Tips for potty training girls?

Any potty training tips? My youngest will be 3 next month and starts preschool in August so I only have a few months to potty train her. So far we have had no luck. Her older sister is 10 so its been awhile lol I feel like this is my first all over again


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Tips for potty training girls?

My sister used to had my niece with not diaper or underwear while potty trained her … it worked for her that way

Have her watch mom
Sit her on the toilet n drop a handful of water down her crotch
It works everytime
I’ve raised a lot of kids


Make her watch potty training videos like the Dino tiger, cocomelon, Elmo. Start by having her just sit in the potty every hour. For me it was tough I have a 12 year old and 4 year old. You can use pull ups or just go with the underwear. They will have accidents at first and you have to remind her but once they get it you’re done. Good luck :+1:

I followed the book oh crap and my daughter (21 months) was potty trained in 4 days…first day was a disaster :sweat_smile: I think she only went on the potty once but by the third day she knew when she had to go and had 0 accidents

Amazon has a potty watch and calendar that she wears
To remind her to go. It’s awesome. My grandchild learned in 2 days

My oldest is 3 now but I started when she was one and half and she’s fully potty trained Since two, I kept her without a diaper most of the time and If she had an accident I wouldn’t scold her I would simply just place her on the toilet or potty and tell her this is where we go potty not on the floor and when she went on the potty I would get super excited and say goood girl I’m so proud of you and give her a sticker on a chart or arm and give a treat and tell her I’m so proud of her that’s she’s a big girl now. And it seem to work pretty good. She hasn’t been in diapers for a long time!


I was lucky, my daughter did not like to have a wet diaper so went to the potty on her own at 20 months. She had been dry at night for about 4 months. Two days and she wore big girl panties - - -

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Boy. It’s been a long time. I got this book. Potty training in a day. You take the baby, without a diaper, and keep a sippy cup with juice available. Keep the baby in an uncarpeted room with you with a potty chair. Have toys there. Encourage the baby to drink as much juice as she wants. Every little bit, encourage her to sit on the potty chair. When she uses the potty, make the biggest celebration fuss you can, smiling and cheering. Then clean up, empty the potty chair, and start again. Clean up any accidents without comment, but cheer like crazy every time she uses the potty chair. If she’s anything like my little girl, she’ll catch on pretty quick and then you can put her in a cute top and Big Girl panties. Leave the potty chair where it is. She will probably continue to potty there. When she uses it. Continue to celebrate. Clean up accidents without comment, but celebrate success. She’ll get it.


You still have time. Relax and maybe she will not feel pressured.

You should let her know that her sister goes to the bathroom to go potty & if she goes on the potty , you will all be very proud of her !!!

With both my girls I bought pampers pull ups. They both hated them. Hated that there was so much stuffing in the crotch. Wanted regular underwear after that. Not one accident since. They are 10 and 6 now.

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I put a dress on them with nothing underneath. They will experience it fully. As it’s going down their leg, they will soon find that disgusting. Remind them that is their bottom and they can hold it. keep taking them to the bathroom. A quick bath and clean up. Keep talking to them… 3 days later they are done. Works for boys too but with a long t-shirt. maybe not much rest for a long weekend but after that you are done with diapers.

i started when my son went three, i just got loads of underpants and boxers, soft toilet seat, set a timer for every 20 minutes and got on with it. none of the nonsense of over complicating it like a lot do. i don’t use the timer now, i just take him when i go and he usually gets his wees and poops done every time. very rarely have qn accident. and he’s in pull ups at night.

Everytime she has a drink or food wait at least half an hour then take her to the toilet. I use to just ask my kids if they needed to go toilet.

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Bathroom visits every hour and praise for staying dry/clean and not making a big deal of using the potty. This was the only thing that worked for my son who has autism.

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I just put panties on my girls and put them on the potty every 30 minutes. Diapers/pull ups were used only for nap time and bed time. They were potty trained in a few days.

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Training underwear. My daughter peed in them twice and it never happened again as she didn’t like getting her clothes wet

I potty trained all mine (three girls and one boy) over a week end. At age 2
Do not use pull ups it’s the same as diapers. Go straight to panties.
Nothing to drink an hour before bed. We called it no supplies after six.

I agree with a lot of the other posts I used a kitchen timer and took them every 15 to 20 minutes and nothing but panties no diapers and no pull ups and I have an mm for every success

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Don’t buy a separate potty for her. Just buy the thing that goes on top of a regular toilet so they fit better.

Daycare provider here: DO NOT PUSH HER. Keep the training calm and at her pace.
Help encourage any reluctance or stubbornness with rewards like stickers on a potty poster or a low sugar treat like a tic tac.
Another idea, is to pass on the pull ups for only when going out. Go straight to big girl underwear. Most kids don’t like the feel of being wet.
Invite “potty tries” every half hour to hour, and give praise for trying even if nothing happened.

Make it fun, stress free, and show patience as well as persistence.

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Naked and have a potty in living room in car this is how all my kids trained I have 3 boys and one girl after 2 weeks then i put them in shorts then in underwear a few weeks later

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I got a potty seat with a step cuz my daughter loves to climb so it’s fun to climb up for her. I put her on the seat every hour or so (I tried every 20-30 mins wasn’t working for me) and I sit on the tub and wait with her. In all reality they aren’t gonna do it till they’re ready :woozy_face: she’ll be 3 in June

I agree with everyone here. No pullups. They have to learn to use the muscle tastes way to do that is in underwear.

Every 15 minutes I put my oldest on the potty. I had her potty trained in 4-5 days. My youngest who is three it took me a little over a week. We only used diapers at night. The second she woke up we put her on the potty because she always woke up dry. We did the same with her every 15 minutes. She was scared until she had an accident and was so upset. We told her accidents happen and we weren’t mad and then from that point on she has been using the potty. It’s been over a month.