Tips for sleeping while pregnant?

Tips for better sleep? I’m only 8 months PP, just found out I’m pregnant…… probably only 5-6 weeks… I’m upset but anyway, I cannot sleep at night. I wake up at 1-2AM and I’m up for hours. I’m so exhausted. I’ve tried chamomile tea, melatonin, nothing really helps… any other tips?


Magnesium! I started taking pink stork magnesium + vitamin D and it has helped with so many things. Sleep, nausea, constipation… lots of pregnancy symptoms!

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it’s a phase, I’d let it run out … I don’t fight it anymore I just watch YouTube and then I’m asleep again


Tart cherry juice, and you’ll be right out. Please don’t take Benedryl is lined to Altimerz

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I have a white noise app on my phone I use when can’t sleep. It usually helps me fall asleep before the 30 min timer goes off!

My doctor told me benadryl when I was in a similar situation

Body pillow. Boil lettuce and drink the water. Seen many people do it and pass out. Wash first. Walk and do more activities to wear yourself out

Honestly nothing worked for me, I was in the same position as you. Had my son August 2016 and my daughter August 2017. I personally just had to push through on my own, nothing helped. Best of luck momma :heart:

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I take children’s liquid Benadryl it used to work but I think I done got used to it. It’s safe in pregnancy id try that

Same horrible insomnia to where I’m irritable. I’m 9 wks

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Currently pregnant & I take Tylenol PM with doctors approval.

My doctor told me unisom. Also helps with nausea. I’m 14 weeks. Congrats!

Know anyone who does reflexology. You ought to try it . WORKS GREAT FOR SLEEP DEPRIVATION.

I took unisom at my Dr’s rec… It helped with the falling back asleep bc I had the same issue whole pregnant when I woke up to pee I was up for hours… The unisom fixed that problem… Although I would say it also depends on you LO’s sleep schedule