Tips and advice on starting breastfeeding?

Okay, so I’m expecting my second in July 2020. I formula fed my first as I’m very uncomfortable with the idea of breastfeeding. She’s an extremely sickly child, so I want to try exclusively pumping for my next one because I’ve heard breast milk has major health benefits. I do, however, have few questions about the matter… What happens if the baby is born and I don’t have milk right away? How often do you feed and how much? How long do you pump for? My friend breastfed both her sons, and she has extremely saggy boobs… Does that always happen even if you pump? I know this all might sound stupid, but I’m kinda lost here…


Milk usually wont come in until 2-5 days after birth. If you’re wanting to JUST pump, pump every 2 hours for 15-20 minutes each boob. You can substitute formula when she/he is born until your milk exclusively comes in, BUT the colostrum is super good for your baby to have immediately. Breastfeeding is a challenge itself and i praise all mommas that do it!


Exclusively pumping never yields the same amount of milk and you may need to supplement.

Choosing to not breastfeed due to vanity is kinda selfish :woman_shrugging:


I breastfeed and my boobs arent saggy at all :unamused::woman_facepalming:t3:. Not sure why that matters anyway if you want your child to have breastmilk, dont not do it because you’re afraid of “saggy boobs” Pump every 2 to 3 hours religiously it’s what I did until she was big enough to breastfeed (NICU baby)


Best advice call a lactation specialist they are the experts. Your local hospital should have one on staff. It is hard to breast feed but it does have health benefits. Best of luck


Try and get a lactation consultant. it does a world of difference. I wouldn’t of made it without one. I mostly did pump because I had to work but its tiring. If your not pumping to mimic feeds you wont pump enough to feed the baby. Also while they eat less save your extra milk to freeze. I wouldn’t of made it thru growth spurts without it lol.

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I would breastfeed then when your milk comes in 2-5 days you could pump.

Remember their stomachs are as big as their fist and dont need very much to fill them up.

Some womens breasts dont change other than when the milk comes in.

No way of avoiding that. I got my stretch marks during my pregnancy.

The baby is only sucking and not pulling at your whole breast. I dont think breastfeeding does any damage its all done during pregnancy.

I don’t believe all of the hype about getting saggy breasts with breasfeeding. I think with larger breasts, they will just start to lose elasticity over time. Your breasts are not gonna look the same at 30 as they did at 19. And a lot if women blame it on having kids. Its seriously just part of aging. I have been nursing my daughter for almost a year and I haven’t noticed a single change in my breast tissue. Another reason women may blame nursing is because of the weight gain with pregnancy in general. Then when the weight is lost typically the breast size will go back down and there will be a bit of loose skin. Breastfeeding your child is the best thing you could ever do


Like mentioned milk takes 2-5 days to come In depending on the person. I successfully breastfed two little ones, my daughter my milk took 5-7 days to come in, she nursed strictly on demand for 20 months, then I had my son and my milk was in right away and he’s almost 2 and still nursing. My first son I formula fed as I wa uneducated on breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is natural and a woman’s breasts are supposed be to feed children not a sexual thing like many people make it out to be. (Please No bashing for nursing my son so long)


Your boobs are gonna change regardless of how you feed. My boobs are not saggy, but they are not the same perky boys I had before having kids. Its life … when I had my daughter I bf and my milk didn’t come in right away it took like 4 days before it fully. Came in , however when they are little they dont need much to get full maybe an oz or 2 . I supplemented with formula until my breast milk came fully in . I had a very hard time bf because I didn’t know much , I’d say even if you are not producing enough to feed baby still have baby latch because that helps your body produce the breast milk .

For the first 2-5 days you wont have milk, you will have very very small amounts of colostrum. Babies need less colostrum than formula in the beginning so if you only get a teaspoon at first, that’s what baby would normally be suckling. Hospitals usually have a lactation consultant on staff, or you can see if you can find one outside of the hospital. WIC has a 24 hour breastfeeding line that you can call any time, even if not on wic (look it up for your area) and they will give advise as well. I’ve ebf 2 babies now and do not have saggy boobies, it just depends on the woman. Mine are super perky when I’m lactating. You will need to pump every two hours at first, it will be exhausting, but know that you can do it.

See if you have a WIC office near you. They always have a breastfeeding specialist available to help and answer any questions for free! They have been such a God send​:heart::heart::heart:

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Pump til the milk stops dripping! But it’s going to suck to pump and feed it’s like double feeding but that’s up to you just a lot of extra work! I didn’t breastfeed my 1st I was a young mom she was sick all the time and still gets sick as a teen! I have a 5 month old now and strictly breastfed shes doing great and never been sick!

