Tips for going to an interview?

Hey mama’s! I have an interview for a county job tomorrow morning. I haven’t went to an interview for over a decade. Anyone have any tips for me?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Tips for going to an interview?

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The position your applying for and your qualifications are secondary to the impression you give about you as a potential coworker, convey a modest level of emotionalism and appear psychologically “potty trained” and your chances are better

Say a small prayer. Go in with confidence. Take time to think your answers through. Know you need a chance study up on the position!

Research the company. So many interviewers start with “So tell me what you know about the company. Why do you want to work here?”
Do your homework and know you are worth hiring and that you’re a good fit. Be honest about your experience and how it may or may not relate to the position you are applying for

Research the position, research who you are interviewing with, ask questions, and ask for the job

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Search you tube for top 10 questions asked at an I terrier to presentable and timely

I own a cleaning company and I used to get really nervous when meeting potential clients. So I’d do a little chat to myself in the car on my way there and say “you got this” and then I’d go in and meet them and pretend they’ve been my friends for years. Be friendly! Be confident in your answers. Brag about your experience and what you bring to the table and why you’re the best fit for the position. You totally got this. Research the company and mention things in the interview that you learned about. Say “I saw on your website that you make/do whatever it is the company does” I think that’s really interesting and I’d love to learn more about it so I can be an essential part of the team here”. Show an interest. Use words like amazing, awesome, wow! Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Get it girl!!

Be confident and open. Don’t over think it.

Practice! Be prepared. Have someone give you a fake interview to practice :pray::pray::pray:

Research the position. Know why you want the job.
Speak with conviction. Remember, you are intervuewing them too. If they’ll be disrespectful interviewing, do you want to work for them?
Dress for the job you want. Simple, but classy. Toned down make-up for a county job. You’re their face in public. I know ppl say “I should do what I want…blah blah” you absolutely can but they can too.
Remind yourself, you got this momma!!
Congrats on your new job!! :smirk:

Mirror your interviewer in formality, body language, etc

Be dressed nice, be yourself…