Thoughts on having a VBAC?

What are your thoughts and experiences on a VBAC? Backstory I’m 23 weeks pregnant, and I’m thinking about trying for a VBAC. My daughter will be 20 months.


Do it!!! It’s possible!

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Definitely try unless there’s a medical reason not to. Talk to your doctor about. I tried and was unsuccessful. But, at least I tried

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I’ve done it twice. Best decision for me.

Do it I did it twice

Ive done it, no complications for me

I did it and it was a rewarding experience!

Whats the harm in trying?

Talk to dr. My dr told me no after my first one

I did it with my second child and had a second c-section with twins after that as well. My first was only c-section because she was breech position.

I tried and had great luck for both. Original Dr. discouraged it, so I went to a midwifery that partnered with a regional hospital, so that if it went badly, I had resources available.

My mom had a c-section with her second child and then 4 vaginal births. The first one was only a year after.

I had a section with my first then my other children been natural :slightly_smiling_face:

It depends on the reason for the first csection. Most doctors won’t agree to do a vbac. And it hasn’t been very long since your last csection. You need to talk to your doctor about it and look at all the risks. They should have already started discussing a plan especially if they want to do a repeat csection.

This is a question to ask your OB, the time frame is okay, but the risk of uterine rupture does go up! Your hospital also may not be VBAC friendly because they may not have the resources in case God Forbid something happens to you or baby. Let me see if I can find the page so you can follow and check out other moms stories and hear from women who state everything based on evidence!

Here is the group if you are interested in following !

They might let you but as it’s been such a short time between pregnancies I doubt it. They recommend waiting 2 years in between each pregnancy.

I had a VBAC 21 months after my c-section. No issues at all!

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Isn’t another C-section safer for the baby? I honestly don’t know. I had an emergency c and plan on having a scheduled one with any future babies. My labor was very difficult, baby got stuck in the birth canal, nearly lost him to fetal distress. Why not just do the c section and save all the trouble? What’s the benefit of vbac?


Ive had vbac with my third baby, after having csections with my first two. I told myself if My water breaks on its own, its a sign to try natural. i got to the hospital in the morning and after 17 hours of labor, I had my baby girl naturaly. The epidural didnt take effect on me, i felt everythiiiing. Recovery was faster, still painful but i was able to walk on my own right after.

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Emergency csection for my first, vbac for my second. Labor was longer and hard, but was able to do it and healing time is so much better! It’s uncomfortable and painful at first, but not nearly as long as healing from csection. My doctor told me it depends on why you got the first csection, if they think it’s something that may happen again they like to stick with csection, but otherwise she recommended trying vbac. Good luck!

I had a emergency c-section with my first. And then I had a VBAC with my second 2.5 years later! I had a csection scheduled for a week after my due date but my daughter decided to come on her own two days before my scheduled csection. So it isnt impossible! The healing process was also much much better! And so much easier especially when you have a little one running around! Hope this helps :blush:

My first was an emergency csection. Iv had 2 succesful vbacs. Its totally possible. You have to go straight to the hospital when you go in labour and theu monitor you and baby closely the whole time. X

I had a VBAC five years after my twins. I wanted a home birth but the midwife would not do it. It was fine despite a delayed placenta afterwards. Next VBAC was just fine as well. My twin birth was a c section due to breech and prolapsed cord, and I had VB prior to twins. Some opt for all c sections ( I assume for medical reasons that caused the first one, otherwise why not have the most safe option? A VB)

First was emergency c-section, 2nd was VBAC and was a text book labour, but both were small babies. 3rd was scheduled c-section 2 weeks early because she was so big, it was safer for her and me. Your Dr will know best.

My first was an emergency c section due to being stuck in birth canal but I had 4 vbacs all successfull no complications and the healing time was a lot easier. My last one I just had was a planned c section as I had a tubal right after delivery and I definitely have to say healing after vbacs is alot easierthan a c section especially if you have other little ones

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Having done it backwards 2 vaginal and just this week an emergent c section…I would definitely try if possible as it is way better on the body in my opinion. With the first two I was able to move around and up a lot faster than I am currently and having a toddler and not being able to move around much isn’t any fun.


