Thoughts on cutting out red dye from a childs diet?

Any mammas cut out red dye 40 or gluten? I just read an article saying cutting out red color 40 will make your child calmer! And I get told to help my child’s eczema is to cut out gluten. How do I do such a thing!? Aren’t groceries with certain things cut out expensive!? I hate to be that person who doesn’t allow their child to have certain things, but my daughter is having major signs of ADHD! Her doctor won’t even blink an eye about it until she turns 6. I don’t wanna just run and diagnose her with anything, but I know another boy who just recently got diagnosed with it, and she has all the same symptoms he has. If you cut certain things out, how do you manage? Is food more expensive? Has it really helped?


Removing Gluten might help eczema but it’s not a cure all. There are other food groups I would cut first- dairy and citrus being top of that list. Buying things without Red dye 40 isn’t hard, just buy real foods rather than packaged and processed foods.

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I STILL limit my kids/grandkids red dye. My youngest child is 15…I have done that for 30+ yrs. It made my kids aggressive/very high strung about an hr after ingestion. It was a crazy realization

As the parent of a child with food allergies, I would say that expense is totally dependent on what you make. If you buy everything store made, yes it will be more. However, cutting something out only works if your child has an issue. If they don’t have an issue with that particular thing, it won’t do anything. As far as wheat and eczema, it’s probably just as likely to be an issue with dairy or eggs. When cutting anything out, it can take months to see a change.

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I cut the red dye. It helped my son. He would get really hyper if he ate it.

Do you have an Aldi? Their brand is completely free of artificial dyes and Aldi is expensive. We removed all dyes several years ago. Game changer. Buy real food. And remove dairy asap.


Best to start with cutting out dairy first for eczema. Kids are just naturally energetic and coocoo. Get them in a class or take them to the park to burn off energy. Adhd meds are horrible and have bad side effects. Let your kid be a kid. Gluten free products caused my daughter alot of gas and constipation don’t recommend.

We cut Red dyes out of my step sons diet as much as possible and it really has improved his behavior!

My 4 year old son is a complete MONSTER when he has red. Buying special items can be pricey, look for deals and coupons.

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Eczema can be caused from all sorts of things. Could be gluten, or corn, or milk. You won’t know until she is tested.

Yes cut out red dye 40. I feel the effects from it, not a severe as a small child of course. I don’t let my kids have it. I have seen several kids that it adversely affects.

See an allergist in relation to the eczema. Its a game change. Plus, they’d be able to link you to a nutritionist if needed. Helped us a ton.

Red yellow and blue eyes are NOT good for anyone. Changing to a better diet all together is better. Use rice or corn flour no wheat or white big difference.

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Not just red. All artificial dyes. Yellow is also horrible

And changing laundry soap and bath soap is very important. My kids had it bad I just found dollar store baby of mine baby soap is best on market has NO SENT AT ALL NONE. After bath pay dry skin and use regular vasaline nothing else rub on head to toe put on clothes. Do every day and watch skin change come back to life. And NO DR SCRIPT DID THE TRICK DOLLAR STORE BRAND DID

My 6 year old has severe ADHD. In his case cutting out dye alone wasn’t enough…hes on meds…but if he has red dye, yellow dye, or carmel coloring it pretty much renders his meds ineffective.
It can be challenging but not too hard.
There’s a lot of foods that use natural dyes (like goldfish use beet powder for coloring), name-brand cheese-its don’t have any red dye.
Just read the packaging and do more home prepared meals (that makes it easier to avoid dye) i have no idea about gluten.

I have done that…
My one,child has
No gluten, no red dye, and limited dairy.

Get yourself to an Aldi! I thought it couldn’t be done until I found Aldi and it was a game changer. Their brand is all inexpensive and dye free, not just of red dye but all dyes in the items we buy.

My daughter has an immediate change noticeable to anyone around her when she has red dye. Removing it has changed her life and I don’t say that lightly.