Its really not about your boobs and what they look like. You put everything aside to do what’s best for your child. I’m very bothered by you calling your child sickly and worrying about what your are going to look like. Not sure you should have children at all. Theres truly no room to be selfish when having babies.


There will be a lactation consultant at the hospital. Ask for her when you’re there so you can get professional advice. I breastfed my first and I’m currently nursing my second. It’s the best thing for your child. Try not to worry about your boobs, mine were still perky after my first. And your child deserves the best out of life, if you can, you should really consider doing it. Pumping is great too, as long as she’s getting the milk

I breastfeed two babies and my boobs are not saggy at all. Both times it took about two to three days for the milk to start flowing. But they still need to be on the breast to get the colostrum. I worried in that time thinking that they were not getting what they needed but your body is designed to do just what it’s supposed to do to feed your baby

Breasts change with age, weight changes and with hormonal changes, it doesn’t matter if you nurse, pump or bottle feed, they WILL change lol. I nursed and pumped with my daughter and they’ve not become saggy, but a bit of excess skin from stretching and then reducing in size- normal changes.
It takes a few days for milk to come in. I started pumping right after birth (within a couple of hours). I pumped every 3 hours around the clock (yes even overnight), during growth spurts I added 2 power pump sessions at 3 AM and 3 PM (this may not be necessary, I have hypothyroidism and had fluctuations post-partum). Try to have lots of skin to skin contact even if you’re not wanting to nurse, lay and cuddle with baby belly to belly it really helps.
I plan to exclusively nurse my second baby but I will be collecting colostrum in the weeks before my due date to freeze and bring to the hospital.

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Talk with a lactation counselor. They will be able to answer all of your questions. I used to pump every 1 1/2- 2 hours. I used to pump a MINIMUM of 42 ounces a day. Needless to say I ended up having hundreds frozen breast milk bags in my deep freezer. As for sagging boobs, breastfeeding or not, after you have a baby, that can happen once your milk is dried up. :woman_shrugging:t4:

Before you leave the hospital ask to see the lactation consultant. Also, your local WIC office will be able to help with everything after you get home! They make home visits and give free breast pumps and supplies. The Leaky Boob is also a really good page to follow for tips and support. Good luck mama!! :grin::grin:

Why pump? Just let baby nurse, that is after all what tits are for. Kinda selfish to bare children and then not want to nourish them the way that’s intended because your boobs might get saggy. A babies stomach is very small right after birth, if they nurse, they’ll get what they need, if you offer formula right away, your body and the baby will give up trying to breastfeed.


Milk usually takes 3-5 days to come in. Baby will be getting colostrum the first few days of life and it’s perfectly fine and healthy! Breast milk is a supply by demand. The more you feed the more you produce. Yes, pumping is great for everyone in the home to help and bond with baby!! But don’t pump until you have your supply established. I used to feed my babies anytime they want it. Also, avoid pacifier as it will get in the way of breastfeeding. If it hurts, you’re doing it wrong. Breastfeeding should NEVER hurt. I breastfed my oldest until six months, my second until 3 years, and my last until 1.5 year. Pregnant and due on Mother’s Day and I plan on breastfeeding again. Just my breasts did sag. It doesn’t look like it once did when I was a teenager. But there are bras etc, to lift those up. Breastfeeding is the most beautiful thing in the world! I wish you all the luck and don’t give up!! It’s all about consistency!

I never breastfed because I just did not like it (although I did BF the colostrum) and my daughters are healthier than I am half the time haha! That said it does take a few days for milk to come in and not all breasts sag from it. My MIL BF all her babies and hers aren’t saggy.

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Join the facebook group Exclusively Pumping Moms PRIVATE GROUP

Actually breast feed the baby. I don’t understand pumping and putting it in a bottle all the time. It’s way easier and less time consuming to put baby to breast. If you have to go out pumping is good bit not all the time.
Also your milk supply is better with baby to breast


You will want to feed directly from the breast for 6 weeks while your supply figures itself out. Then you should have no issues pumping. If you pump right away, you will either have an under supply or over supply (neither you will be happy with) As for sagging, it has nothing to do with breastfeeding or pumping, it’s hereditary just like stretch marks.


Worry about whats best for you newborn not your boobs…


I’ve been breastfeeding my second (who turned 3 in oct) since he was born. In the last year, he has cut down so much. He still nurses at least 4 times a day. But even with the amount he nurses, my breasts have gotten smaller. They are not saggy.
If you can. Find a lactation consultant in your area and talk to them.