If you want to give it a go, then do it. Its your body and from what I’ve read a vbac is less dangerous than a repeat c-section

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I had a v-bac for the birth of my third child. My first was vaginal, second c-section due to him being six weeks early and feet down. At the time my Doc said there should be no reason why I couldn’t have a vaginal birth again. My third came 11 years later (26 years ago). VBAC was encouraged and I wanted it. My labor was long and hard. Uterus is not as efficient. It took 29 hours and my water had been broken for just over 24 hours. Just as they were about to section me, he was born. Afterward I felt like I could get up and run around the room! It was harder but ultimately I was happy. I’m not sure that they encourage it as much these days. There is risk of uterine rupture.

Should discuss with your OB. Each case is different. I did VBAC with my 2nd, 7 years after my 1st, and it didn’t work. Ended up with an emergency C anyway. My uterus started to tear. I was told only a 1% chance of tearing.
Bottom line, my Dr didn’t want to do VBAC and I pushed him. Look how it turned out. I should have listened.

I had barely any issues with mine
He got a little stuck and needed help but nothing too major
The few stiches I got from that were nothing compared to the pain from recovering from a c-section
I’d much rather do a vbac than another c-section


My midwife told me I needed to wait 2 full years before I could even consider trying a VBAC to make sure everything is fully healed. If I was to have another baby within that time frame I would probably just go with a c section because I don’t want to risk more serious damage to my body or risk anything with the baby. I had a whole bunch of those one in a million complications though so birth in general terrifies me… so I may have a bit of a bias lol!

I tried vbac and failed. Would of rather planned a c-section ahead of time just because i had my other 2 yr old son and was not planning on on needing the extra help after my c-section

So, I was just in the situation. My first son was born by c section back in 2010. Fast forward, 2019 I was a perfect candidate for a vbac. However, Dr kept saying my son was going to be 9 1/2 pounds and since I didn’t get passed 9.5 centimeters the last time, that it would be more dangerous to try to labor and then still have a c section this time around. Needless to say, I ended up having a scheduled c section and baby came out 8.3 pds. I’m currently pregnant again :upside_down_face: and because it’s so close which they recommend at least a 2 year gap, I will be having another c section. So, I would just make sure they are imaging your placenta and cervix as you get closer just to rule out potential chances of hemorrhages.

I tried for a VBAC last year, my daughter was 2.5 years old and my son ruptured my scar and was born into my abdomen when they finally got him out. We both nearly lost our lives. I would never ever ever do that again. I wish I had of just settled for a section again.


I think it depends on the person. There are also risks with giving birth after already having a c section. I had 3 c sections and all were great. Checked out of hospital on 2nd day. I came home and was still able to normal things considering I had major surgery. Its what your comfortable with. Plus my hospital wouldn’t allow a v bac after a csection unless there was a 7 year gap.

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I wanted to do a vbac but the second I mentioned it the entire nursing staff including my obgyn turned hostile towards me. Like, they weren’t yelling but they acted instantly irritated at my suggesting it. I was shot with glares and daggers as I left. My obgyn said they would have to get info from my first dr who did the c section to see if it was safe and on the week I was due, they acted like they never got any paperwork from the other dr (this was a month later) and practically demanded I sign for a planned c section.
My advice is if you do choose to do vbac, don’t be bullied out of that decision and make sure if they are against it, they can provide a decent reason.

I had a VBAC after my son and it was fine. Much easier to recover from especially when you have 2 kids to look after. Really wanted to avoid a cesarean again. Although my son was 4 years at the time.

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You can always try and have c section as last resort. I wanted a vbac with my last baby but ended up having to get a c section anyway because my water broke and no labor progress after 24 hours.

