Thoughts on the baby name Linkin?

I’m due with boy #2 in July. We’ve decided to name him Lincoln Thomas… but I’m like super obsessed with Linkin … like Linkin Park I don’t know I just love it, I wanted some opinions: Lincoln or Linkin


I love it!
(Linkin park is my favorite band haha )

I love the name. And the newer spelling is so cool

I love the name Link (from Zelda lol)

I like it :woman_shrugging:t2: I really liked the name Lincoln but one of the biggest negatives to me was the spelling. I like your version better

I’m all for spelling things differently!

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I like Lincoln better imo

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I like different spellings of names so I’m all for Linkin!

I love it both ways. I might be biased I’m a huge Linkin Park fan.

I absolutely love the name Lincoln!!


It’s a unique way to spell it.

Love the name Linkin! I was OBSESSED with Linkin Park when I was a teenager!!


I like it, link for short​:grin::grin:

I had a little boy in daycare named linkin took some time to get used to but so cute.

I actually really like that name!

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Coming from someone who has the most commmmmon name of her generation… I love “Linkin” :slight_smile:


Lincoln. He’ll thank u 1 day

I kept seeing linked in combined


Both my kids have different spellings, I’d go with Linkin too. There is always going to be someone criticizing their name but if you like it, that’s all that matters

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My sons name is Lincoln and is hard to spell lol

There’s a reason you’re obsessed with Linkin, go with it! 🫶🏻


I know couple guys with that name. Nothing wrong with what u like

Awe I named my now two year old Thomas for his middle name. It was my great grandfathers. 

I read it as LinkedIn.

Do Lincoln.


My nephew is Linken. My brother said so that when he gets older he can go by Ken if he chooses to.


I loved Linkin park growing up! I used to want to name a son Linlin spelt that way. But only had girls lol

My son is named Lincoln :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I’m pregnant now and that’s what we were going to name him if he was a boy! Linkin Atlas and just call him Link (we’re big fans of Zelda lol). We’re having a girl though so I’m sad we couldn’t use it.


I loved the name Jayden but always wanted something different. Couldn’t get that name out of my head so i spelt it Jaedyn. People hardly spell it right but i do like it.

My son’s name is Linkin, (yes like Linkin Park)
He’s 21 this year and never had a problem with his name whether it was at school or getting a Job. The world won’t mind another Linkin either :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Mine is one of the most sweetest you’ll ever meet :smiling_face:


Only if his middle name is Park


Makes me think of LinkedIn.
But i like the name Lincoln.


My son’s name is Linkin. I spell it that way. We call him Link for short. It’s supposed to be like Link from Zelda


PLEASE tell me your last name is Park?! :joy:
It’s cute, just an easier way to spell Lincoln.
You can also have things personalized/customized so “I can never find my name on things” isn’t an excuse anymore for spelling a name however you see fit.


Lincoln. Ain’t linkin an app or something?

Linkin is going to change to Lickin in middle school…be sure to watch out for that one. I would just go with Lincoln.


As someone with a name spelled differently, I advise against it. I’m CONSTANTLY having to either correct people or deal with my name being mispelled on official documents by those who do NOT listen when I spell my name out for them. It’s exhausting.


Call your baby what you want to call your baby and don’t look back!

I love it​:heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation: …,this from someone who could never find my name on anything unless custom made…Also, my daughter’s name is Burgandy Mackenzie…:grin:…my son and daughter in law have all L…J…names Lee Jackson, Lucy June & 3 week old Lawson John… Lincoln was a contender so I love the different spelling!

Name your dog after your favorite band.
You’re naming a PERSON.
Someone who will have to live with that name his whole life.


Prefer Lincoln as Linkin makes me think of LinkedIn


My son’s name is Linkin. He’s 12 and he absolutely loves his name and the spelling 🫶🏻

I have some odd names. Harmonie, Serinity, and Myleigha. Nobody spells them correctly, Harmonie gets turned into Hermione from Harry Potter :joy::joy: it’s your child, spell it how you want. Just make sure both parties are for the spelling. Who cares what anyone else says or thinks, correct them if they say it wrong and make it known their name is special because nobody else has their name. :heart:

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If you love it that’s all that matters!!!

Just know their whole entire life you will have to specify spelling. Every doctors office, dentist, school etc. My cousin is Justyn and never finds his name on anything and has to correct everyone on how to spell it.

I can definitely appreciate it though :black_heart:RIP Chester


He will get Lin - kin most times I bet


I’m a teacher . There’s so many . It’s very popular now

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My nephew is Linkyn. I love it so much


I just try and imagine my kid older at a job interview with their name. Does it sound professional?


I always consider a 40 year old with a name when I decide how I feel about it. I say Lincoln.


My brother had a “lyn” name; Kalyn.
He ended up doing a name change because his online dealings people thought he was a woman.

