Thoughts on having a 4th child?

I have a 5 year old, almost 3 year old, and a 1 and a half year old. What is the pros and cons in everyone’s opinion on having a fourth. I’ve been told and have read that four is easier than three.


I have four. People told me that when I had three, four is easier. That was a lie. And not a little lie, but a big lie. A HUGE lie. That said, a loving parent never regrets having a child.

I LOVE having 4 but I have a 10 and 8 yr old set and 3 and 1 yr old set so they are more spread out

I can say as a teacher, you are already gonna have a rough teen year stage with them all so close together. 4 becomes routine. At this point your whole day is kids and nothing else. Where the term “4 is easier than 3” is that most families when this was coined relied on old kids to care for younger ones.

Make the best choice for you and your family! :heart:

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We just had baby number 5. With one preteen but it’s not to bad. We keep everyone on a routine. But it’s how you feel is best for you and your family

I’ll let you know in about a months time when number 4 arrives

4 isn’t too bad. We have 5 between us. The teen years are rough.

I never had three because I had twins but it doesn’t get easier at any point. It’s more meals, more cleaning, more bedtimes etc… I have 8 so four sounds easy but it’s definitely more work than three

Enough…enjoy your life.

I always heard that having 4 was no harder than having 3, too, but I did not find that to be the case at all. 3 to 4 was definitely the hardest transition for me, and having 4 under 8 was the hardest time of my life, bar none.

Now, that said, we ultimately loved having 4 so much that we had 5. We love having a big family but it is A LOT of work every day for a long time, so it’s really worth thinking about.


I have 2 teens and 2 elementary kids. It’s expensive, you need a large vehicle and bigger house. Teen years with driving and high school is stressful having 2 at a time. It can be hard to give them their own individual time BUT I guess I couldn’t imagine not having 4 now. Both of my sets of kids are 18 mos apart so it’s like built in best friends (sometimes lol)

I have four.
14, almost 13, 4 & almost 3.
19 months between 1&2, 8 years between 2&3 and 17 months between 3&4.
Honestly, the first three months are hard with any baby. Add them to your routine and you’ll be fine. Just remember when the others go to school, you would have to get ALL of them ready and in the seats to drop the others off lol.

I have 4 ages 13,9,3,7months some days are hard and some are easy most days kids complain bout helping out with younger ones but thats allowed I had the baby lol we are considering a fifth but just waiting to see what a year brings financially at this point with the cost of stuff and my husband is the only income earner and some days are tough but we make it