I have had 2 successful vbacs . I had an emergency c section with my first and I was so down because I was so out of it I didn’t get to spend any time with my baby . That was in 2012 and in 2015 I had my second and my ob was all for me having a vaginal delivery . Witch was successful. Just had my 3rd child 11 days ago and had another successful vbac . They induced me when I was 5 days over due and had her the next day . Usually they won’t do induction on vbac . I found the recovery was so much easier then my c section

I haven’t had a vbac but, I had my twins vaginally and my singleton was csection. I wish I could have gotten the chance to push (complications with baby).

I am not sure if it was just me but my recovery was horrible from the csection.

I had an emergency csection with my first & with my second every doctor I spoke with advised I have a scheduled csection which I did
But it really depends on why you had an emergency & if the doctors agree that a vbac is an option for you, discuss all avenues with your doctor please as they do know best

I had an emergency section on my first, they kept offering me another section on my 2nd but I refused, she popped out within an hour of getting to the hospital! I had my 3rd 10 years later, naturally I was all for popping him out too, my constant (who was a new doctor at the time I had my 2nd and encouraged me to have a VBAC) towards the end kept saying, this guy is very big and even offered me a section (which is very unusual for her!) I was like, nahhh, it’ll be grand…long story short, my 3rd was another emergency section, my uterus started to rupture… Just go for it, know the danger signs just in case but I’d definitely go for it, biggest worry is if the baby is quite large (my 2nd was a petit 7lb4oz my 3rd was a very wide and chunky 10lb1oz)

I had one and it went great! Even though I had to be induced but still had a successful vbac

I’m trying to do it now with my current baby I had my son 10 years ago c section praying I can push this time!

Do it 100% I’ve had 2vbacs now and going for my 3rd in January!

My first 3 kids are only 17 months apart. Each got bigger by weight. Last was Unmedicated

It’s been 7 years since I had my csection but back then my doctor told me she won’t do a vbac for future births until after a at least 3-4 years. :woman_shrugging: I’d talk to your doctor.

I had a VBAC 26 years ago…it was fine for me…

Its so much better. If you get the opertunity 100% go for it

My dr had told told me it was safe but I wound up needing second c

I had a vbac. It went really well. Was monitored the whole time though, but did get a more senior midwife constantly by my side. I think I depends on why I had the first C-section. Xx

I had two vbacs after having my twins c-section, no problems and the first one was only 14 1/2 months after my twins, had my first born regular vaginal (epidural though)
Everyone is different, check with your doctor and ask why or why not?

56 years ago I had my first child naturally. I had two following in that. The same way. There’s nothing like watching your baby be born.

My doctor wouldn’t let me do vaginal after my breech middle child.

Doctors usually don’t like to do it if it’s been under two years. I think it’s risky.

Had c section with my first and have had 3 vbac my first almost two yrs after my c section

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Please try for VBAC if it’s safe for you. The risk of uterine rupture is actually less than 1%. Here’s a Mayo Clinic article for your review.

talk to your OB. some hospitals dont have the proper staff at the hospital at all times. My hospital would have to call the anesthesiologist to come in and that would cost precious time since if you rip inside at the scar you can bleed out in minutes losing your life and possibly your babies.

My baby is 100 and 80 months :joy::joy: sorry I had to

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Had a c. With 1st.shes.10

Then a normal vb she 6

Then a normal vb 2

I I had it with no problems…

My doctor told me she’s seen uterine ruptures trying for Vbac and that scares the crap out of me! So I won’t be trying :grimacing:

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It depends on your doctors recommendation if they feel your a good candidate, I say go for it. I had an emergency c-section with my second because of a cord prolapse and said the probability of me having another one was slim to none. Based on that I chose to have a Vbac and everything went great.

I had one and would definitely do it again. It was scary, but my doctor was great… She induced without pitocin. (Used a foley catheter in the cervix to dialate naturally) recovery was much better than my c-section.

