Thoughts on taking prozac?

Hi ladies. So my dr is changing my anxiety med to Prozac. Anyone else on it? Any side effects I should watch for? Thanks!


I took it for years and had no side effects. After many years I had to change as it was not working anymore . But , I highly recommend it or Cymbalta. Had zero issues and worked within about 4 weeks or so

I personally cannot take it. Neither can my brother. It doesn’t help us out actually makes everything worse.

I have never taken it so unsure but your pharmacist should be able to answer this question!

When I was 14 and in high school, I tried to unalive myself and ended up in the psych unit for 2 weeks, and they put me on Zoloft. At one point when I was around 16, my insurance stopped covering Zoloft, so my psychiatrist put me on Prozac. After being on it about a week, one day at school I started having intrusive homicidal thoughts of classmates and teachers. I called my parents in tears and we got in immediately to see my psychiatrist and she changed me back to Zoloft. She said Prozac works amazing for most people, but in a small percentage of people,it would have the same effect it had on me

Two family members take it and do well.

This is a discussion you should have with your doctor. Also there will be a long list of “possible side effects” as with most drugs, so don’t be too concerned.

Talk to your pharmacist about the side effects of your medication,