  1. You’ll have colostrum not milk right away. Feed on demand. Usually every 2 hours
  2. Ask for the lactation consultant to check for tongue/lip ties. This is a factor of poor latching and ultimately made me lose most of my milk supply and my baby to not have enough food. So now we are formula feeding.
  3. The lactation consultant will help you with all these questions and help with latching. I used an app to help time my feedings and remind me which side to feed first.
  4. They say not to pump within the first month of breast feeding. It’s also super important to breastfeed since the saliva is what tells your breasts what your baby needs as far as antibodies.

Good Luck and don’t give up. it’s super hard in the beginning and if you’re able to do it, it truly does have great benefits. I wish I was able to continue bf.

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I’ve been EPing for 7 months next Friday. There’s lots of advice to give. I suggest joining some exclusive pumping groups here on facebook and ask there. Lactation consultants are not much help to EP moms. At least the ones I have encountered aren’t. You need to pump for at least 25 mins. For the first 12 weeks (like the minute baby is born) you need to pump every 2 hours night and day. Around the 12 week mark your milk supply regulates and it’s not as important to stick to the strict 2 hour regimen. But still get in around 8 pumps per day (ppd). The longer you pump, the more pumps you can drop. For example, when I reached the 2.5m mark, I dropped to 5ppd and increased the time for each of those pumps. If you have anymore questions, I’m more than happy to answer!!! Please pm me if you want to!

Your milk doesn’t come in right away it takes a few days, but every mom is different. If you’re going to pump don’t forget to freeze your milk, as it will come in handy. Every womens body is different, I had huge breasts! I went from a D36 to a B34 I wouldn’tsay my breasts are saggy but they definitely ain’t as firm as they used to be, just really squishy now lol. My stomach bounced back big time, and now it doesn’t even look like I had child. I did lose my breasts in it but we make those sacrifices for our babies to make sure they are healthy. For the first year of my sons life, he didn’t get a cold once until I stopped nursing. I also only pumped more when he was older because he was feeding off of me less, and my breasts would get engorged and sore. I would only pump until that soreness wasn’t there anymore. But your body will produce the milk and will match with how much your baby nurses on you. And if your milk doesn’t come in there is always things to help it come in. Such as the cookies, oatmeal and other foods. Also if you have doulas around your area they will help you along the way as well.

I would suggest going and speaking to a lactation consultant u can do this prior to birth as well as have one come in while ur in the hospital for help u start ur journey. Breastfeeding and pumping is alot of work but my god is it worth it. I’m on month 9 of breastfeeding and I pump occasionally

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Your breast milk has over 200 antibodies, nutrients and vitamins. So yes it is great for your baby.
Before baby is born you have colostrum milk. That is what you will feed your baby for the 1st three- six days. The mature milk will come in usually around the 3rd day.
You will have milk. Don’t worry about it, babies tummy are the size of a marble if they are a full 40 weeks. Get the nurses to help you. Go to WIC in your area for breastfeeding help. Or pumping help. WIC will loan you a pump also for FREE. Baby should eat 2-3 oz every 2-3 hrs.
Sagging boobs come from being pregnant. Your back muscles hold up your belly and the breasts. Once you have baby, those muscles are stretched out. Exercise those muscles.
You will do great! Hang in there. You are a good mom.

Are you going to be at the hospital? They supplement until your milk let’s down…you’ll know when to pump…you let down at the song of a baby crying
…in the shower…drink plenty of fluids and eat well…no real gassy foods or spicy foods

Some of these questions, smh.
Breastfed babies get sick also just so you know, just because you breastfeed doesn’t mean a child won’t get sick…
I breastfeed my twins for 15 months and then lost 92lbs so I have sag and that’s ok. Your body is making free milk it’s pretty rad.


I breast fed 4 the last until he was 2. Still. 36DD no issues at all I couldn’t pump for squat. It hurt way worse than a baby sucking

I think maybe less worry about boobs that will end up sagging regardless, and maybe a little more about your child being healthy?


Wow. I breastfed 2 kids and I’m still nursing my 10 month old. I was more worried about their health than my boobs, which thankfully aren’t saggy but even if they were, that’s easily fixed.

Ignore everyone saying your selfish in someway. Everyone is different. Fed is best. I have exclusively formula fed my son. My milk took a few days to come in fully. Never had baby to breast or pumped and my boobs are a little saggy and smaller then before pregnancy. Not a big difference. My body did stop producing for the most part but not fully so I could still breast feed if I wanted. And my son still turns and tries to breast feed. They dont forget. I do know pumping will be harder to keep a supply up because babys saliva tells you’re body to make milk and what the milk needs in it if baby is sick ir anything


Breastfeeding may be natural but it can come with challenges. Don’t be scared to ask for help.

