Thoughts on getting a breast augmentation?

Have any mamas gotten a breast augmentation? I am 29 years old and can barely fit in size A cup and have always wanted to get a breast augmentation, but I’m very nervous about the surgery and recovery. If you have had this surgery, I have some questions. How was the recovery? Were you really drugged up after? Did your back hurt from the change of weight? How long were you out of work? Thanks, ladies!


I had it done about 18 years ago, when my son was little. Recovery was very easy. Maybe 2-3 days off, plus a weekend. Never had back pain. The worst part was waking up from anesthesia & thinking I couldn’t breathe because of the chest block (similar to an epidural) The poor nurse had to convince me I really was breathing, because I couldn’t feel it!

Best decision I ever made!! Had mine done in 2013!!

Girl do it… I got mine done and best decision ever… recovery is about the same after giving birth…

Tami Pint you may have some great words to share

Breasts with implants need twice as many images during a mammogram. Even then, it can still reduce the effectiveness of a screening mammogram. Something to consider, especially if you have a family history of breast cancer

Join Breast implant illness groups on here just to inform yourself of the risks because most docs do not

Had mine done a little over a year ago and I love it! The surgery is no big deal but the recovery is painful, nothing too major though. I dont have any back pain and I went from B to DD.