Thoughts about this baby name?

So I’m pregnant with baby number 3 and desperately hoping for a girl, and my man didn’t like the name I had picked (Avery Rene Chun), so now we both kinda like Raya (ray uh), but what middle name would be cute with that?


Rene would still be cute.


I think Rene is still a great choice!!

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Personally I love the name Avery but I think I’m a little biased lmao

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I just keep thinking of Raia Sunshine, because that’s my besties name. Well. Raia is her name and I call her Sunshine cause she is most definitely mine.

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Raine, Mae,Leigh,Fay

Raya Noelle or Raya Elise

May! Or Mae. Either spelling, great flow.


Raya Cheyenne? Raya Rose?

Raya Renee has a nice ring to it

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Raya Beth sounds adorable!

You could do Rayna. It may flow better with a middle name.
Rayna Marie
Rayna Elizabeth
Rayna Katherine
Rayna Rose
Rayna Jo
Raya Katherine
Raya Michelle
Raya Elise
Raya Kate
Raya Elizabeth
Raya Renee
Raya Marie

Raya Lynn, Raya sue, Raya Ann, Raya Joan, Raya Grace, Raya Rose

Elise, June, Grace, Joy, Elizabeth, Jillian, Rose, Juliet, Winter.

Happy pregnancy!!

Sunshine. Raya Sunshine. :sun_with_face: :rofl:


Best wishes and congratulations

Rae, or LaRae :wink: lol im bias to LaRae obviously but Raya LaRae had a nice ring to it, kinda sounds like my name. Lol buttt honestly LaRae is a really unique i have really only seen it one other time and thats my aunt who im named after… so if youu like unique names LaRae is the way to go lmao.

What about Raynor Mae


Use Avery its so pretty

Raya Jane is super cute

Raya Alyss, Raya Elise, Raya Layne, Raya Eve, Raya Lanaye, Raya Victoria :heartpulse:

Honestly could make is a bit cheesey and do sunshine/sunflower, although I think daisy would be nice too

Leigh (pronounced Lee)

My neice is Rhea kaye…

Rene still sounds good with Raya- Raya Rene


Gail, or maybe Jayne

You could use either of the names you had picked originally with that name, if he would agree. Raya Marie, Raya Lynn, Raya Michelle, Raya Joy.

Irene or Irelan I think sounds awesome. Raya Irene

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My daughter is Raina Nicole, just gave her my middle name :laughing:

you don’t have to have a middle name

Middle name of Sunshine; Raya Sunshine. :smiley:

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Raya Avery sounds nice and it’s one you already had picked

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Raya hope Raya faith

I love that name! I think Lynn would be beautiful but I also like Avery❤️

Raya Dawn
Raya Alise

Raya Lea, Raya Marie

Leigh or spell it Lee

I think Raya Rene sounds super cute :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: