Thoughts on the baby name Linkin?

Love Linkin not a fan of Lincoln I always wanna say lin colen … I’m sorry

Linkin makes it seem like you can’t spell and just sounded it out


It’s cute just know his whole life he will be hdving to correct people coming from a keli but if you like it go for it

Please don’t spell it that way :sob::sob::sob::sob:

Please just give your kids reasonably normal names! Lincoln is rare enough without spelling it in an unusual way. It makes you seem hideously uneducated and it sounds like LinkedIn.

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I absolutely love it !!
If I wasn’t done at 4 kids I would of named my next boy lincoln but Linkin is cute !!

Lincoln, because it’s hard to imagine an adult named Linkin.

Cuz that’s what you’re doing. Naming an ADULT


Nothing wrong with that. Only thing I will say is people will spell the name wrong all the time. Thats what has always happened to me.

I honestly hate the way Lincoln is supposed to be spelled. Do whatever you want haha.

With the popularity of gender neutral names… my instant thought of Linkin is a feminine spelling. I love the name but just thought more of a girl rather than boy.

Not a fan. I saw this quickly and thought LinkedIn

Linkin made me first think of LinkedIn. Not sure why, lol

Always rhyme names, because that’s what kids will do, ie, stinking Linkin

When he poops call them Linkin logs.


LinkedIn comes to mind :joy::sob:

i read LinkedIn :woman_shrugging:t4::rofl:



Too close the app LinkedIn.

Do you want to have your baby name posted in a name shaming group? This is how you get your baby name posted on a name shaming group.

If you love the name the last thing u should be doing is asking a bunch of strangers, especially on social media, for their opinions… Pregnant mothers don’t even ask their own family for that because it causes so much grief… Just name the kid Linkin u clearly love it…

No. Your child will suffer from this choice. Kids are cruel.

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Do what you want!!! As long as you know the meaning to it screw everyone else!!!

Please think of your children as middle-high schoolers and adults when naming them. :sweat_smile: What may be cute when they’re babies and little kids doesn’t always stay cute when they’re 32.

Ask a first grade teacher

You might love it but it doesn’t mean your child will one day. They have to carry the same from childhood - writing it in preschool til adulthood.

Don’t do it. He will get bullied

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Set your kid up for success. No company is going to take a resume with that name seriously


No. Absolutely not. Wtf lmao

My cousin’s name is Lincoln and we all love it

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Lincoln sounds better xxx

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I have a Haven Thomas, Alexzander Storm and Jericho Adrian :two_hearts:

My first thought is they didn’t know how to spell :o My opinion, lol!!

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Yes. Just yes. And Park hopefully is in there somewhere too :crossed_fingers:t3::crossed_fingers:t3::crossed_fingers:t3::crossed_fingers:t3:

I like Linkin…it’s different and unique

My ex sister in Law, had a boyfriend once and we always called him “Lincoln Logs” He said “Everyone called him Lincoln Logs growing up, and he hated the name Lincoln!”
But, Kids these days don’t know what Lincoln Logs are so I guess You’re Safe. I don’t know. But that’s what comes to my mind when I hear “Linkin” not Linkin Park, was never a big fan.

I’d personally stick with Lincoln. But I’m bias since my youngest son is a Lincoln lol.

Linkin would bwe an awesome middle name, Abraham could be his first.

My grandsons called Lincoln tommy x

For the love, don’t spell it like that. Remember, this baby will be an adult someday. Linkin may seem cute now, but its not. Lincoln is classy and will grow with him.

Your decision both names are ok for me

I love you way you chose to spell Linkin

I think he’d get called Stinkin Linkin

It might auto correct to Linkedin

Remind me of loud house show lol

Lincoln if you’re doing the name. Please don’t do Linkin. Don’t punish your kid like that. :rofl:

Reminds me of LinkedIn. Hard pass for me

Please stop. It’s not about you. :joy::joy: anyone telling you otherwise has a breigleighn or alike in their family. :skull:

:rofl::rofl: linkedin jobs looking ass over here, that’s a terrible name. What is wrong with people nowadays!?