Tips for a mom who works and pumps at work?

I’m a first-time mom, and this holiday season is going to be rough. I work at a specialty store, and I know my state laws in regards to pumping at work. With that said, I get caught between two important things of not letting my team down while it’s busy and making sure I pump enough to feed my baby. Are there any tips or advice I can get from other moms who have been there? I know its only seven weeks, but I don’t want to stop breastfeeding because of my issues with not wanting to disappoint anyone. I know its important to make sure there’s enough for the baby to eat, but it’s also important to be a part of the team during this hectic time. Please help a mama out!


Look into the Willow or Elvie pump. That could be your saver

When I’m pumping at work, I find it best to have everything already attached and ready to strap on and go. I work in an Emergency department, so trust me I get the whole not wanting to let the team down. Its definitely doable and honestly your team will understand. The people I work with are always supportive and always have something nice to say about me making sure that I get enough time to pump for my little man…he’s 9 months and I went back to work when he hit 3 months. Good luck momma, stay hydrated and good luck!


Freemie cups, drinking lots of water, schedule your pump times like set alarms. Pack your snacks and everything because milk snacks are a thing

I do not breastfeed so I don’t have personal advice to give, but I just saw an advertisement for a pump that goes right in your bra that is super quiet. Pretty sure it’s battery operated and rechargeable. Maybe something like that you can wear while working?


I got extra parts so I wouldn’t have to wash between pumps. Just brought a ziplock bag to put in after each pump and then washed/sanitized everything at home.

Freemie pump is great :hugs:

I took my Medela to work pumped on my 2 15 min breaks and lunch break and if i absolutely needed to i would take another break right before my shift was up. Put it in the fridge at work and used a lil cooler lunch box to travel it back home to freeze it.

I use my freemie at work every day. I am a Director at a Chick-fil-a and bag our drive thru for lunch each day the freemie is discreet, quiet, stays in place, and honestly, the reason I can work full time again. I pump for my 3 month old son and donate on top of that to a set of twins in my area and the freemie is perfect.

Excuse my language but fuck work. Your family will always be there. Work thinks of you as replaceable. Do the pumping for your child and they’ll all get along fine without you at work. If they can’t then you’ve been holding people up that probably didn’t deserve the job anyway

Schedule your pumping times - it’ll be easier for both you and your team that way. Be sure you have a little fridge available at work to store the milk as well. It’s a little weird at first but once it’s a part of your daily routine it’ll be no big deal.

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I was a general manager of a restaurant with my last baby. Totally get letting the team down. Ultimately my baby was more important. I just had SET pump times. I commuted about 40 minutes to work. So i pumped on the way and my next pump was due right before/at the beginning of lunch rush. I just scheduled an extra person (if possible) and set up a space where i could be and unhook quick if absolutely necessary. Also I had everything hooked up and ready to go so I could immediately start as soon as it was time. I would unhook, rinse everything and be ready to go for after lunch again and then pump on my way home. It took a week to get it down but once I did everything went great.

Your baby comes first at all times

Get one of those lunch coolers to put it in so it says cold and don’t have go to the break room to put it away plus you don’t want anyone touching it.

I had it all ready to pumped. I also pumped on a schedule that wouldn’t leaving my team alone during busy time. I would pump right before and right after. Also had a double pump so both at same time.

I was always flexible on my pumping times. I didn’t insist it had to be exactly at X time. If it was early, but we were slow - I took advantage of the time. Same with if we were busy - i would hold off. I didn’t make a big deal of it, but made sure that my co-workers knew I appreciated them sometimes stepping up to fill in if I wasn’t back when we got busy again. I also looked for other ways to show my team spirit; like helping others out when they needed it or saying yes to filling in for someone. Not sure if that helps!

Simple… your baby comes first. I work in health care… I told them I am pumping to feed my baby. I leave my area for 30 mins, I come back like I never left. Just be up front and don’t back down.


Stay strong mama!!! Feed your little baby, they definitely come first!!! You tell them when you need to pump and do your thing. You’ll have more busy seasons :slight_smile: lol