Thoughts about golden retrievers?

Thinking about getting a golden Retriever Puppy. My kids are 3 and 1 years old. We have a mini doxen (8 years old) and pit bull (4 years old). Advice? Thoughts?


Wonderful dogs. I feel like they are the classic family dog. Lot of energy but also lap dogs. Will make you laugh. Easy to train. Also recommend a lab, can’t go wrong there. Ours is literally my 3 year olds emotion support, best friend, and guard dog.

God bless you. I count 6 mouths to feed and 6 to clean up after already.

My sister has always had golden retrievers. They are very nice family dogs, very good with the kids… silly and fun, but also smart.

I have a half golden retriever half border collie and we love him! He’s a bit yappy and heards but he’s big and golden and fluffy… he’s cool as

Grew up with them. Best family dogs I’ve ever had. And I love my piddies too and my boxers. But there something about the goldens​:orange_heart::orange_heart:

Be prepared for a puppy behavior for 3 long years

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Without knowing your whole situation I’d say you have enough dogs


to much energy as a puppy for the 8 yr. old doxen think it’s not fair to the oldest dog and a golden so much bigger then a doxen is more likely to hurt it when playing

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The hair. And omg the chewing of everything. But very loving.

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OMG Golden retrievers are the best dogs in my opinion. I have an English cream golden retriever & she’s the BEST. So loving, gentle, patient, calm, loves naps & cuddles. I love her so so much. She does shed a decent amount though

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Goldens love kids! Mine is happiest playing with my kids, any kid, and creature really. He’s gentle and loving. The hair. . . Yeah it’s bad. But worth it

Goldens are excellent family dogs, but always do research on the breed. They do suffer from cancer (usually later in life) and also high energy as pups. Then as adults, medium energy imo. I have shepherds and have for 15yrs now. So I live in the land of high energy. Lol

Best dog I had was a lab/retriever :blue_heart:

Love golden retrievers. Might consider a golden doodle if you don’t want all the shedding. Smart dogs though and easy to train.

Ours are GREAT with our kids and family. Very loving. They do blow their coats twice a year. Which is kind of like having double the dogs but otherwise we love ours!

Golden going to be big dogs. Might be too energetic for your one year old and your Doxen. They may get hurt because puppies play ruff

See if they get along with your others dogs first before committing. Sounds like too much with what you’ve already got plus two little kids. That’s a lot of dog poop!!

Gonna be honest, I think they are overrated and unless you plan on getting one from a quality breeder, goldens are being so overbred and inbred to the point that they don’t act like the typical golden anymore. Becoming more manic and snappy.