Thoughts on the baby name Rayel?

Thoughts on the baby name Rayel? I havent met many Rayels in my life and am curious how others may feel


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Thoughts on the baby name Rayel?

I’ve never heard the name Rayel, but it sounds like a girl’s name. Is it for a boy or a girl?

If you like it, that is all that matters… I do like it.

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Always take into account that other children are mean, but if you like it it’s your kid

Sounds like you’re trying to say Rachael but sneezed in between


It sounds made up of a few names and it’s unique. For a boy Rayel Matteo or Rayel James and for a girl Rayel could be made a bit more feminine by spelling it Rayelle and like Rayelle Marie or Rayel Nichole. It’s very pretty


I had a friend named Real, pronounced Ray-al. (French)

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My oldest grandson has one letter for his first name! His mom’s choice…you name your baby whatever you choose

My daughter’s name is Daytona

If you like it that’s what matters. Definitely a unique name and have never heard it before

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Is this the same mum looking for a name change from ragnok :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I like it. It’s a nice name
I had one person on my friends list with that name
He was lovely

So as the ONLY Rosemary I’ve ever known I can honestly say it’s sucks not to mention the only personalized items for my name are in the spice aisle
I wish parents would stop trying to make THEMSELVES stand out as being unique and edgy and think about what their child will go through


I like it…its very unique, it is easy to read and pronounce…one of my daughters name is Katalea…pronounced Cataleya…sisters name is Azalea…pronounced Azaleya.

Rayel Rhett…dont know what you may like for a middle name :grin:

My name growing up was very uncommon but that’s what I love about it! I don’t know any draydons and that is my sons name! I like different. So go with your heart don’t care what other people think

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Yeah must b the same fake post like the other for radgar …check it out for yourselves on this website feed

Doesn’t sound very reyal to me

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My guess is that this is a combination of the Mother and Father’s names. I like it. A friend’s daughter is Taron (Ta for Tammy and Ron for Ronald) pronounced like Sharon-

I love Rayel. My daughter is Aurora-eve and my son is Zian. I love unique names x


It’s not over the top wierd like some of the names I’ve seen. I like it :blush:

Rayel is cool :sunglasses:
I’ve seen some crazier names lol

Rayel. For a boy or a girl? I kind of like it. It’s easy to say and spell. It doesn’t seem to have any weird nicknames to spin off of it. It’s a good name.

Unique indeed ……
For a boy or girl :thinking:
Curious what the middle name would be as well !!!

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No I’m not loving it.

I had 2 Rayels n I thought it was a pretty name

So i will say i like it but it is close to my name (Rachel) and my name
Is common and sooo many people say/spell it wrong all the time. So they will probably mess that name up so you may get annoyed about it.

I never even heard of the name myself. Sounds pretty almost like Raya. You do you.

I swear people just pick ingredients off of food in their pantry and say, “Yup! That looks good.”


It’s really pretty!!! I love that so much

Deff better than the girl on here asking about naming her baby Ragnar LOL


It’s a pretty name and I’ve mainly heard it for little girls. Don’t listen to the people talking crap, they’ve probably never left their hometown and all their kids middle names are Ann or Rose :roll_eyes::rofl: my kids have unique names as well and I was a bit worried how people would react but everyone loves them, and I get compliments with my oldest boy all the time. Do what makes your heart happy, mama :two_hearts:

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It reminds me of a person from Kryton ( the planet Superman is From). But if you like it. Remember you will have to say it many times a day for the rest of your life

It’s your baby, so other peoples opinions shouldn’t matter as long as you like it then use it

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Let’s get Rayel up!! :clap:t3::clap:t3: :clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3: :woman_shrugging:t2:

If it’s for a girl, be prepared for her getting teased about getting railed :woozy_face:


I don’t like it but hey it’s your baby :woman_shrugging:


Love it. I have a “Rayelle” she’s 30 years old n has gotten many compliments on her name. Most beautiful, kind, intelligent, indigenous woman you’ll ever cross paths with. :heart:

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I wouldnt my self but like if you wanna name your baby that then yah give er!


I was named Flavia the only one around but so many people say what a pretty name, Maybe that is why I have a Amy, Tim, Keri and Ann

I have never heard of it. However, I like it. I love names that you don’t hear too often!

I haven’t heard it before but I really like it

For a girl it’s cute!!

Cute unusual I know someone who had a baby girl called her nova very unusual I’m called zora I hear its getting common🤣

If you like it use it

I think it’s beautiful!:black_heart:

To each their own personally don’t like it. And hope you consider how cruel kids are and how much a strange name will get a kid picked on. Even a normal name like mine got me picked on


Apologies but in my accent it would sound like Rail. As in clothes or trains… please don’t do it!

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I’ve met a few but spelt rayelle. I think it’s cute.

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Rayelle feminizes it a bit and makes it prettier I think but I’m partial to R names too. :grin:

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I like it . It’s unusual but not far out there .
But hun, all that matters is if you like it . Don’t try and please people when it comes to the baby . Just do the best you can .:grin:

Girl or boy? It might be nice for a girl.

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It is nice for a girl, but be prepared for her to be nick named Ray.

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I love it. I’m all for uncommon names. I named my girls Kennedy and Lincoln-Elizabeth. I hated being one of 8 Ashley’s in my class growing up so I was looking for something not so popular

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Why does it matter what strangers on the internet think about your baby name?:thinking::woman_facepalming::woman_shrugging:


For a girl its beautiful.

That name is a Tragedeigh 2.0 there’s a reason you haven’t met many :grimacing:

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if you like it! go for it! what you name your baby doesn’t affect anyone

Ur baby ur name …who cares if u like it the do it