! I finish my Master’s of Science in Psychology with Concentration in Forensic Psychology in December. I love the school. The professors are amazing, my academic advisor has turned to family, and I’ve had so much support from the school as a whole. The past couple years were hard as my grandmother was diagnosed with lung cancer. And in September it will be her one year passing. SNHU stood by my side every step of the way… from the times I had to withdraw to the times I had to petition… I love that school. It’s a school where people work who understand life happens. Their curriculum is great… challenging but doable. I feel like I’ve learned so much at this university. I am so excited to be apart of their alumni this December.

Good luck to you and your feature endeavors! :two_hearts::pray:t3:


Brandon alumni here through the walmart program and it was fantastic! Id say go for it:)

For those who don’t know last I was at walmart at least you only had to pay a dollar a day and book costs for your classes. Super cheap and fantastic so I graduated with no debt for my associates and if I still worked there (had a child became a stay at home parent) i would of gotten my bachelors as well. Fantastic program

If they’re laying for it, go for it. Make sure that the degree you choose doesn’t have to meet certain criteria. As in, some places pay for school but only if it will further you in your career with the company

You can check with your local community College. I received grants and scholarships and ended up with a lot of it in my pocket. You can knock out all of your prerequisites this way so you have less you have to pay for when you go to further your education

Make an appointment with a college counselor. You can also try applying for financial aid and if you qualify you may get additional money for being a good student. Right now alot of community colleges are offering online courses that had not been available prior to the pandemic. Don’t settle just because Walmart will pay for it there are many many options for people looking to get a certificate, associates or bachelors.

Walmart program only allows certain majors. You’d have to see if social work is one but when I went to school through them it was not. It was all computer science and other STEM programs.

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I DO NOT recommend Penn Foster. You basically do everything on your own at your own paste which is great but the tests are extremely hard. (I did take it for vet tech though) other courses may be different. They are all either short answer, essay questions, timed/recorded, and closed book. There is no guidance as to what’s on the test and it’s usually very detailed questions about unimportant things. Definitely do some research for sure. I ended up getting half way through and dropped it .

I also work for Walmart and a mom of two babies and I’m starting school back up this year for an associates in business. I’m doing a community college in town because I didn’t like how I barely had options through the Walmart program and I feel like that would make me basically obligated to stay with that company for 4 more years and I don’t plan on that. I’m doing all online, in my own pace.

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I’m from Colorado and the university of Denver is an awesome school!! My sister did her psychology major online mostly from their and loved the teachers and experience!

I’m currently enrolled in Indiana Wesleyan in their social work program. So far it’s not been too bad.

I work in foster care and noticed we keep loosing the social workers. The work is hard and not for everyone. Please make sure you get in contact with one and hear the good, the bad and the ugly!!


My understanding is that Walmart is paying for classes that are primarily business related.

SNHU is the school I’m currently going to. They aren’t a degree mill, they’re accredited and they have a social worker degree :). The only real issue I’ve had so far is not being able to get ahold of my guidance counselor but if that happens you can always get ahold of someone else. And having your work pay for it is a big help I’m doing student loans but it isn’t that expensive even with them

Wow I’m bout to quit my job and apply to work at Walmart. This is really awesome.

I’m not sure about many of them but make sure the school is accredited by the CSWE. Most schools have courses similar but only those accredited will have a true social work degree. That was my main problem finding an online school when I got pregnant

I have an aunt that was a social worker. She struggled with it at times. I remember some holidays she had to leave to go to work… it’s not for the faint at heart. Research the dirty details of the job, they don’t get paid well for what they do… But they’re always in demand. My aunt is a teacher now. Nurses are always needed.

Do. It!!!
I was a single kim- working full time
2 kids and went/graduated to nurse practitioner school

Find the job 1st, then ask them the requirements and which schools do the business honor diplomas from. You don’t wanna waste your life and mountains of money you don’t have on a worthless degree that everyone at McDonalds already has and can’t use.

Don’t got through perdue global!! It looks like the places they offer to pay for are the over priced online types …avoid them at all costs!

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I started my degree in Social Work and ended up switching just because it wasn’t for me. However one thing I would be very careful of is what state you live in. Many states won’t let you work as a Social Worker without a Master’s degree.

I’m almost done getting my B.S. in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Human Services at SNHU and I can honestly say that this college has been absolutely wonderful to me and I highly recommend them.

Apply for the PELL grant, then there are subsidized and Unsubsidized federal loans you can get and pay them back later on.