Thoughts on parents choice diapers?

How do you like parents choice diapers? I am thinking about switching from huggies because they are so much cheaper


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Thoughts on parents choice diapers?

You’ll get different answers. This is why I never understand why people ask opinions on things like diapers, wipes, or birth control, because everything reacts to every baby or person differently. Never hurts to try and see if they do good for your baby.


I prefer parents choice over the rest, I’ve tried all, they also seem to fit a bit better in my opinion

I can’t stand them . Lol my first kiddo was allergic and so I clothed diapered or used Huggies. My 2nd I clothed but still prefer Huggies

Hated them…much preferred Huggies

Luvs are a good choice. No leaks when mine were little


Luvs are as cheap as I can go. Others have made my kids break out. Or leak

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They work great for us

I love them! Great price and as long as your baby has no allergens to them they are a great option! I buy parent choice diapers and use Huggies wipes just bc parents choice wipes rip easily

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Pampers all the way!!!

I have used them with my kids and I prefer parents choice

Luvs was our go to brand

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Used them with my last 2 kids and had no issues. I actually felt like they lasted better then the name brand ones

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I tried all kinds and went back to Huggies. That’s the only diaper I’ll use.

My kids never got a rash I use them. But I prefer the dollar general brand.

I never had an issue after my son turned one. The first year of his life he always got a rash from them. In an act of desperation I had to use one when he was about 18 months old and no rash or anything so that’s what I used the rest of the time he needed diapers.

Luvs and Parents choice are the worse for my son!

I never have a problem and I’ve used them with all 5 of my kids.

Luvs worked best for both of my kids.

My kids could only use huggies (long time ago) but I say try them and if baby and you like them than that’s your answer. Only buy a small amount at first

Target brand or luvs worked great for us

They hold up pretty well. Pampers are my personal favorite but bought Parents Choice just to experiment and baby went 8+ hours with the same diaper on with no leaks.

Love parent choice wipes just like Huggies definitely switch to those …diapers not so much luvs would be my next choice besides that I always used Huggies snug and dry the white and red box or you just have a big old day diaper that looks saggy for no reason to much fluff…or Costco brand. if you have a Safeway were your at there pretty good as well I tried target brand once 12 yrs ago an hated them not sure about now… Anyways those are my favs. How this helps

I love them. They were the only one my daughter didn’t leak through or get a rash from. She’s now in the pull ups and their awesome too. Plus you can’t beat the price comparison

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You get what you pay for

Target brand was my fav

Oh and their wipes are awesome too we use the none scented once. I feel bad about it but we use to use the shea butter ones until she voiced the made her whohaha burn so we switched over to none scented ones. I even tried that shea ones and yup they burn

They worked great for me!

Love their diapers and wipes. I use them with my son.

Huggies or pampers, parents choice over time gives very bad diaper rashes :disappointed:

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I think it depends on the child and they’re personal fit/skin sensitivities. Personally I only use parents choice for my current son because he leaked through all the name brands, but my older son we used target brand.

Imho those diapers are NOT for lazy parents. They only work great if you’re great at changing your kid. They will blowout easy, which tbh is good. You shouldn’t have time to let your kid just sit because you’re too lazy to change a diaper.

(Not you OP I’m talking about the lazy parents. I have no idea what kind of parent you are.)

Never had a problem with them

I use them they work good

I love parent choice. All of my girls used them. Even the wipes! And they give you a bunch of diapers in a box for less than other brands. Luvs are the worst in my opinion.


I like Aldi and target better

If you have Costco membership I hear their Kirkland (store brand) are same makers of Huggies and are cheaper (will be purchased in bulk though).

I personally prefer Huggies, then luvs, then pampers. I’d use pampers/luvs during the day (or even parents choice) and then use Huggies for overnight.

Worth it! I have a 3m and 14m and never had a blow out and I use PC. I also use their wipes… also don’t sleep on the challomine lotion infused wipes… very soothing for itchy skin!

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I used Huggies for my first and second my third I got a gift of parent choice and they are just as good and more light especially with a summer baby no complaints

I used to love them but over the years and 6 babies their quality has steadily gone downhill
They feel more plastic bag like to me now so my youngest 2 had pampers
They’re wipes are still awesome and super affordable

We have to use Pampers swaddlers for our daughter bc the others irritate her skin. Our sons used parents choice at times & they worked just fine.

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I’ve used them with both my kids and never had a problem. I tried Huggies and pampers with both as well and they both got burn like rashes on their thighs. The cucumber wipes form PC are also so wet and amazing compared to others I’ve tried.

They were great!!! And the wipes. I preferred them to Huggies, luvs and target brand. Pampers were the only ones better but the price difference was ridiculous! Everyone is different and you may have to test different brands to find what works best for your baby but I’d say they are definitely worth a shot!

Bad for sensitive skin

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Sam’s club Members Mark diapers are my favorite! Parents choice is my second fave! They’re great! Can’t go wrong with either of those

With my son I’ve never had a problem with them

With my daughter she had to have pampers for the first year of her life because her body would develop rashes with any other brand and here she is now two and that’s all I ever buy her is parents choice

I used them and they worked fine. Luvs just got too expensive with two babies of two different sizes.

