Thoughts on midwives?

What are your thoughts on midwives? Going on my 3rd pregnancy and want to do things different


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Thoughts on midwives?

Absolutely amazing! I had one with my second pregnancy and now my third and I will never go back. I feel so much more relaxed and comfortable with them!


I love love love my midwife! This is my 3rd time using her.

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My only concern would be if there was a life threatening emergency for you or baby and would waste minutes getting to hospital.


I loved the midwives I had

I prefer a Doctor just in case something goes wrong like bleeding out or baby is not doing well.

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My daughter has had 11 kids most using a midwife… she swears by them

I had my first a military dr… so my 2 other pregnancies I had a midwife, I loved both midwives I did one, no epidural and the other no epidural. They took more time than a Dr did.

I have had a homebirth midwife for my last 3. Currently 6 weeks & having another homebirth with a midwife.

They see you for 45-60 minutes appointments.
They really get to know you.
They give you full control.
They visited me 24 hours, 48 hours, 7 days, etc up to 6 weeks after birth. To make sure that I was ok.

Much better than any ob

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At my hospital the midwives were there. It’s just they checked in on you more than the doctors did. At least that’s my experience. I loved mine and how supportive they were

I had a midwife but got induced and delivered at the hospital. I have no regrets. I’ll have my next at home.

I had a midwife with both of my kids and I’m so happy I did. I had epidurals with both of them. The midwife’s were quick to ask my pain level and as soon as I said I want it, I got it. With my first, the midwife was in the room with me 98% of the time. She walked out to make a phone call once. She was stretching me out almost that whole entire time. I pushed for two hours and didn’t tear at all. My second, I pushed for 30 minutes and did tear pretty good with her. If I were to ever get pregnant again, I would 100% have a midwife.

I’ve never had a midwife but I have heard from many they are good because they make the mother feel more comfortable and relaxed during labor. However if a life threatening emergency was to happen they aren’t capable of handling those types of situations so it’ll reduce time u have to get to the hospital. Good luck tho in whatever u decide and congratulations.

I had 3 with a gyno. And 4 with a MW. I loved the MWs better. I delivered them in hospitals and my Drs office had Gynos too. My last 2 I had to switch to a Gyno for my last few months for being high risk. My MW still stood with me. It’s not like you’re giving birth at home and there’s nothing they can do if an emergency happens. :tipping_hand_woman:

Whichever you feel most comfortable with. However for something a little differ and more old school look into Birthing Stool… if I have another this is the way to go easiest and fastest delivery will never go back to being on my back in a hospital bed ever again unless it’s an emergency cesarean

Loved my midwives, worked with the doctors but were much more helpful and supportive

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I have heard good things about midwives. The only thing is, they usually can’t do emergencies, and if you’re trying to give birth at home, it slows down the time it takes to get to the hospital. But most deliveries are normal and I‘ve heard that midwives are great.

I used them all 3 of my sons births. Loved them.