Thoughts on water birth?

I need opinions and want to know other mothers experiences with water laboring /water birth compared to regular laboring and regular birth this Is my 5th baby and I’d really like to find better laboring options thatll be easier on my body while delivering I had a really rough delivery with my last two so I’m scared and want this to go as smoothly as possibly.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Thoughts on water birth?

I worked in OB for 17 years, we delivered I would say half, if not more in the water. Its a beautiful transition for babies. They gi from a warm wet into another. Its so much less stressful for Mama and baby. I also had my first daughter in the water. Way better than birthing my son on the bed.


Water made everything so much better. I was so angry anytime I had to leave the water

You are able to move freely as you labor. There is less pressure on your bottom, you are also less likely to tear.

I’m a midwife and helped a lot of women have water births. It’s a natural pain reliever and you don’t feel as heavy moving around as the water helps. Studies (and my experience ) show there is less chance of tears with water births. It can be a beautiful experience and a gentle way into the world for baby. Good luck :crossed_fingers:.

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My friend had water birth at home… was SO much better… I had laboured with water in hospital… was so much easier… and comfortable… but complications prevented water delivery. Baby decided… NOPE and hid up in my ribs… wouldn’t come down.

I did a water birth in combo with hypno birthing and the bradly method. It was soooooo much easier than my first child.
But truth me told, after a certain point in the water I wanted OUT and on my side in the bed with tons of pillows :woman_shrugging: it’s nicer to have options and see what works best for you and baby. But it helped my back labor tremendously and I was able to rest and nap during labor.

Good grief how many do you need


I did a water birth with my last…it was nice but I also found myself getting hot. So I would suggest giving birth in a squatted position leaning up against the tub or pool!! Bonus: you work the gravity!!

I always wanted to do a water birth but after my experience with the pain of my first I was terrified to go without an epidural in subsequent pregnancies. I almost want to be a surrogate to do it and of course help someone else get their baby :heart:

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I loved the water birth!!!

Water labor was the best decision I ever made! You will not regret it. I did see a comment about getting too warm, this did happen however a nice cool rag and ice cubes were great.

What these women should be telling you is that if you had problems with the last two, you should probably ask your doctor because you may have an emergency and not be fast enough to make it to the hospital.

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