This pregnancy is a lot harder than my first: Advice?

Hey mommas. This is my second pregnancy, and its A LOT harder than the first. I’m usually an active person. I like sports and played basketball until I was 4.5 months pregnant (like a drop in I ran pretty good), but this pregnancy, I can’t even run. Due to the painfulness of having what feels and what I guess is a strained groin. I’ve been limited to do doing so much less. Literally laying in bed in the wrong position can have me sore all day. Sitting down too long can make me sore. I sat in a truck to travel an hour to another town to shop and back home, and the amount of pain led me to cry. Getting out of bed is a struggle. I couldn’t even go bowling without ending up in pain later the whole night. Switching sides from left to right during the night hurts. I do stretch every day; i do take a decently warm bath. I have a heated bean bag. It’s just been such a toll on me, especially this past week. It’s making me feel sad alone. I want to enjoy going out AT LEAST to dinner without wanting to cry because sitting on my ass in a public restaurant hurts. My question, who has gone through this? What has helped, and what sitting/sleeping positions worked best? I do have body pillows. I know it’s not safe to sleep on your back, and sleeping on my belly isn’t comfortable. Left with my sides, which still hurt HELP PLEASE, that’s all I’m looking for is help. I have a lot of appointments out of town due to living in a small town so I have no choice but to travel and making that easier would be great.


Every pregnancy is different! I would try to use a body pillow, to where you’re almost on your stomach, but more on the side. Bring the one knee up on that body pillow and it should help. Good luck!!

Is it your actual groin that’s giving you issues?

Chiropractor. Sounds like you might have some sciatica.


I’m glad I’m not the only one. I’m currently pregnant with my second and everyday I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck.

either you are carrying baby low or the baby is messing with your spine

My 3rd pregnancy was almost the same doing just about anything hurt one side of my back would hurt for a week straight and than its switch to the other side :woozy_face: and sleeping was not fine I had to use a body pillow to put between my legs and moving side to side would hurt a lot to where yes I’d start crying eventually. But yeah pregnancies are different my 1st was a breeze, 2nd was a little tough, but my 3rd was worse than both. Try seeing a chiropractor about it. I did that with my 2nd pregnancy and it was amazing

In my experience the more pregnancies the worse the symptoms… with my 1st I literally had no symptoms except lack of period… my 2nd morning sickness that lasted all day until 15 weeks,my 3rd morning sickness with no vomiting that just made me feel awful all day until 16 weeks, severe sciatica and on bedrest at 32 weeks due to 3rd trimester bleeding… needless to say I love my babies but I will not be having anymore… hang in there, u got this! Good luck!

All of that sounds so familiar I had all of those pains I literally felt disabled my 2nd pregnancy (just delivered 3 weeks ago) all I did was warm baths in Epsom salt tylenol heating nd ice packs …they helped but it was some days I could barely walk towards the end I was recommended to go to physical therapy but i delivered shortly after never made it… hope u find some relief good luck

My first I was tossing 50lb bags of horse feed and dirt on the regular. My second, if I walked too much I was down for days. I was miserable for about 30weeks on. Sitting sucked, walking sucked, sleeping sucked. I was miserable and crabby. My dr suggested a belly band, the dme place never sent it and didnt even call about it until I was 36weeks. So I stuck it out since I was a scheduled induction at 39weeks. Unfortunately there is not a whole lot that you can do outside of stretching. It honestly sounds like round ligament. Best thing that happened was that I had my daughter and within a couple weeks I was back to normal

Literally what im going through currently im afraid im gonna have to stop working till hes out of me.

Pillow between your legs? When I broke my tailbone it helped with pain. Ice packs on lower back. Why can’t you sleep on your back? Just curious cause I did before I would finally moved to my side.I carried my son in the back area until he moved forward to the front.

I pulled my groin muscle one week before I gave birth. The pulled muscle hurt so much worse than labor. Nothing helped me. :confused:

I used a lot of hot waterbottles and magic bags… my 2nd had me in way more physical body pain.

Chiropractor helped tremendously but make sure to get one that has worked with expecting mothers

I was also recently diagnosed with SPD in my second pregnancy… and it makes every day tasks so unbelievably difficult due to the pain… Unfortunately not much u can do but keep urself as comfortable as possible. Physiotherapy is the best route for the most relief… Good luck lady…

Yes I just had a baby at 38 this pregnancy was so hard

Are you wearing a pregnancy support belt? Sounds like pelvic girdle pain. Look up exercises on YouTube and, definetly use back and belly supports. Get a doughnut to sit on or a nice squishy seat cover to help with the pressure when sitting. If you can get to a pool or hot tub let your feet and hip dangle and take the pressure off them for 30-40 minutes a day.