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I love the name Lincoln!!

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I always think of it is, you’re naming a person, someone who will be an adult. My mom wanted to be different and spell my name differently. I don’t care about finding my name on things, but I hear my name mispronounced minimum 5x a day and it’s super frustrating.
If you love the name Lincoln, then just leave it be. It’s a great name.


Might be made fun of in school.

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Lincoln looks and sounds pretty.

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What everyone needs to do when having a baby is ask their self how it’s going to sound and look when they’re an adult.


My son’s name is Lincoln, Robert is his middle name, we call him Link most of the time unless he is in troublethen its Lincoln Robert🤣. Me personally wouldn’t spell it Linkin. But if that’s what you like then do it!!! It all depends on you and your s/o♡

I like it and think you should go for it

Linkin park is my first thought and my favorite band :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: lol

No. Just stop. Lincoln is a great name. Don’t mess it up by “trying” to be unique.


Linkin Park is my favorite band! But I would still do Lincoln or I just really think they’d be made fun of if it was Linkin. Lincoln is still the same name and more proper for adulthood.

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Isn’t it Lincoln park or am I wrong?

I did an odd spelling with my 3rd kid and while it sucks not ever finding things with her name on them I do like that fact that no one else has the same spelling as hers or not that I have found anyways in any of the name databases you can search… I wanted to make sure people who read her name would know she was a girl and since it can be boy or girl I changed it up. I spell her name Graicyn- pronounced Grayson


In the end it doesn’t matter lol :joy: Couldn’t resist.

I like Lincoln. I think Linkin is a lot.

Lincoln Bennett (plus your last name)

I can’t say I like the name just because it makes me think Linkin Park but it’s not my child.

My son’s name is Linkin and I absolutely love it.

I automatically pronounced it Lynn-ken

I personally wouldn’t but it’s not my kid.

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Ima huge LP fan but I don’t like it as a name. Lincoln is my preferred spelling.

Hey, I LOVE Linkin Park… but he will have his name misspelled his entire life, and as someone that happens to a lot, it’s frustrating.

Just spell it normally would be my advice


I read it as LinkedIn, the business site

Lmao it makes me think of LinkedIn the job experience website so it’s a no in my book

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I like Linkin. I also like spelling names differently. My son goes to a school that is called Lincoln. Lol. There also a president last name Lincoln too

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Linkin Parker/ Lincoln Parker?

It makes me think of Linkedin


As soon as I saw it I saw LinkedIn.

Lincoln…I hate when people change the spelling of names to make it “unique” it doesn’t make it unique just confusing…of course thats only my opinion


I’d never name a child for a family member again. He was named after his dad and grandpa. Who was divorced from his grandma. I’ve never heard the end of it. She calls my child by his middle name

Name him Linkin but call him Link. Like the movie Encino Man with Pauly Shore. Always thought that was a super cool boys name.

Your baby
Your name
I like unusual names
You can always give him middle name typical spelling that he can use if wants when older

Reminds me of that job website linkedin :joy::joy:


Yes. He can go by link or Ken when he’s older or a nickname.

I have a nephew named Link… Just Link! Which I think is acceptable. But if you’re going to do Lincoln, just spell it Lincoln and then you can call him Link for short!

Its cute better than Lincoln

Honestly makes me think of the site Linkedin


LINKIN - YESSS!!! Edit It’s 2024 ppl…nobody in this day n age is gonna GAF about the spelling of this name as L-I-N-K-I-N :woman_facepalming:. Every other child these days has a unique name or spelling…ALSO u can get ANYTHING custom made w this spelling as well. OP don’t listen to the naysayers.


Makes me think of Lincoln, then I think of the dead president.

But being a huge fan of linkin park, I also love it

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I like it, I actually have a friend who has a little boy that’s a little over a year old whose name is Linkin

I know 2 Lincoln Thomas’s just personally. It’s so so common

When you see him you’ll know

Linkedin lol is all I can’t think of.


Makes me think of LinkedIn

My oldest daughter loves her name and hates the odd spelling/ my nephew loves his name and hates the odd spelling / they could/can never find things with their names on it - people comment on the spelling and kids find it strange - just sharing personal experience


Spell it how you want! My kids definitely have “odd names” and spelt “weird” but they’re guaranteed to not have multiple in their classes! “Odd names” and “spelt weird” are the best in my opinion :woman_shrugging:t3:

Name your baby anything you want. I named my sons different names and you have to be prepared for people’s opinions and bullies.

Linkin park. That’s all I see. Lincoln.

I like the name! My kids have different names Xyiah, Xarah n Luman (we call him Luie or Lulu tho)

Remember you’re naming an adult for the future. Don’t play with spelling and stuff to be “unique”

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It’s your child… if that’s what you like then go with it… nothing wrong with being original