Thought on toddlers eating at a small table?

Thoughts on toddlers eating at a small table instead of the main table for each meal?


Mine do and love it. I put on coco melon and they eat and watch the show

Do what is best for your child, your family, and you.

I do it sometimes. I try to have everyone sit together for dinner though. But it’s easier sometimes so do what works for you

We did both. Typically they did breakfast and lunch at the little table and dinner as a family at big table. I never made a big deal out of it if they wanted to do different. One Christmas my daughter insisted on sitting at the little table by herself. Ok.

You’re going to get mixed answers and feelings here so do what works for you and your family. For my family, my 3 kids eat breakfast together (I’m usually running around trying to get things done, for lunch my 2 older kids eat at school and my toddler sits in her high chair and either watches something on YouTube or watches me while I do dishes or whatever. Sometimes I will sit and watch Tv while she eats in her high chair. For dinner we try to all sit together for 3 meals a week. Sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t. Please do what works for you :heart:

Absolutely not for every meal. They need to be a part of the family, see how others eat, how others interact and feel included. Once in a while as a treat or reward is fine but every meal no.

Some families do this. I just had a high chair for mine until she was big enough to sit at the table. Maybe get a booster chair for the kitchen chair.

My kids have a small picnic table in the living room they eat at.

I’d have to say no. My parents always made a point that we sat together at mealtime and discussed our day and what not. Makes it hard to have family time and instill family values if they are eating separately


It’s important for the child to be able to get in a chair themselves, sit at the table by themselves, etc. so I love that you’re considering a smaller table! We use them in Montessori classrooms. However, an adult should still accompany them - whether that means it’s at a big or small table. The size of the table isn’t as significant as the child’s freedom of movement, mobility and independence.

Sure for breakfast and lunch. If it’s close to the table your eating at I see no issue. But for dinner I would try to have them eat at the main table. For big gatherings there’s always a kids table too. I would try to have the table close to the main table though.

My daughters loved having their own little table and chairs once they outgrew their high chair. They used it for meals and play. They also sat at the table with us on chairs with booster seats on them.

My 2yr old has a toddler table because its safer and easier for him, than a big table ,its also a continuation of the tables and chairs they eat on at daycare and less distractions for him.

Once he’s big enough and actually can comfortably sit at the table though we will all eat meals together.

My daughter had a toddler table when she was little and she loved it. She didn’t sit there every single meal…many of breakfasts and lunchs she did, she wanted too. She also used the toddler table when coloring and stuff.

I’m all about it. I can’t deal with kids smacking and making all the chewing nasty noises. Come at me, I don’t care. I deserve to eat in peace and they have their own little table. My 2 love their table

My 3 year old has her own little table to eat at. She loves it.
** Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a dining room table KARENS and some have bar height tables and stools (that would be me! :raising_hand_woman:t3:)

It’s nice to have the option.

My oldest ate his little table for every meal we ate right next to him in the living room, with my second we all started to eat at the dinner table. We moved houses and not all the rooms have hard floors so I wasn’t trying to clean food out of carpet. My youngest is still in the highschair but we all eat together in the dining room

My son did breakfast & lunch at his small table. Then dinner at the big table.

Nothing wrong with children sitting at a small table. It’s easier for them to sit at, they can’t slip and hurt themselves, they are at the right height to eat properly…approx 8 inches from plate to face is advised if I remember correctly . We worked shifts and ate our evening meal late so children ate much earlier in highchairs or small table

As soon as my girls can stand in their high chair, I change to small table & chairs. My 2yo loved it at first but she’d rather sit on couch n eat :roll_eyes:

Only with other kids. Not alone.

If there’s more than one toddler , sure why not. They may think it’s fun. If it’s one kid, no.

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They should eat where they can comfortably eat.

Would rather have my child eating with everyone at the table.

Whatever works for the family :woman_shrugging:t2:

Each meal? No. Children and parents should be sitting together at table eating each meal. Holiday gatherings where a kid table is set up so there’s room enough for all the adults and everyone is t crammed together? That’s normal

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They need to eat at the main table and socialize with the rest of the family they do not need to be alienated

Its saved my sanity lol the kids have their table and for dinner we sit at it with them(long story, no big table)

High chairs were a fight and constant up and down battle and trays were a nightmare, so now with the little table every feeding time is much better, no more food thrown on the ground and its been so much nicer

Nothing wrong with kids sitting at a separate table
I did with my kids and they have done it with their kids