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Go see your doctor . I have never heard of someone feeling like this . I had three kids and yes , they get harder on your body with each pregnancy , but you shouldn’t be feeling so bad in my opinion .

Also , do NOT take very hot baths nor use a jacuzzi. Just trust me on this one . I don’t wanna worry you with what can happen

Every pregnancy is different. Welcome to mom life

Chiropractor saved me during all of my pregnancies

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I sleep on my sofa it helps because it’s super firm and the back gives my body more support which means less weight on my hips, back etc.
I know I’m not supposed to but I also sometimes sleep with a heating pad. So when I rotate throughout the night each hip gets some soothing heat.
Side note: I feel your pain, sister. I feel like I’m in fight club. Every day it’s a new ache. I hurt all over and it makes me feel so incompetent. I’m a social worker that does home visits and the stairs kill me

Is it round ligament pain? Mine was KILLIN’ during my third pregnancy! No suggestions, but tons of sympathy!!

I would recommend a heating pad. It sounds like most of pain is originating in your hips and radiating out (I had this too!). You can place the heating pad on your lower back or your hips and it’s still safe for baby. This helped me a lot. Good luck! Power through!

Sounds like your baby is cuddling your sciatic nerve


I am also currently on my second pregnancy and experiencing the same groin pains. I go to the chiropractor every week and use my heating pad but thats about all that has mildly helped.

Chiropractor and acupuncture helped me alot.

I am experiencing the same exact thing. I went to my doctor she said it was round ligament pain. Heat and stretching are best. There really isn’t much you can do. The nurse said she had it horrible but usually its only the second trimester and will ease up once your body adjusts to your uterus growing. She said left side knees up with a pillow between the knees helps and helps blood flow but honestly i just toss and turn

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Look up SPD. I had it along with severe sciatic issues for all 6 of my pregnancies. Epsom salt baths helped as did laying with a bunch of pillows.


Ohh this is such a bummer. I had a lovely, easy first pregnancy and a very uncomfortable second pregnancy. I had to stick to water sports. I swam before bed and did a very low key water exercise class, otherwise I found it impossible to sleep. And, I had millions of pillows. I also found that the belly band supported me really well. I have to say though, my second child’s birth was far more enjoyable than the first child’s

I had twins and my original weight was 110. Didn’t have much room in there. No advice just positive thoughts.I had a waterbed. Hell gettin up every day. They turn 27 next week and I don’t even remember the pain. But it was bad. Hubby told me

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I had spd. Basically the body produces too many relaxins too early too fast and my pelvis dislocated. Delivery was painful then I immediately got pregnant with number three right after so I had it that entire pregnancy too and it was even worse. I’d get it checked. I almost had to be in a wheelchair do to it. I couldn’t even dress myself at the end

I have 4, and the last 3 were miserable. All I can say is it sucks, we’re here for you to vent. And the end result will forever be worth it. Oh and the pains feel so much better afterwards too! The chiropractic idea is totally worth a try. I never got to do that, so totally check that out. Let me know how that worked for you.
Sciatic pain is no joke. And after kids…there will be flare ups…so keep that in mind as well

Have you tried the pregnancy support belt? It sort of made me feel better. My 2nd pregnancy was also a struggle. I felt as if I was carrying so low very early on.

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Sounds like round ligament i had that with my third I got a belly wrap and I have heard the tape works really well you can get it on amazon.also your labor will be more intense so just be prepared.

Sounds like SPD. A pregnancy support belt might help.

Pillow between the legs at night helped me sleep and a good supportive belly band helped rid me of sever sever (I was on pain medicine feurocet for it and sever chronic migraines) groin pain. It made it 1000xs more bareable.

You may have a tilted uterus which causes so much pain I have this problem.

I had twins and had round ligament pain from about 10 weeks right until they were born.

Heat and light stretching and lots of pillows help.

Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP, also known as SPD). Very common in pregnancy, a pregnancy pillow for support, lying on your left side and keep a pillow between your knees.
Get a decent pregnancy support band to go around your hips, I got one for £5 from amazon and lived in it on my two pregnancies!
Plan your days so that you can get everything done that you need to but include plenty of rest, eg go shopping but stop for a drink so your sitting for 10mins.
Lastly contact your doctor or midwife and ask for a referral for physiotherapy, the physio will give you gentle stretches and movements specifically for PGP, that should help ease the pain a bit x

This is my third pregnancy and I’m just now experiencing this. My pregnancies have generally been a breeze so it sucks. Hurts when my bladder gets too full, hurts to lay flat on my back, switch positions in bed, ect

Oh u poor thing. I feel ur pain :frowning: Ur just carrying the baby really low in the pelvic area. How many months are u? Theres not really much u can do besides put ur feet up and relax. When laying on ur sides…put a pillow between ur legs.

