Thoughts on the Sams Club brand of diapers?

Any mamas in here use the Sams club brand of diapers? We currently use Huggies but have noticed the price difference but didn’t know if they were comparable at all. Thanks I’m advance for any comments!!!


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We mainly clothed diapered but use disposables for long trips and stuff. We always used Sam’s club diapers and loved them!

Costco brand diapers are made by Huggies.

Sams club brand are comparable to Costco brand/Huggies.

I loved them both.

60$ a box out here where I’m at, but I’ve heard Kirkland is made by Huggies? Or by the same makers not sure.

Yuk. Feel like waxed paper. I love Rascal friends. Walmart caries them. So so soft and absorbant.

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We used Pampers and switched to Sam’s Club. No issues and we got wipes from there too.

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We like sams diapers

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We love the Costco brand of diapers for our twins. That’s all we’ve used.

I used them on my son, my daughter’s were allergic to them

As a soon to be parent and preschool teacher of 7 years I like the brands All Good or Rascal Friends, Hello Bello, and Pampers all of them you can find at Walmart they hold up so well and blowouts don’t usually occur unless baby is left in diaper too long or they are sick with upset tummy poopies that are super watery

I exclusively used pampers with my oldest. I tried with my second but decided to try the target brand bc of the price difference. They were top notch, better than pampers and Huggies even. I’d assume Sams club would be comparable.

Loved them when my kids was in diapers I thought they were like pampers

My daughter uses costco brand diapers she likes them.

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That’s all I’ve used on my lo since they are young. Saved alot of money over the years.

Kirkland from Costco are the same as huggies pretty much! They’re all I used once my babies were in size 2 and up. I just preferred the super soft ones before that

I tried them for a couple of months and went back to huggies. I change my son frequently and they leaked too often and every morning he would be soaked. I tried with my daughter and they broke her out.

IMO the Sams diapers are like Pampers! We use them. We also like the Walmart brand since they work like Huggies for us!

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We weren’t really a fan of them. By time we changed her so frequently because they were not as durable we could’ve just spent more and got the better brand and changed less. I guess it balances out money wise. 

I really like costcos brand!! Didn’t try sams club but loved huggies

I like their wipes. Haven’t tried their diapers. I was a big pampers only for wipes and Huggies for diapers. But fell in love with luvs when my daughter started leaking through Huggies and Pampers raised their prices and gave you less.

We were dead set on using Huggies until we saw the price difference as well and decided to give them a try. We haven’t had any issues with them. We also use the sam’s club wipes and they have worked well.

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Kirkland brand is awesome!

I loved sams club diapers for my son.

Sam’s brand over anything! I used to be a pampers fan but noticed they’ve really changed. Sam’s brand holds up amazingly. I have sensitive babies too.

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Never tried them but i love sams club wipes!

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I’ve used Parent’s Choice and also Target’s brand of diapers with grest success

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Kirkland from Costco are huggies off brand.
Kirkland from Sam’s club are Pampers off brand.

We used Costco, they were good, loved them, then all of a sudden, they started leaking, and are now terrible. So we switched to Rascal & Friends. They’re cheaper than Huggies, and work better.

We used sams club diapers with my grands! They work well and are so much cheaper!

Loved them!!! My kiddo is finally out of diapers but we gift those and the wipes at baby showers!

I like the Costco brand more but I do use the same brand they just run very big make sure to get the right size or they sag