Do the golden hour in the hospital. Skin to skin. Latch baby as soon as possible and as much as possible. Watch YouTube videos on to latch/ the breast crawl. Check for tongue/lip ties as they can cause painful latches and interfere with milk flow.

The baby’s stomach is as tiny as a cherry when born. They need the colostrum.

The first 6 weeks are hell. :blush: cracked/bleeding nipples. Cluster feeding. Growth spurts. Feeling like baby is always attached to your boob. (No worries-they are but they are regulating your milk supply.) Coconut oil is your best friend.

It does get easier. Don’t stress about it.

Don’t watch the clock. Watch your baby’s hunger cues. Crying is the LAST hunger cue. As long as baby is peeing/pooping, you’re producing enough.

Make sure to take care of yourself as well. You need to stay hydrated. Drink at least half your bottle weight (in ounces) of water.

Don’t pump before 6 weeks as that can create an oversupply, and associate risks with that. (Clogged ducts, mastitis, etc.) what you pump is not an indication of supply-babe is so much more efficient than a pump and some woman don’t react to one. Definitely get a Haaka! It can catch your letdown from the other boob, without telling your body to produce more.

Make sure to research pace feeding when giving a bottle. This is crucial so that babe doesn’t prefer bottle over breast. They only need 1-1.5 ounces per hour while gone. This never changes as the components of breastmilk changes to meet the baby’s specific needs.

Breastmilk is not made from your stomach contents. Despite false info, what you eat does not effect babe. Milk allergies are actually rare.

Babe will go through growth spurts, sleep regressions, leaps, and will clusterfeed during all that. And that’s okay!

Also remember that babies don’t just nurse for food. They nurse for comfort, sickness, tired, hurt, cranky, sleepy, missing mom, etc. When in doubt, whip it out.

Breastfeeding is supply and demand. The more you nurse/pump, the more you make. Fenugreek is commonly suggested to up your supply but it is known to drastically decrease your supply. I advise never to take it.

Your insurance should pay for a pump. I recommend the Spectra! (Research closed vs open systems when picking a pump.)

Contact InfantRisk if you have any questions about medications and breastfeeding. Doctors and pharmacists are not properly trained in breastfeeding. They will tell you to pump and dump to save their butts. It’s actually rare for the need.

Less than 5% of woman worldwide cannot physically breastfeed. Lack of knowledge and support are the reasons woman quit. Don’t give up if YOU want to do it! :heart:


the boobs thing is just luck of the draw… some women who never breastfed have them and some who did breastfeed don’t… since you are looking into exclusively pumping, you may still have to supplement in the first few weeks while your supply comes in since you won’t pump the same amount out as you would’ve gotten with baby’s latch but there are a few good formulas made for supplementing

You won’t have milk for the first couple of days, just colostrum.
Your baby will let you know how much milk it needs and yes extended periods of breast feeding will give you saggy boobs even if you pump.

Your milk doesn’t come in right away… You have colostrum and it’s important to latch baby or pump at minimum every 2-3 hours so the milk will come in… My milk came in on day 3… As you can see baby doesn’t need much so colostrum is the perfect amount! Ask to see a lactation consultant before you hthe baby and while you are in the hospital… It’s fine to supplement! Just remember to pump when you supplement so your body knows to continue to make milk…

If you go to WIC their will be someone to help you with all of your questions and will help you along the way

Willow pump=gold standard.

Please look into your local La Leche League

I’m an breastfeeding my 3rd child and my boobs aren’t saggy. But I also dont have huge boobs either

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The first milk you’ll have is colostrum and it’s secreted in tiny amounts usually, anywhere after birth to 5 days. Mine always came in before I had my boys, but it’s completely normal for it not to. Start pumping as soon as you possibly can after birth and pump every 2 hours at least, to make sure your milk comes in well. Ask your hospital about donor milk or a little formula until you get the first pump in, then after that you should be fine to feed what your breasts give. Newborns don’t require much to fill them up. I had a double breast pump with mine and I did both sides at once, for 15 minutes at a time. Sagging just depends on the person. Some women have a lot of elasticity to their skin and some don’t. It’s the same with stretch marks, some get them and some don’t. They’ll more than likely going to lose shape regardless, if they’re meant to. Nothing really affects that. I breastfed both my boys, one for 2 years and one for a year, and mine don’t sag, but I’ll say I’m small breasted anyway. I’m around a B cup, not pregnant or nursing. Good luck

Most mothers don’t have their milk in right away bc baby doesn’t need it yet! You’ll have colostrum and when baby starts nursing it stimulates your milk supply which FYI the colostrum has MAJOR benefits if you can just bear down a week of nursing before your milk comes in!
I nursed on demand and what I pumped out is what I fed her in a bottle. Your body makes exactly what your baby needs and will produce more as your baby grows. I.e I pumped 1oz per boob and would feed her 2oz every 2 hours when she was a newborn. Now she is 10 weeks and eats 6 oz every 3-4 hours!
As for saggy boobs… hmm I don’t know, I think if you have huge boobs to begin with that may happen. I was an a before pregnancy and am maybe a B now so I don’t think they’ll sag too much lol.