My last baby was a Vbac with no issues and prolly easiest pregnancy of mine.

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Personally if I have another baby I’ll go with a c section it was super easy recovery for me… 10 days and I was back to normal for the most part

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My sister had a c section with her first child and has her last 4 vaginally. Recovery is much easier and will be much easier with a 20 month old. Decision to be made with you and your doctor though, but it can be done.

I had a successful all natural VBAC 14 months after my emergency c section.

I have the option to have a vbac as well but I’m scared because if I can’t push the baby out I can bleed internally without knowing… my ob said every time you contract your scar muscle gets looser and if it doesn’t work out there’s a chance I might not make it off the table. I’m just going in for a scheduled c section not to take any chances. Definitely talk to your ob and see which option works best for you.

I wish to have vbac. Have 3 year old boy and im 38 weeks pregnant but got lot of fluids which making my baby be breech😭 so end of dreams for me and we having section on friday😭

If your consultant has offered it to you then I would try ive had 6 vbac since I had my 1st child by c section ive had no problem with having a vbac was best thing i choices 2 do my first vbac was on 13 n half hour but was my first labour

I am personally a vbac baby born i the 80s and have a cousing that was one as well.

I think the new rules are kind of BS.

i had one. i reccommend it but it’s equally as painful to recover from but in different ways tbh

Following. My first was unmediated vaginal. Second was csection due to his size. I’m 6weeks with the 3rd and wanna know the options lol

I had one with my stillborn . it wasn’t bad at all.

I had my twins via csection in 2015. Had my youngest boy in 2018 via VBAC. The VBAC was honestly an amazing experience. The contractions are painful as hell but I loved being able to experience it all. I was in labor for around 22 hours but after I got the epidural it was smooth sailing until I delivered him. The actual delivery process only took maybe 7 minutes. I was able to hold him right away and it was just a really beautiful/amazing experience. I’m currently pregnant with my 4th and last baby and planning for another VBAC. I’d say as long as you dont have any health conditions or complications I’d go for a VBAC! Talk with your ob and see what they think is best and any if there are any concerns

Having a repeat c section isnt necessary unless there’s certain medical reasons. In fact, its more dangerous than having a vbac depending on certain factors

I did it three times now. My first one was after I had a c-section with my twins I got pregnant like four months after my C-section that was five years ago my first vbac she is three now, my second vbac she is 2 now and my third vbac he is four months now. All my vbacs was all successful didn’t have no problem at all. Yes there is precautions as you could bleed out and other things but if you think u could do it talk to your ob bout your plan.

I would definitely try for a VBAC if your doctor thinks you are a good candidate to have one. I had a VBAC but it was with my 4th baby after two vaginal births. My 3rd was an emergency c-section. I had a 4 year age gap but I have heard several people having successful VBACs a year after a c-section. Good luck

Vaginal birth is most beneficial for babies! It’s how they are meant to be born because the bacteria they pick up through the birth canal helps start their gut flora on the right path!

My Doctor refused to let me do VBAC after my first had to C-sectioned. My first went into distress at 34 weeks and had to be delivered at 35 weeks. He was head down entire last half of pregnancy but the last day decided he needed to be butt down. Stubborn little dude that he is, he wouldn’t budge for anything. So plans changed from pictocin and as natural of birth as possible to c-section. He also decided to scare everyone by not breathing for 2 minutes. Both my boys are healthy and show “leadership skills.” I guess what I’m trying to say is plan for the birth you want but be fluid enough to change it as needed. All that matters is a healthy baby in the end.


VBAC is possible and safe. A cesarean always has risks—it’s a major surgery. Finding someone who will do a VBAC is sometimes the bigger issue… good luck!

Fine, i am so happy i had two, i feel like i missed out on so much when i had my c section with my first than i had two naturals vbac and they were amazing every woman should experience it. Its a beautiful part of becoming a mother.

