Thoughts on taking plan B?

I am a single mommy to a beautiful 4 year old little girl. I’m in a relationship with someone who is not her father. He loves her she loves him. We talked about future plans and we both see a wedding in the future. We are both unsure if we want any more kids. He doesn’t have any kids of his own but has already said he would treat my daughter like his own. We had a little accident last night when being intimate, yes I know babies come from having un protected sex, I called my OBGYN this am to ask about the plan B contraceptive. The doctor said he would prescribe it for me but due to medical issues he really doesn’t think last night’s accident will result in an unwanted pregnancy. I plan on taking it just to be sure but my doctor is concerned it may cause issues with my hormonal im balance we have been trying to fix. I was diagnosed last month with a hormonal im balance that prevents me from ovulating properly so I had to take hormone therapy to kick start my cycle. I was wondering if anyone else had similar issues with their hormones being off then getting them back on track just to possibly get them messed up again by the plan B pill? I’m considering not taking the pill just so I know my hormones don’t get thrown off again, which my boyfriend said is ok with him too. What would any other mom’s do in my shoes? Obviously I know if I don’t take it there is a chance I could get pregnant which is not something I want but would be something I would live with if I did happen. I have an appointment with my gyno the end of the month, which I will get tested for possible pregnancy because I have to start another round of hormone therapy around that time and can’t if pregnant. Any advice on Plan B? I’ve never taken it before and don’t know how it is going to effect me. Im not on birth control because of my hormone problem, and we don’t use condoms because I’m allergic to them (even the hypoallergenic ones I break out with them) thank you for your advice.

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Do u know if you are in the ovulation window right now

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I was diagnosed with the hormonal im balance because i was bleeding for 2 months straight, idk when I’m ovulating or if I am because the bleeding stopped about 2 weeks ago give or take a few days.

Oh that’s a tricky one than. I’d be careful if you aren’t sure. It only takes one little swimmer. I mean if you both are ok with the chances you can become pregnant than I’d not take the plan B. Plan B is not something you want to use. It can cause cysts on your ovaries. Irregular periods. It can mess stuff up more than you already have going on. :blue_heart: hope everything works out for you.

I have pcos and have irregular hormones due to that. I still got pregnant with my daughter on bc and plan b

Ive taken plan b a time or 2 and it threw me way off and i already have irregular cycles
If you can accept that you might get pregnant, I’d avoid screwing out your hormones more than you have to tbh
But if you would really really rather not get pregnant rn, I’d take it

I took plan b and it caused a lot if badddd cramping. Still ended up pregnant. 10 years later now. My son will be 11 in June.