What exactly is it about breastfeeding that makes you uncomfortable? You should read a book about breastfeeding or go online and educate yourself. is a great resource. Breastfeeding wasnt easy for me and I was never able to nurse exclusively for any of my three kids. It was one of the biggest disappointments of my life as a mother. It’s best for baby, it’s free, and once you get past the first 6 weeks or so it’s much more convenient than bottles of formula or even pumping (still dealing with bottles).


I exclusively pumped (we tried latching but it didnt happen until week 7) my milk was in 4th day I listened to counsel and pumped every 2 hrs and fed right after. I grew 3 sizes bra wise and was producing 2 12 oz or more bottles for the 1st 4 months. Then my body hated the pump after that and my supply dropped at 6 months and we switched to formula. My boobs back to the same size as before and yeah they are saggy and still drip 6 months later. Delilah still gets sick but it was worth it. Boobs can be fixed even though I dont find mine beautiful anymore

So olive oil on your boobs will help! Everything I’ve read says to massage for like 5-10 minutes, but I only do it about twice a week and I’ve noticed improvement!

Your hospital will have a nurse or volunteer who will be an expert on breastfeeding and will offer help while you’re there. Ask a ton of questions! I breast fed both kids exclusively and don’t have “saggy boobs” that’s more genetic than a guarantee.

Join the group on Facebook called “expressions! Lactation services”

They were a big help when I breastfed my daughter. 20 months I did with the help of them.

You will feed your new baby the same exact way you did your first child. Formula was made to mimic breastmilk so the eating patterns are the same whether it’s breastmilk or formula. However, you may feed on the shorter range with breastmilk because, babies metabolize it faster.

Also, as for pumping…if you want to get the most out of your production then you again need to mimic breastfeeding. You should pump when your baby would eat.

Look, gravity is coming for your boobies whether you like it or not. Don’t let that be a determining factor in breastfeeding.


I am a mother of 6 and nurses them all. I think your desire to at least pump and give it a try is admirable. I would suggest just trying one time to allow baby to latch on as the bond you achieve through nursing your baby is like that of none other. I can’t explain it. I’ve nurses, pumped and formula fed my kiddos, but there is something about that one on one time nursing your baby, but I absolutely commend your willingness to pump and try that route. I wish you all the luck. Pump on schedule and pump starting immediately upon delivery. The more you pump the more milk you will make. Supply and Demand. Best pumping advice, massage your boobies. Give them a good rub down especially the nipple and start at the arm pit. Once you begin pumping encourage milk flow by rubbing downward starting at the armpit.

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It may take a few days for your milk to come in. Try to feed at least every 2-3 hours. Research cluster feeding. Pumping right away isn’t necessary. Saggy boobs are a result of pregnancy NOT breastfeeding

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You won’t have milk right away. Your milk comes in in 3 to 5 days but consistent stimulation to the breast every 3 hours will help it to come in and help the volume. Early on you won’t get enough out from the pump to really give the kid as you lose alot in the pieces of the pump thus you may have yo supplement until your volume is enough to feed. Feed the kid what ever You get out from pumping and roughly every 2 to 3 hours. You pump every 2 to 3 hours for 15 to 30 minutes depending on how long it takes for your breast to feel and be empty. Yes the boobs always get saggy but those things gonna sag one day anyways so someone might as well get some use.

If you’re eligible for WIC, they have lactation consultants. The birthing center will also have nurses that will help you with pumping.

Why your breasts sag, depends on the density or breast tissue inside the breast. Does your mother have large saggy breasts? Genetics has a lot to do with it!

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I had difficulty getting milk for my second born at birth and supplimented till it came in but it’s important to continue to offer breast first if you’re interested in breast feeding. Don’t let it discourage you. I think the reason was my body didn’t actually go into active labor before I delivered by emergency c section. My daughter took to the breast while still in the operating room. My boobs are still fine. I think so anyways. Pumping is a ton of work but in the end it does help comfort and keep baby healthier immune system to sickness wise.