I was offered vbac but because she was breach had to have a c-section then with my last was offered vbac2 was told the risk dont change much ended up needed a c-section again due to her being to small nothing to due with any complications I think there is risk with both options do what you feel is right they will be doctors and midwives there if anything happens

My sister in law had c section with her first and natural for the rest.

I had all mine vaginal. But my sister had a vbac cause my dad told her too. (Hes a gynecologist) and he says its safer to do it then to keep reopening the csection cuts! Also depending on how close your pregnancies are you may not be completely recovered from so it maybe harder to push because your stomach muscles may not be healed. My sisters from the csection and the VBAC the kids are two years apart. She did just fine and had 3 more after that all vaginally. But if you do choose that keep in mind you may have to have a c section. So dont get your Hopes up doing it vaginally. My other sister who had a csection and then tried for VBAC (her kids are only a 1yr apart. And her water broke she was super excited to have it vaginally and her muscles weren’t strong enough to push the baby out so she had to go csection. She cried and cried until the sedated her. She felt like a failure that she couldn’t give birth to her own child. So go in with the mindset that your going to try but it could end up as a csection.

I had 2 vbacs and the both went very well. My 1st was c-sec then 2 years later my first vbac and then 1 year later I had another vbac.

I had a natural birth in 2002 and 2006 then a c sec in 2010 then a VBAC in 2011 , just under 12 months from having the c section!

I was monitored more closely while giving birth just incase my scar tore open etc!!

I ended up having to have a csection with my first child, then vbac with my second after almost 4 years and then another vaginal birth with my last a little over a year and a half later. No complications.

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had to have an emergency C with my first child at 33 y/o. (yeah, i started late. ). not fun. 6 1/2 yrs later had a VBAC (39 y/o) . from onset of labor thru birth 3 hours 22 mins. no problems, complications… was back home the next day. (Y) . if you can, go for it

There are some increased risks, so my only advice is to talk to your physician/medical team. Ask them if you are a good candidate for VBAC (I hope you are since it’s what you want). Make them hear you and listen and ask more questions if you have them. Good luck

First, check with your OB and be certain that they do vbac and the hospital that you sre delivering at does as well. As depending on the hospital they may not (such as small rural hospitals). Yes there are risks. The biggest risk is uterine rupture. You’d need to discuss your risks with your ob.

The fact that you’ve had vaginal deliveries decreases the likelihood of complications that are already incredibly small to begin with! I had one vaginal, then an emergency c section. My 3rd was vbac, he came on his own and my 4th i was even induced which they previously said was “way too dangerous” lol. Most doctors won’t tell you they are even dangerous anymore. They are becoming more main stream as the liklhood of anything bad happening is slim to nil in comparison to a “regular” vaginal birth. I say go for it! I will always advocate vbacs because I’m not tough enough to have repeat c sections lol. Those mamas are warriors.

My dr was all for it but my labors are very long so when the day came I ended up with another section due to the risk of uterine rupture. Plus I was severely anemic (a shock to me and my Dr because earlier tests showed I was fine). I always say plan for anything to happen because it can and don’t try to fight the safest way have your baby because it’s not what you wanted.

Its really best to talk with your ob provider to decide what is best, Depending on your circumstances. There are risks for VBAC for both you and baby. But they are low (if your risk factor is low) id say go for it if your c-section wasn’t because failure to progress.

Some drs will refuse to do a vbac after a csection. Find a provider that will work with what you want and not what’s easier for them.

You need to ask your Doctor. It also depends on the type of cut you had. Most times VBAG are ok. But there is a risk

My first c-section was an emergency I wanted to have a vbac with my second. The doctor said as long as there was no issues it was possible. But my son was breech and I had extra fluid and he came a week early.

The risks for the average woman are less than a repeat cesarean.
Other than that, all I know is I wish I would have been able
To do a vbac after my emergency c-section. The hospital where we lived was catholic and did not allow them🙄

I had a Vbac. 19 months after my csection. No complications. Daughters are now 21 & 23. Good luck