Tips for new moms?

What items or tips are essential for the first weeks for mom and baby to make life easier? (Ex: meal plan prep ideas, C-section recovery tips)


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Pre cooked season chopped chicken for tacos and salad.

Same for hamburger for tacos and spaghetti
Free flat in quart zip lock bags

First if there is not a medical reason to get a c section then don’t !
Putting more stress and unnecessary pain and issues on yourself.

Enjoy your newborn first and foremost. This stage passes too quickly. You don’t have to let anybody and everybody into see baby. Just those most important to you. Rest as much as possible. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy​:blush::blush:


Diaper caddy lol I kept it stocked with diapers, pj’s, wipes, formula, etc didn’t have to leave my couch or bed. It was a life saver for me

Get a thermos and go a head and preheat water (if formula fed) and get your bottles prepped in an easy reach place, same for diapers, wipes, nose sucker, burp cloths.
As for csection I had it EASY I had no pain from the actual csection I had a lot of rib pain from my baby being IN my ribs. NOW I will say when they push on your uterus that does HURT!! But everybody is different!

Use a belly support band over your incision after, it’s so helpful. Don’t skip meds in the first few days. Put a menstrual pad between your incision and underwear (i stuck the sticky part to my underwear lol) it will feel nice. Hold your incision when you cough, sneeze or laugh, it will hurt more than you expect. Get moving when you can, it will help you heal but don’t overdo it. Massage your incision, it will help nerves heal, regain some feeling, and reduce scar tissue. You will probably never fully regain feeling on the scar though. Personally i liked my planned C-sections and healed very easily and quickly from them, don’t let people scare you about them.

If someone offers help like grandma or grandpa take it so you have some me time for a bit. Not everyone needs to see baby right away take some bonding time.


Accept help from those you’re comfortable with. Stock up on easy to make meals (not just dinners.) Enjoy every second of these newborn snuggles. It’s a very precious time.

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Have diaper changing stations all over your house. One in your room, one in the living room, baby’s room, anywhere you are frequently. Something simple like baskets stocked with diapers, creams, lotion, wipes and a receiving blanket to lay baby down on.

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You do need to be walking as much as possible. This is to prevent gas pain and blood clots. Rest much but not too much. No lifting more than 10 lbs for 6 weeks

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Rest as much as possible. Meal prep simple easy heat meals as much as possible. Make a “baby box” of essential items such as wipes, diapers, and things to keep in arms reach by the bed to make day or night changes easier.

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Accept help!
Lots of times, new moms feel like they need to be super woman right away. You already are. You created and birthed a human. If someone (you trust) offers to help, let them!
Also, it’s ok to say no. Don’t want visitors? Say no. Don’t feel like going out? Say no. Housework needs doing but you don’t feel like it? Say no.


Support bands for belly, lotion, have drinks (gatorade, water, juice, bodyarmor, etc) by the place you will mostly be in, easy healthy snacks set up by where you breast feed and spend your time. If you can afford it a heated back massager pad thing, ice packs and few ke0t in the freezer to help with pain, blankets and pillows set up by where you will be, and some fuzzy socks for comfort. Had some spit up cloths and an extra shirt or two where you can grad them to change for convenience, and a book or two or a list of movies to watch so you have something to do if you can’t sleep and need a break. Casseroles, lasagna, easy to throw in the oven or microwave type things for meals

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Omg biggest piece of advice that helps both mom and dad… sleep when baby sleeps. We never experienced the zombie stage everyone talks about. All my husband’s clients were insanely shocked to find out he had a new born at home and didn’t look drained or tired. I did all the nighttime feeds and changes etc because I followed that advice and I never experienced the burnout either. It took about 3 months then I was able to switch back to “normal” life where I was up most of the day. Also, speak up when you are having concerns about your new life. I ended up with PPD so bad that at 6 months I almost ended it and that was the scariest thing in the world.

Walk lots, drink water and be gentle to yourself! You also don’t need to answer the door to every single person that wants to come. You do not need to take care of baby AND be an entertaining host.

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Sleep when the baby sleeps as much as you can

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Rest as much as you can but not too much you have to walk too , do not lift heavy stuffs, try to have everything you may need for the day closer to you , like diapers , wipes , burp clothes etc . Prep meal is also great

Extra large pads, have all your lose fitting comfy clothes washed and ready to wear because that’s what is going to be comfortable. Have some easy frozen meals ready to heat up. If someone offers to watch the baby so you can sleep take them up on it. If someone offers to tidy up, grab something at the store or run errands, let them. Likely they’ve been in your shoes and know what it’s like to be a Momma with a newborn.
If you ever feel like you need help, need to talk or a break- speak up!!! It’s ok to feel that way! Being a Mom is wonderful but can be overwhelming at time.

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-put the baby outside of the shower and go take a shower.
-Sleep in short increments, even if you feel guilty because there are other things you could be doing. (if you can’t actually go to sleep, just lie there).
-take time for yourself AWAY from the house (when partner/help has baby) and allow yourself mommy time.
-cry. Cry your eyes out. scream under a pillow. don’t bottle it up – get it out, whether your tired, frustrated, angry, or your boobs hurt. whatever it is, just let it out.

Frozen meal prep some things for the crockpot. And get a routine as soon as possible. Don’t convince yourself you can do more than you can, c-sections go through many layers, it is a long time recovery. I felt incision pinches and things 6-9 months afterwards and occasionally a little over a year after. When you can workout again, listen to your body. Cuddle a pillow in your abdomen to help with the pain, and needing to cough.