With feeding from the breast, you generally feed on demand for the first month or two. Feeding directly from the breast will yield the greatest health benefits regarding immunity and sick babies. If you do exclusively pump and feed, baby will follow a schedule similar to what they would with formula. I’ve done both and truly, after 3 kids, am quite neutral on the subject. I started out as a hardcore ebf mom. My third is formula and breast fed. I believe in the power of breast milk, but hold no judgements towards mom who choose to formula feed.
Bottom line… breast feeding is hard… But only truly at first. Your milk won’t come in right away and baby will want more. But KNOW that you were made for this, you are a mama and can do it. Drink water. Do skin to skin. Rest. Eat. You’ll do fine.

Jump off facebook and book in with a lactation consultant :+1:


In addition to what most people are saying (pump every 3 hrs etc) I suggest expressing by hand until your milk is in. You’ll get more that way and less will be lost to coating the pumping equipment

Is it possible to nurse on demand from the breast at all times? This is the best way to be successful. You will have colostrum the first 3-5 days. Then you milk will come in.

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Join Breastfeeding groups in facebook. You will get help and support all the way on your breastfeeding journey.

kellymom, has been a great resource. I breastfeed mainly but do pump as I am returning to work. Make yourself comfortable, have everything ready ahead of time and sometimes it is helpful to have a picture of your baby or baby items. Googling breast massage videos is also helpful. I suggest getting the cleaning wipes to clean in between. You also can leave pump parts in fridge in between sessions, so you just have to clean or sanitize at end of day

I’ve had 4 babies and only did pumping. I pumped every 2 hrs even at night for 20 minutes to get the supply going after the first month I did every 3 hrs, then after the 2nd month did every 4 hrs, and kept it at that. It is annoying at night even when baby didn’t wake up I did. Make sure you are always hydrated and eating well. Oatmeal helps with making milk so I always ate it (I made mine with milk and more watery to drink rather than eat). Especially before baby came. And I had sooo much milk I was pumping out 8oz in 2 weeks post then eventually 16oz-18oz each time. It could be I was just very milky but with baby #4 I didn’t do the oatmeal and had less milk. Could be all coincidence?

This is awesome that this momma came here to ask for advice and is able to learn!! Love it love it! Go moms.

I could never pump enough, and it always hurt. Feeding baby directly was just more comfortable for us. And baby was able to get more out naturally

Breast milk is best and has antibodies to help your baby fight sickness and infections . There are lactation consultants on standby in the hospital, and a direct number for help when you are home with the baby. It takes work and a good mindset, but soooo healthy for your baby.

It’s the most precious gift you can give your child

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Honestly exclusively pumping might not give you enough whereas breastfeeding will. Baby can extract more from the breast than a pump can. You also can’t judge how much milk you have based on how much you pump.

I just want to say thank you on behalf of your child for giving them the absolute best start to life!
Milk ‘coming in’ isn’t how it sounds. You’ll have milk before you even give birth which will then become ‘colostrum’, the thickest most nutritious thing on earth, proven :100:
You have colostrum for a few days to boost bubs immune system and when your body and bub are ready, You’ll start to notice a more watery milk supply come in. Pumping kinda sucks honestly, I much prefer to boobie feed as it won’t matter your boobs will wind up however they’re going to regardless of method. It’s not that much of a sacrafice though considering. Ask your midwife about breastmilk, They aren’t allowed to tell you what to do but every single one knows the benefits of breastmilk vs formula and if asked they are allowed to speak on that knowledge…
I’ve attempted to start my 6wk old on one formula bottle a day so that her dad can have a turn at the bond when feeding her (unique circumstances), But she won’t take to it at all. She knows it’s fake :woman_facepalming:t2:
I also squirt breastmilk on my 6yr olds cuts and cuts of my own, they heal within hours. I used breastmilk to speed-heal my 6wk olds belly button also, 3 days since her cord came off and it had entirely healed (also works for weepy or crusty eyes and just about anything else) it’s honestly the best thing in the entire world, Please do your research so you’re fully aware of the amazing things you’re doing for your baby, Nowhere near enough credit is given to the mummas doing the best!
The one thing I wish I knew when bfing my first, especially because you have already had experience with formula feeding, is that formula will make babies sleep better because it’s heavier. Think of having a nice cup of green tea with superfoods and endless nutrients vs a big bowl of rice cereal. The tea, super packed with goodness, will fill your belly quickly and also depleat quickly where as the rice cereal filled with empty nutrients literally just makes the belly feel full with zero benefits. Bub will feed a lot more often on breastmilk (which means shorter naps), which is a great thing because of all the antibodies and goodness going through bubs system so regularly!
Also watch out for feeling like you aren’t producing enough, You are! Bub will have numerous growth spurts that sometimes can only be recognised by milk consumption alone! Your body will react to the growth spurt by creating more milk. Sometimes my boobs feel so empty like there’s no milk at all but when I squeeze, there is always milk. Bub will let you know when they’re hungry, I never worried about how much or how often my girls fed because I knew they’d let me know if they were hungry.
Water is your best friend, as long as you’re hydrated you should have no worries

