Tips for swollen feet in the 3rd trimester?

I’m in the third trimester and I work full time sales. I stand pretty much for 8-9 hours a day and work an hour away from home. By the end of the day my feet are so swollen and hurt so bad. Any tips?


As soon as you get home put them up. Try not to do much

Drink lots of water and rest when u have downtime

Following! I tried compression stockings but that didn’t help. My feet/calfs were still just as swallen. I’m going to continue to wear them though.

My diet had a lot to do with mine. Chugging tons of water and staying away from salt were huge.

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Compression socks and drinking lots of water helps

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Hydrate, limit salt, soak them in Epsom salt, compression socks and elevate them higher then your heart

Reduce salt/sodium intake and increase water!! Good luck mamma!

Keep your fluids up, maybe get one of those massaging foot spas for when you get home and put some Epsom salts in it.

Reduce salt in your alimentation and put them up.

Lay on the floor and put your feet up on the couch for 20 mins.

Compression stockings help

Reduce sodium in your diets… LOTS OF WATER, elevate your feet any chance you have… breaks, lunch, after work. I worked retail when I was pregnant wity baby #2 up u till a few days i had gave birth…i never had any issues with swollen feet… but with my first pregnancy i did, was diagnosed with preeclampsia. Talk to your doctor.

I’m an RN and worked 13 hour shifts up until the day I gave birth. I feel your pain. I tried everything. The only thing that came even close to helping was massage (bless my husband) and elevating them.

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Talk to your doctor. It might just be what your eating but it could be something else. My friend was like that with her pregnancy, and turned out it wasnt just normal swelling. She had preeclampsia and a few other issues.

as soon as you get home, relax. I work during both my pregnancies, at a fast food place. happened a lot.

Compression stockings. Reduce sodium intake to like none and drinks tons of water to remove water retention. Keep your feet elevated as much as possible.

Compression socks, water, rest them above your heart in the evening for an hour.

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STAY AWAY FROM SALTY FOODS, drink lots of water, u don’t want to be dehydrated when going into Labor. And reclining up those feet will help. They have to be higher than your heart when sitting down. :purple_heart:

I was in ur shoes too! Literally. I worked retail sales, on my feet all day. I noticed I did get relief when I drank tons of lemon water. Nothing special, but add fresh lemons to the water your drinking. Its supposed to relieve water retention, and it did help. They were still slightly swollen but they didn’t hurt. Hang in there!

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Lay down put you feet above your heart

Go get your urine checked for preeclampsia. Better safe than sorry.

Reduce sodium and every chance you get "toes above nose"just putting them up won’t do it you have to actually lie down with feet up to reduce swelling. It helps to wear compression socks and put them on son as you wake up.

Elevate when u get home

Has the doctor ever mentioned protein in your urine or elevated blood pressure?

Try compression socks while you’re working, and soak your feet when you get home in a warm epsom salt foot bath for about 20 minutes a night. Elevate your feet when you’re sitting, if possible. Try an arch support insert in your shoes.

Call the doc. It could be nothing and just from being prego and active or… It could be a sign of preclampsia. Definitely worth it to check.