Thoughts on traveling with an infant?

Thoughts on taking a 2 month old along on a road trip. Total of 19 hours. Of course we are making plenty stops! We are planning on leaving around 7 pm so baby can sleep all night! She usually wakes up for feeding every 3 hours and wakes up at 7 am. But has anyone ever experience this ? I’m still debating. It is of course to spend holidays with family . But I am very I’m decisive now that the day is very close.


Oh god I wouldn’t at that age because the damage it can do to baby being in a car seat for that length of time is just scary!! If baby isnt in a carseat and in a camper van/rsv then sure why not


Not worth disrupting what little routine she has.

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Babies that young are not meant to be in a car seat for extended periods at a time. There is an increased risk for suffocation due to them not having full function of head and neck movement…therefore they can create a dangerous position for themselves that can block their airway. I’m a mom of three and a maternal child nurse. Ultimately if you want to take that risk it is up to you but I personally would really not reccomend it.


What state are you going to? Need to check the weather going there. Need to check for road conditions. Make sure you have extra everything. Honestly it’s easy traveling with babies that young. I traveled with a 14 month old on a 29 hour flight. I dont recommend doing that…be safe pay attention to the weather n possible road conditions

If you keep on a routine that you already have and take her out to stretch I don’t see why not, but is people on here are not doctors. So ask your pediatrician about it instead of strangers


It is advised by child experts any baby should not be in a car seat longer than two hours.There are the obvious risks of suffocation (I know you’ll be there so that’s not a big worry)but lesser known is the damage to babies spines from no support…Is there any way of doing the trip via train or plane?At 2 months travelling is great as they just sleep so much it’s just the physical side of it I’m afraid.I hope you get something sorted,even travelling over 2 days rather than one could help x

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They have preemies do a car seat test at the hospital that has them in a car seat for 90-120 minutes. My kiddo spent plenty of time traveling and he is just fine.

I’ve traveled all over the world with both of my children, road trips across country, flights from us to europe, trains, all of it. They did fine. You’ll be fine. She’ll most likely sleep the majority of the time and let you know when it’s feeding time. Honestly she’ll probably sleep longer than usual in the car. It’s way easier when they are young than it is when they hit toddler years!

I took my 3 week old on a trip for 7 days in the car. He slept all day instead of night because we drove in the day. We were moving and had no choice. It wasn’t fun. He also nursed every 2-3 hours so alot of stopping. Be prepared for the worst. But hope for the best!

How many other children will be there? I’d be worried about colds and the flu.

Not to mention if family is sick. With crazy weather patterns. I’d say no

Took mine from Texas to West Virginia when he was young like that for the holidays he’s now 10 no problems from riding in a car seat for that long id say if you wanna go load up and go


If your concerned ask your baby’s pediatrician. He/she will advice you on what’s safe for baby at that age as far as travel and staying in car seat for extended period of time.

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I don’t see a problem going on your trip. We traveled from New York to illinois back in the 80’s with a 8 week old and we never had any problems. Actually, both my daughters went on long trips. As long as you stop every few hours you will all be fine. People make such big issues out of things these days. So much drama !!!

I think the baby is too young to be travelling, the most the baby should be exposed to is an early morning walk out…

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Do so after clearing the child in good health. Take a good number of breaks and it’s fine.

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Is it not feasible for the family members to come to you? I think that would be the better option so as to not disrupt her schedule, the healing you’re still doing, etc., not to mention all the exposure to illnesses from all those stops in rest areas and gas stations.

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I traveled from Ohio to Washington state solo with my infant son. We did fine. It’s YOUR child - do what you want and the baby will be good :heart:

It is a great idea. Make sure you have diapes, wipes and formula. Not a problem at all. We did it from Ontario to Nova Scotia. That took longer than 19 hours. Babies love car rides. You will be fine. She will be spoiled once you get to your destination. Might be a problem if she was a toddler then you have to entertain them while they are strapped in a car seat for 19 hours.

Get a lay down infant carseat and you should be just fine , take the baby out every few hours to feed and change for that’s what our pediatrician told us , infant lay down car seats are sold on line they look like travel beds but the buckle up in your car and have straps like a regular car seat. And always sit in the back seat with the baby so you can keep a eye on him/her . Safe travels and have fun.

Why do you need random strangers to tell you what’s best for you and your family. Go with your gut feeling and honestly you probably shouldn’t be dragging a 2 month old baby anywhere let the family come to you during this time


We’ve done it. 19 hours of travel turned into almost 24 hours due to the stops we made. It isn’t ideal but it will work. We did the same, left at night so baby would sleep, and he did.

Nothing wrong with his spine :roll_eyes:


Drove from philly to Miami when my now 17 yr old was 5 weeks. Lots of stops and a few hours in a motel where HE slept and I was up trying to breastfeed a baby that wouldn’t latch. Once there, I stayed in the room and he went clubbing.
Next day he disappeared on south beach cuz he saw a topless girl.
She got sunburn in the car ride alone.
Never effing again. It was more work exhausting and frustration than it was worth.
Hes of course now my ex husband.

It’s a nope. Roads are dangerous during this time of year. Let baby have her own bed. Wait till shes 2 year old. Or fly… you have the rest of your life to visit family with baby. Or face time!

We took my 2 month old grandbaby on a roadtrip from Dallas to Destin last summer…had a really great time.

I traveled long distance with all mine breast feeding and all. No problem

Id day you and the baby fly and meet your family

No i wouldn’t do it… no matter how many breaks.

Donit in stages and take your time lots of stops and cuddles for the driver x

You’re the one with the baby, family and friends should come to your home for the holidays.

Yes I have. Baby can get fussy at times but most likely will sleep most of the ride. Make sure every stop to get baby out of her car seat so she / he can stretch They will get tired of sitting to. Also bring extra baby stuff. Be prepared for anything

Yes I’ve done it. Plenty stops but please dont strap baby in carseat with coat on child. And move baby around in carseat snug the straps. But when you stop take baby out seat wrap up if cold ect and hold change diapers feed works lol. It will be hard at times cause baby will be fussy and can get car sick so bring plenty wipes diapers and paper towels and towels for cleanup. Activity toys be good for then soothing music playing will help just make sure if u only adult n car dont fall asleep. Keep calm and stop about every 30 min for 5 min to hr stop for 10min ck on kiddo if quiet. You want make sure the seat is ok for baby and baby dont stop breathing why the stops. If u have a o2 monitor be good use it put mind ease with child sleep and can go little longer drive. But other than that pack for emergency like blankets extra food water incase of mechanical issues or stranded. Take flash light matches and crayola with you emergancy candles . But other than that should be good go. Keep fam up to date on location stops ect or where ever u going keep someone in loop lol. Sry I always over prepared even tho mine grown now lol but I always had plenty stuff thankfully never used it but had it .

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My niece was 5 months when we drove to Florida, which was about a 15 hour trip and did pretty good. We did make a few extra “stretch” stops, but having my kids with her in the backseat helped a lot to keep her content.