Tick and bug spray?

I’m going to ask the doctor but what is everyone using for tick repellant on their 2 year olds?

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I don’t sell it but doTERRA really has the best bug repellent

Following as they seem so bad where we live this year!!

Children 2 months and older can use repellant that has no more than 30% deet. So you can use the brand you use for yourself as long as it’s 30% and under.

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A flea and tick collar…lol!


Citronella based repellant works great and is all natural!

Lol, I didnt read the tick part. Was wondering if they actually have something to repeal 2 year olds.


U can use teatree oil if u want a natural repellent


Get chickens lol our ticks went waaaay down

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I mist her clothes with a tea tree and peppermint oil blend. I have horses so she is frequently out at the barn with me and I have yet to find a single tick on her

We had our yard sprayed and still found one on mine! I hate bugs

Bug Soother works wonderfully and smells amazing!

tea tree essential oil and water mixed in a sprayer. Organic, natural, works great

Use basil leaves. Rub them on the child.

Babyganics has an insect repellant safe for toddlers