Also at Walmart, there are Rascal & Friends, awesome diapers but run a size bigger than Huggies

I found I went through them so fast the absorbency is not the greatest and I remember buying many boxes that were defective (they didnt have tabs or stuff like that)

My kids used them and loved them. We started with Pampers then Huggies but found our daughter reacted less with the PC. Nothing wrong with saving money as long as baby’s needs in that dept are being met!

LUVS diapers are great with a great price.

I always really liked parents choice.

They’re okay, but they get really saggy when they’re peed in SLIGHTLY too much, when I used them if my daughter peed twice they sagged really low. To her knees almost. I definitely prefer Huggies🤷🏼‍♀️ the material on Huggies feels better too. Definitely worth the price difference, I think at least

Try cloth. Big savings

I used them with my last two babies I liked them

They work great. It’s what I use for my baby and I’ve never had a problem and always save money.

My kid blew out of every parents choice one I put on him? I’d suggest getting a small thing and trying it

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Not a big fan of Parents choice diapers, they feel cheap and it gets clumpy. :joy:
I’ll use Parent choice baby wipes since you get the bang for the bucks

my kids pee straight through them so i don’t like them lol but i know parents who use them on their kids & they work just fine

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We have gone through 4? 5? Different brands of diapers. Gotta do what works for you.

Love them. All four kids wore them.

Kroger and target ones are good

Pampers is honestly the best for at least the first year or 2. I HATE LUVS!!! Parents Choice I LOVED at first with my first son. I have used them for all 8 of my kids but it seems like over time the package sizes have lessened more and more and so has quality. THAT BEING SAID over the years I have had a few packages here and there that DID leak or really suck BUT over all worked well enough.

They are ok but I prefer targets brand up and up they are just like Huggies and I had zero issues with them.

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Only ones I use!! I used them with my first son and now again with my second boy!

Luvs are great, and just as cheap!

Target brand is better if you decided to switch to a store brand. I started using huggies with my middle child and they’re honestly so much better that to me the cost makes up for not having extra laundry from leaks/blowouts. I buy our huggies from Costco, we get 144 diapers (size 5) 52.49 compared to Walmart where you get 124 diapers for 61.75 (according to their app) and costco often have sales for $10 off. They’re also thicker than normal huggies from other stores. Look into getting a membership (I think it’s about $60 per year), its totally worth it.

The overnight ones worked better for my son than any other brand

We use Luvs, parents choice leak…

I use parents choice most of the time for my kids. Works fine

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We never had a problem with parents choice !

I only use cloth. However we use parent choice wipes and I like them.

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You end up buying more diapers with the parents choice brand so you aren’t saving money. I personally like target brand. Parents choice wipes are pretty good!

I think aldi’s is the cheapest place to buy diapers honestly.

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Worked great for my son

Target brand or luvs. That’s all I bought with both of mine.

Kirkland brand from Costco are awesome

They work good but Target’s brand or Costco is better

Parents choice used to be great until they switched material.

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My little guy does well with them!! We love yhem

I used them in the past. I didn’t care for them for overnights…during the day both my kids did fine because they were changed frequently. But once they slept through the night the diapers leaked some. I love meijers diapers though for nighttime. They are cheap and don’t leak. They run a little bigger than huggies brand tho

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They were okay. I preferred luvs though. I will say I accidentally washed a parents choice though and it was still in tact once I took it out the washer :sweat_smile:

I used them once and never again. All it took was 1 use and they would leak and they instantly caused a rash. Also, hello bello brand are useless also

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I used Huggies. Then I tried luvs and pampers, they were just as good.

They are so much cheaper because they are way thinner.

I used to swear by luvs I have kids 18 17 15 11 5 and 3 weeks. They changed them somehow not the same quality they have had through the years. I like the parents choice

I use parents choice and pampers. They both work just as good as the other. I do not however use Huggies. I also do not use luvs because they are tradh diapers and my kids always leak with them. If I don’t use pampers the only other choice I’ll use is parents choice or hello Bello.

I don’t use parents choice however I use rascal and friends and it’s a cheaper alternative and they absorb amazingly. You buy them at Walmart.

up and up (target brand) is a pretty decent cheap alternative. parents choice made my baby get a bad rash immediately. huggies are my fave tho :sweat_smile:

They work great for my son

Parents choice was the only brand that didn’t give my son a rash. For my daughter I specifically requested only parents choice diapers if anyone got them as a baby shower gift. I also felt they didn’t leak as much as other brands and held up better in terms of containing poop explosions.

I hate them. I would recommend getting them from Costco the Costco brand , they’re cost sufficient & good quality.

We used them religiously for both kids - never had a problem!

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Hated them with my daughter, she would have a rash after the first use, and they would leak after one pee… and the wipes was ok until they kept having a stinky Smell even when just opening the package.

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