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Don’t be worried about saggy titts your feeding your child it’s the most natural thing you can do

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You should speak to a IBCLC. Contact your WIC office or google lactation consultants near you and contact them to go over accurate information

Reading a lot of these comments I realise again why I think some women are such assholes. I love how you focus on the last part of the sagging boobs. It’s just a question. It’s got nothing to do with vanity or selfishness. It’s a question out of curiosity, fuck sakes…

Can you pump without physically breastfeeding most of the time? I pumped at work but breast fed the rest. I had a hard time the first month with my first baby but had a great experience the rest of time breastfeeding. I breastfed four babies each for a year. I had a lactation consultant which helped me immensely. My understanding is pregnancy makes breasts sag and not breastfeeding

Exclusive pumper for one year :raising_hand_woman:t3: it is HARD. You kind of get the worst of both worlds. I ended up inducing an over supply by power pumping. But really in the beginning I just pumped whenever she ate. My boobs totally got saggy so sorry on that front. Breast feeding does provide great benefits but also be mindful that breast milk is tailored to your baby that physically breast feeds. So exclusive pumping does not provide all the benefits. Good news about pumping and bottling, you get all the hind milk and know exactly how much they are drinking. Good luck its definitely not for the faint of heart! :heartbeat:

*edit just to add I did not choose to exclusively pump, my baby could not latch and I did this option to still get her breast milk

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I pump and bottle feed my twins, so i don’t know all the answers but for the first one: they can give donor milk or formula until your supply comes in. Also there are lactation consultants that will work with you on helping start your supply. I pump for no less than 15 minutes and more if I didn’t empty within the 15 and I pump about every 2-3 hours unless life doesn’t allow.

I just had my second child 10 days ago. I’m exclusively pumping and when my son was born he stayed in the nursery for a little bit they fed him formula. It’s okay to supplement with formula as your breast milk may take a while to come in. I was having this problem myself. We bought formula just in case I can’t get enough for him. He eats every 3 hours around 60ml-80ml depending on how hungry he gets. I’ll probably pump for another month as long as my supply holds up. Get a double pump it will def save you some time. I pump every 3-4 hours, 25 min each time.

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I know most people dont like WIC but if you have one in your area they can help you learn about breastfeeding with their classes and also help you eat healthy for your little…
Wic can follow your little up to 5 years, providing food for them and you when you’re pregnant.

Babies do not need to eat immediately; it’s common for women not to have milk for the first couple of days. Breastfeeding or pumping will help your milk come in while the baby flushes meconium from their system. Feeding depends on how much the baby demands, but your doctor can provide you with a minimum/maximum idea of how much and how often. You pump until your breasts are empty. Sagging breasts will eventually happen whether you breastfeed or not. Forty-year-old women don’t have perky breasts; they wear push-ups! Lol


I pumped for 9 months exclusively because my son couldn’t latch we tried and he was able to take it from me a few times but most of the time I pumped. I used a Medela electric pump which I loved and it worked great came in a bag so it didn’t look weird so I could take it everywhere with me. I pumped every 2-3 hours depending on my body. It started out with only a small amount the first week but then gradually I was making quite a bit. The lactation nurse can help you too in the hospital.

Also think of pumping in a good/positive way, you benefit your child in lots of ways by feeding breast milk and also it shrinks your uterus so you can def drop some of the unwanted baby weight! The colostrum in the beginning they call it “liquid gold” for a reason it’s very important they get that! Breast fed babies poop more often, and it’s a seedy poop so don’t be alarmed.
The hospital will provide you with a pump to use while in the hospital, I was told if you have a c section breast milk comes in a little later so they can like I said in my first comment give your baby formula.

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Look up videos on skin to skin. The baby should suckle a little tight after delivery (Within an hour). It will start of as colostrum but your nature milk should come in around day three. Keeping the baby in the room with you will help your production.
Also MOST IMPORTANT!!! don’t expect a ton of milk/colostrum. New babies stomaches are very small (Google it) but first week you will only produce spoonfuls of milk only. The baby will eat often but small amounts until their tummy grows.
I’m lactation support at my job. Feel free to message me of you have any questions. I am more than happy to help or answer any questions

I have a few YouTube links to certain videos I use frequently that help my moms. If you would like those I can send them to you.


