Thoughts on tandem feeding?

I have a 13 month old daughter and I’m about to have another baby within the next month. ( I know crazy) I’m still breastfeeding my 13 month old and I know it will be hard to wean her off. Any ideas or concerns please to make this a successful transition. I’m fine with breastfeeding both babies. I have a great supportive husband too. Thank you


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Thoughts on tandem feeding?

Cait Isabel would you be able to help her?

I tandem fed my 3 year old and a newborn for about 7 months. It was fine. I didn’t have any problems.


My daughter just turned one, she is still breastfeeding and I’m due with my son on Wednesday and gonna breastfeed both :slightly_smiling_face:

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I stopped at 13 months as well, but only because my husband and I went away for the weekend for my bday. That’s all it took thankfully

There’s nothing wrong with tandem feeding! Nipple stimulation near the end of pregnancy can sometimes induce contractions, but if you nurse all the way through, then you shouldn’t have any issues. Your milk may change as you go, and weaning may happen naturally. But if your both happy and healthy, there’s no reason to wean if you don’t want to.


Start the older child on a Sippie cup…


Only issue may be jealousy…

Tandem nursing can build a beautiful bond, & is beneficial to both children.
The things to remember are, it will be difficult at first, it comes with a whole new set of difficulties on top of standard breastfeeding difficulties, BUT in a short matter of time, things will click & you will settle into the groove & everything will be alright. I recommend playing around with different positions to see what way works best for you when you need to tandem latch. (& I do recommend tandem latching as often as you can, otherwise your whole life is spent nursing, lol. Nurse one, they’re done, number 2 wants to nurse. Nurse number 2, they’re done, number 1 is hungry. Repeat forever. Lol!)
The other thing is, just remember that the youngest babe does get first dibs. If you can’t tandem latch & they need to take turns, younger baby goes first. Younger baby gets to nurse longer, & more frequently. As long as you’re nursing on demand, it shouldn’t be an issue.
Good luck with it! It’s definitely the right choice when you have 2 small ones at the same time!


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I tandem nursed 3 different times for many many months until each toddler self weaned. Totally doable and totally worth it. You got this mama! :heart:

I had gotten pregnant when my little was 13 months, it’s easiest to cut down time of feeds and always give milk in place, that way they’re still full and then slowly started replacing milk in morning and night for the last feeds. But if you’re wanting to tandem feed I say go for it!

Tandem nursing really helped with enforcement

I have been nursing for 5 years, I have two kid and one on the way, my oldest stopped around 3.5 when my youngest was 6m and now I’m still breastfeeding him at 2y and due in July, it’s up to you and what feels right not anyone else. If it were up to family members (not my husband he is fully supportive) they wouldn’t want me to have done it at all

There is nothing wrong with it. It’s ultimately up to you whether you want to do both or just feed the newborn. Goodluck with which ever you choose and congratulations :heart:

Been there…
I was told my son wouldn’t like the, “new” milk… Theres a differential taste…eventually/ the baby will not want anymore…