Thoughts on the birth control patch?

In hopes, someone could help me out. I am going to start using the patch for birth control. Can anyone give me any reviews on it, and also would it help with breaking out less? If you know what I mean? I’m nervous so anything advice would help. Thanks in advance.

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I’ve been on the patch going on 2 years now…i rotate it around on my butt lol. I don’t break out, I haven’t had any weight gain, my periods are normal and only last about 4 days. The worst part of the patch, atleast for me is it starts to itch and I often have to scratch and smack it. It’s very adhesive so it stays on through everything. Like once or twice I had to peel it off to reposition it and it stayed right on. My experience so far has been a positive, but remember everyone is different and different bodies have different reactions.

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I don’t really have any thoughts on it. But I do have a 14 yr old son from being on it​:woman_shrugging:t3::joy:

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I loved it. Until i got pregnant twice on it.

fYI. If you’re over a certain anount of weight it decreases the effectiveness. Wish i would of known earlier lol.

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Lol my cousins twins are patch babies

I was on the patch for several years and I placed it on my upper arm altering back and forth each week. Worked great for me. I recommend it if you have a hard time remembering to take the pill.

I don’t have any good thoughts about it, other than it stopped me from getting pregnant. As far as breakouts, don’t count on it stopping breakouts. It caused mine to get exponentially worse.

The patch was the only birth control I can use because it doesn’t mess with my emotions like the rest of them do (make me a crazy bitch) but it’s not very effective I believe its actually the last effective… But as long as you always use condoms you should be fine… It never messed up my periods or anything like that.

My daughter was on it and she put it on her but and had no trouble with it at all

I had issues with peeling no matter where I put it. I also ended up being allergic to the adhesive they use and would have a horrible rash under the patch that spread out an additional inch from the patch. I stopped after 2 weeks under doctor direction. We only waited that long to see if I would adjust. I ended up getting the rod instead.

I had issues with it peeling and with it getting gross around the edge. I started using it when it was new and after a while they changed the adhesive and it almost looked like I was getting chemical burns. Once that started I had to get rid of it

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Everyone is different, and so are their experiences with medications. However, I will say that I got pregnant while on the patch. I was in the military and wasn’t aware that sweating would decrease its effectiveness, because moisture and adhesive don’t tend to work well together. So, I would definitely consider your lifestyle and whether it would be conducive to keeping a patch in place.

It’s a pain. It peels, always ended up using a tegaderm to cover it to hold it in place… Went with a iud, zero issues and minimal menstrual blood. (1 to 2 days, sometimes pantyliner worthy, certainly not a tampon)
Cramps and heavy bleeding issues gone!

My obgyn said in good conscience she couldn’t let me use it anymore. I used it all through college. Gained about 50lbs and cannot carry children. Not sure if its related or not but be careful.

I didn’t think they still manufactured it? I had it years ago it would shift and the adhesive would get yucky. When it came off skin would be red and irritated. The pill is much better in my opinion.

Love it!! Been using it since it came out. Skin has to be dry to put it on ans then press on it on the skin foe about 10 sec… gives the adhesive a chance to.stick… usually is still on nicely one week later

I loved the whole concept of it!! But my body couldn’t handle that much estrogen… it really messed me up… lots of migraines! Hopefully they’ve improved that.

I used it a long time ago. It gave me bad rashes wherever I put it. Turned out I was allergic to it. :woman_shrugging: Everybody is different though.

Got pregnant after i had been using faithfully for several months. Ended up miscarrying early 2nd trimester and just ended up getting a tubal ligation. I have had a total of 6 pregnancies all while on some form of Hormonal birth control only carried 2 to live delivery. Talk to your Gyn about options everyone reacts differently.

I ended up getting a very horrible rash under the patch was almost like chemical burn

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I had issues with it peeling if you do it I suggest using a large bandage or medical tape to hold it on

I used it for about a year, I liked it. However I have sensitive skin and it did cause irritation to the area I applied it to.

That the only thing that worked for me… I love it… Everyone is different tho so you won’t know until you try it

I was on the patch for 9 years never got pregnant stopped it and finally got pregnant 2 years later. Never gained weight. I personally love the patch going to go back on it. But it is very diffrent for each person.

Do not seek advice on birth control on Facebook. Every single woman’s body is different and how it will react will be different. I cannot use any form of birth control. My body rejects it. It wouldnt be right to tell you all the horrible things I experienced and scare you out of doing something that would work for you. Talk to your Ob/Gyn about this. This is something that they are trained to help with.

Used it many years the adhesive doesn’t stick very well all the time. Changed to the depo shot instead

Got extremely suck from using the patch throwing up for days.

I used it for a bit but it made me nauseous :confused:

It broke out my skin and sometimes fell off in the shower

I got a wonderful grandchild while dil was on the patch. Worked great for me😁


Loved it! Definitely recommend

I didn’t do well with it I had unpredictable periods

Thanks for the badge

Gained alot of weight and always peeled off had to like suck tape it on.

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my side affect from the patch :rofl::rofl:


Used it for 5 years before i got pregnant, never gained any weight, never broke out bad, period always on time. Only time i had an issue with it peeling or falling off was when i was in water for a long period of time. Did leave an outline of where it stuck for awhile but that was the only negative i had with it. And never got pregnant until i was off it for a couple weeks. Its the only birth control ill use

I have heart.great things

I had it for 2 years really good no mood swings, side affects etc if I remember I left it on for 7 days then changed it. I put it on the top of my leg.

Every person is different. Some are going to have horrid experiences and some are going to have wonderful. You should be talking to your OB about what is best for you. At least with something like the patch, pill or ring you can stop it at any time if the side effects bother you.

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