Thoughts on the doona stroller?

Anyone with the Doona stroller? Any likes or dislikes? I’m not sure if I want it. My biggest concern is how heavy it already is plus adding a baby to it too.

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LOVE LOVE MY DOONA worth every cent especially if you have another child it makes everything so much easier. It glides effortlessly…only complaint is when you fold it down it’s Harvey to lift into car but not terrible.

Honestly it is not worth the money. It’s super small, and they will outgrow it super quickly AND it is so fkn short!!

Personally, I feel that product is not only a waste of money, but only appropriate in very specific circumstances. It was popular for a minute until people realized it is only convenient to push when you are short and it isn’t the easiest to steer. The handle is nowhere near long enough and baby shouldn’t be in their car seat for lengthened periods of time anyway. If you are in a city area where you are frequently utilizing public transportation instead of driving, then I do see the value in it as long as you aren’t keeping baby in it 24/7, however, that (in my opinion) is the only appropriate and practical scenario to have one. I feel you are better off purchasing a travel system or a regular stroller and educating yourself on baby wearing for the times a regular stroller may not be convenient or possible