Insurance will help pay for a breastfeeding class through hospital.

Your boobs are gonna sag anyways unless you have implants. Part of life and getting older. You won’t immediately have milk as soon as the baby is born, you will produce colostrum which is super rich in nutrients and baby doesn’t need anything substantial right after birth anyways. Your milk will come in within a day or so and you can start pumping/feeding. If you decide to pump you need to make sure your okay with pumping every 3-4 hours maybe sooner maybe longer everyone is different. This means having your boobs attached to your pump driving down the road, eating on your lunch break. If you hear ANY baby cry your boobs are gonna leak, its like they hear a baby and think HEY they need some boob food! You need to make sure you are eating regularly because if your not eating enough your not gonna make a lot of milk but be mindful that whatever you eat it will wind up in your milk (ie mexican food will make it spicier) Be prepared to be frustrated, Its not always as simple as slapping your tit in the suction cup and away we go. Your nips are gonna hurt and be sore and may bleed until they get accustomed to pumping. There are health benefits for little nugget if you use BM but again every body is different. Why are you uncomfortable if I might ask? Just remember that FED is Best so whatever you decide to do, good for you!! Congrats on your little upcoming nugget!!! :heart:

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Pumping is WAY harder if you dont skin to skin nurse for several weeks. Your body has to learn how to properly “let down”.

So I didn’t pump much but I breast fed 5 kids each for about 2 years, and not breasts are not saggy. My sister has not breastfed her kids and her breasts are very saggy. Saggy breasts are generic and happen with time and pregnancy.

I dont know much about breastfeeding I just couldnt bring myself to do it but I can say I didnt start producing milk until probably like a week after we was home alrdy, and the saggy boobs thing has nothing to do with breastfeeding it just depends on the person .some women bounce right back how they was some are a little different and some could get slapped in the back of the head by a titty if they run to fast :woman_shrugging: just depends. Goodluck to you gf

Breastfeeding their child is every mother’s responsibility and I think is way more important than making a men happy with the way you look. I’m so proud of myself doing the best for my boys and I think my husband loves me more for being a good mother than could have loved me for a good body

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Following. Expecting my 1st in March :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Brittany Miller give this girl your wisdom

Breastfeeding is hard work, currently breastfeeding baby #5 & due in August with #6. She’s the 2nd out of 5 to exclusively breastfeed.
For the first 2-3 you’ll produce what’s called colostrum, which is very beneficial for baby. After that, your milk should come in but could take up to a week like it did with my most recent baby. You’ll want to pump every 3 hours to keep supply up and should pump for at least 15-20 minutes. A double pump is best as you can pump from both breasts at the same time. Most hospitals and health departments can help you with any questions or concerns.

I am an exclusive pumper and have been for 9.5 months. If you do it right your milk won’t drop. The first four months you pump every 2 hours for 15 to 30 mins. After four months you regulate and you can go longer. Currently I pump four times a day and get 50oz a day.

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Breastfeeding can be very hard the first few weeks but after that it is absolutely rewarding and beautiful. I never pumped because it was a lot more work it’s much easier just to put the baby to your breast. But if you try it and you’re having a hard time please do not beat yourself up about it

It takes a few days before your milk actually comes in but you will have colostrum right away… when babies are first born their bellies are so small they don’t need much to fill them plus they sleep alot in their first 24 hours usually. You can beging pumping right away though I pumped every 3 hours (maybe 4 during the night) be consistent though… the more you empty your breasts the more milk you will produce usually. I pump for 15-20mins with a double electric breast pump it saves me time. Babies only need 1-1.5oz every hour but sometimes baby will drink more at least mine does lol My boobs didnt get saggy from pumping but I never had big boobs to begin with… I also nurse and pump though with both of my children.

First off, none of that sounds stupid, breastfeeding can be complicated. I would talk with your doctor and ask about WIC, they have a ton of classses and people who are more than willing to help. I pumped with both my kiddos (i have pcos so i didn’t produce enough to exclusively breastfeed) and they had formula too, it’s whatever works best for you and your baby.


I breastfed for about 2 months after I had my first and she just wasn’t getting the hang of it so i switched to bottle and just wasn’t making enough milk to pump so what i could pump the first couple of weeks I mixed with formula but from then on all she had was formula. And she’s my immune baby, almost never sick. My second I breastfed through to a year and he’s my more sickly baby. Every child is different. Just do what you think is right. Fed is best, whichever way that may be.:heart: