Thoughts on the Baby Name Ragnar?

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"My family has an issue with the baby name that my husband and I picked out and now he wants to change it…i dont want to and dont really care what anyone else things…is the name Ragnar really that bad? I dont think it is but now my husband thinks its hoRrIblE due to his mom"

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"I mean, my kids once went to school with a set of twins named lightening and thunder so… I think you’re good. Lol And yes those were the kids legal names."

"Name your baby whatever you want!"

"Ragnar Lodbrok was a legendary Viking hero, as well as a legendary Danish and Swedish king."

"I think you should name your baby whatever you want. Don’t let anyone change your mind. Only thing to consider is how it will sound when they are adults."

"Tell mama she already got to name HER babies. This is none of her business and she should have said she loved it regardless and her personal opinion or preference. And your husband liked it before, so I would tell him to grow a pair and tell his mom he agrees with you and loves it. Just my take"

"This child will have to go to school and other kids can be cruel just remember that …"

"If you’re ok with his nickname being “Rag” then go ahead."

"I’m a teacher. There are definitely worse. It’s unusual, maybe a little odd. But if you like it, you like it!"

"I like it tbh. You can call him by his middle name if he doesn’t like it"

"You do you girl, family said my son’s name Floyd was too old school, but I kept it his name and I LOVE it"

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My son was born June 17th 2022 I named him Rangar Magus klaus Fernando. The name Fernando after his dad so I think the name Ragnar is awesome