My brother has adhd and he did way better as a kid with no red dye 40. Also a cup of iced coffee and a banana in the morning helped him calm down as well

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I have to watch everything my daughter gets, because she is actually allergic to red dye. Its super hard!

I cut the red dye bc I saw positive results and both of my kids had allergic eczema and no food was related to that… drying properly and wearing only cotton using unscented lotion daily and after water contact controlled theirs…

Just found out my 15 yr old has a low positive for a gluten allergy.

It kicks out alot of food options for him.

Kind bars and any chip that’s made of corn are his go to snacks.

But he misses his bread.

This mama needs to buy a bread maker and to find a flour that makes good bread.

I did this back in the 70’s with my son, due to him being hyper ( expect in school, he say quietly, but never paid attention) Plus I didn’t want him on any meds. Also cut sugar.

Yellow #5 causes serious affects as well…

My brother was off the walls, my mom cut out all red dye and he was alot calmer. They did testing and turned out he was allergic to red dye. Even as an adult if he had red dye he is wild.

We avoid dyes , high fructose corn syrup , sugar high glycemic index fruits , we also try to avoid processed foods . fresh veggies , proteins . Does your child drink cows milk?

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Cutting food dye, especially red made a huge difference for us

For the eczema you need to be treating it as what it is
A skin condition. Had it my whole life. Never cut anything out of my diet but I lotion at least twice a day and use eczema friendly skin products only

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Stupid question? What are some examples of food with red dye? My son is very hyper and has trouble concentrating while there is a lot of stimulation around him

Cut out red dye and quit vaccinating

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Here is an article on the link between celiac/gluten intolerance and eczema. I hope it helps
Is Gluten Linked to Eczema?

Watch my TED talk. I have a dye reactive child. I’m betting the eczema might be due to the dye as well.

Look into the Feingold diet. I did a paper in one of my classes on autism and there is a diet that was created by a doctor to treat autism but it also has shown benefits for adhd. The diet is focused around removing artificial dyes, sweeteners and preservatives from your child’s diet. Like everything, some people have had great results and others have shown minimal to no effects

As someone with celiac disease have them run a full celiac panel on her if you decide to cut out gluten. As for the red dye issue it can be super helpful but also very hard. Red dye is in everything. With anything make sure you research everything and ofc do what’s best for your child. Groceries will cost more, you will probably end up cooking from scratch a lot more and be prepared for Halloween or any candy holiday because red dye is in a lot of it.

My daughter has ADHD we have cut red dye and yellow dye we noticed Cheetos was a major one so we switched to sunchips, also we cut chocolate, spaghetti, pizza, juice, and eggs we limit sweets to holidays and birthdays then it only small amounts. Best way is to watch and list how child acts after eating certain foods we had to keep a food diary to see what was causing what reaction good luck I know it aint easy our daughter is 6 was diagnosed at 4 and there is still sometimes we add to the list of cant have

Also try giving coffee if child will drink it mine wont we gave it to her for awhile but as soon as she realized it made her calmer she dumped it out coffee will calm an adhd child

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Yes, red blue and yellow are cut as much as possible. When you’re starting to cut you have to remember sometimes they are also hidden under other names for example yellow=Tartrazine / Red=C.I. There’s several hidden names for all this crap.

I avoid red dye, its pretty easy, because you can get that color from natural sources like strawberries and beets, and their are all natural fruit snacks to replace regulars. I also try to avoid gluten in my kids diets, though not always successful, but my sister has an allergy so typically all baked goods are gluten free in the house…There are LOADS of gluten free options now, breads, pastas, baked goods and so on, trader joes has a lot of options. But, if you really want to calm your kid down, cutting out refined carbs (hear me out) in general will actually help, because their glucose levels aka energy levels will spike way more evenly with just natural sugars vs refined ones. Again, I do not solely follow this myself, this is just advice I recieved from a dietitian and my kids doctor.