Sounds like growing pain or more like pelvic girdle. I suggest you see a physiotherapist asap. Im sorry but it will just go worse.

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Consider a belly belt to help support pelvis also pelvis could be loose early causing pain


Sounds like you might have symphysis pubic dysfunction also called girdle pain. Usually treated with physiotherapy I would speak to your OB about this


Have you talked to your OB? If not you definitely should. Definitely invest in a belly belt.

I had this! When I hit 8 months I couldn’t breathe it hurt so bad. It didnt go away untill after birth. :frowning:

You poor love. Sounds like SPD, had it late in first pregnancy and started at about 16 wks with my second and it got horrendous as the pregnancy progressed and I had to finishs work at 30wks because I couldn’t get through a shift without sciatica and If I did anything remotely physical I’d struggle to walk the next day. I would suggest a going to a physio ASAP to start treatment and strengthen your supporting muscles and be fitted for a support band. Also a long pregnancy pillow between your legs to keep your hips aligned at night really helps.

Yep! I’m 8 months and I’m a yoga teacher I had to quit teaching. It’s called SPD and it’s excruciating. It’s made this pregnancy a living hell

I was in the same boat with my 2nd pregnancy. My morning sickness lasted what seemed like forever, all I could eat was watermelon for months. I had horrible back pain when laying down, I couldn’t roll over without crying out in pain. It lasted up until I had my daughter. I wish I would have gotten checked out to see what was causing the pain. I have a bad lower back and just assumed it was that

Following! I’m in the same boat , this is my second pregnancy and this little girl is killing me :tired_face: to the point where my ob referred me to a pelvic specialist to see if they can help

I mean its definitely uncomfortable. But in your case it sounds like more than typical Pregnancy.
Talk to your doctor.
Ik once you get bigger it’s like your circulation is cut more and it hurts more. But. I’d talk to someone.

Ugh, I feel your pain so much. This was me with my second. Sounds like you’re carrying low this time, and it’s painful as fuck, no other words!! What helped me was a nice, hot (not boiling hot! But not warmer either) bath, maybe a light massage on your lower back. Also, I got a belly band from Walmart that REALLY helped. It kind of pushed him up off my pelvic bone a bit and I didn’t have much pain when walking or anything. Remember… This will end soon enough!!

I’ve had it with both of my Pregnancies its terrible. I cant even put weight on one leg period. I have to sleep in the recliner cuz It hurts so bad to sleep on my sides and on our back and stomach isnt an option. Honestly it has helped tremendously and I wear a belly band everyday. I’m not in near as much pain. Only thing that really hurts me now is sitting on a hard surface for to long, or trying to squat down n come back up. I can definitely tell the days i over do it too. But the recliner has saved me this round I’m 35+2 now. Look up pubis symphysis disorder. Its helped with some exercises and some dont dos

Definitely see if you can go to the chiropractor. Had the same problems and after a few adjustments I have never felt better.

Every pregnancy varies. Mine have been so horrible with the pains. I’m expecting my fourth and this is by far the worst. I reccomend talking to your doc. Massages help tremendously. Warm baths or hot showers. I have learned to cope with it but it can get depressing :disappointed:

Well my first and only pregnancy was pure hell. Preclampsia, placenta prévia and bleeding though whole pregnancy and also infection led to blood clots. Pelvic rest wasn’t even allowed to walk around stores. Only positive thing I can say is I only gained 5 pounds and she was 8 pounds 3 ounces. I’m so sorry you are going through this. Just keep thinking of the outcome beautiful baby

It’s very common and quite painful. I found the only thing for me was avoidance - keeping legs together when doing things like getting out of bed or car etc. don’t sit in one spot too long.
Good news is is went as soon as baby born each time

Isn’t it a very real blessing that a pregnancy last for nine months. I used to be comforted by that thought when I had morning sickness day & night for entire pregnancies, which I had three…

I would be taking this question to my OB

hang in there and talk to your OB. try swimming if thats not too painful to get to. I understand pain! its no fun!

Every pregnancy is different. When I had my 1st. I was 20 years old i could lift wasnt sick as much. Notice as I had gotten much older and being pregnant it was rough. My last one I had him when I was 30 boy was he hard. I couldnt barely walk at work. Stay in bed.

I had that with my last one. It was horrible!