Tips on babies first cake?

My son’s first birthday is coming up in about two weeks… What’re some of the do’s & dont’s of a “first cake?” .if that makes sense lol (he also only has 4 top & 4 bottom teeth & VERY picky in what he eats)


Went to Publix and got the free first birthday cake put it on his high chair tray and let him play. Took pictures and video

Don’t get blue or black frosting​:joy::joy: OMG it stains and their teeth for the day

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I got my son a jumbo cupcake for him. It’s about the size of a large muffin and he enjoyed playing with it but not eating it.

You get him a cake and put it in front of him. Stick his hand in it. Give him a taste. He’ll do the rest.

I did a Walmart first birthday cake with a sheet cake.

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A good idea for littles is a dirty frosting cake! Not as much frosting to tear up, or dye things, and also less sugar! Plus they are really cute! Though they have be at two layers to be cute.

My 4th baby just turned one yesterday, and I feel like with every first birthday it’s so so different. My first I went all out and had the perfect cake and she just threw it. :joy::joy: so for my second I did a simple cake and she loved it and ate it nicely. Then my third had way too much frosting on it and it got everywhere, it was a disaster. So yesterday I had a barely frosted, but super cute cake and I was all prepared with a ton of wipes and a change of clothes and my baby wouldn’t even touch the cake. He literally just sat there giggling at it. :joy::joy:

I will say this though, STRIP THEM DOWN TO THEIR DIAPER!! It makes clean up so much easier!! Good luck! :two_hearts:

My kid didnt even eat her 1st smash cake. She barley touched it… :rofl: so my tip. Dont spend to much time or money on a cute cake. Make a cute small cake urself lol


I cheated a bit, store-bought angel food cake added real whipped cream. This cake was just for the baby. Had “real” cake for guests.

Don’t spend a bunch of money, my daughter didn’t want anything to do with her smash cake :rofl::woman_shrugging:

We just celebrated my daughter’s 1st and we just stripped her down to her diaper, put her in a high chair outside and let her go crazy. Then when she was done I carried her to the bathtub and washed her up. She had a blast and I loved watching her. I had my sister in law take pictures for me

I got my son a premade little round 5 dollar cake as his smash cake! He loved it and had more fun playing in it then actually eating it!

Make it yourself. Don’t spend a lot of money on a cake that won’t really be eaten!! :heart:

Let him have fun with a slice.

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Clothes to get messy in or throw way or in only a diaper😂 it gets messy

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We did a jumbo cupcake for my sons first birthday. I will say be careful of the icing, we learned the hard way that some colors stain…everything :woman_facepalming:

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call around some stors give a cake for 1st birthday

My daughter loved her cake she laid her head on it :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Depends on if you want him to have sugar or not. Decide on that… Flavors… How big 🤷 If you want him to have a whole cake or just a piece of a regular cake… My son has his own cake… He didnt really smash it though… He devoured that sucker :joy::joy::joy: He even bit his finger and drew blood. Its just fun for the kid and parents 🤷


Smash cake! Ive always just done a small round cake, stuck it on their highchair, and let them go to town!


This was my babies first birthday cake. It looks big but it wasn’t. Lol. I made it cause we had a countryish theme. It was his smash cake and we had chocolate cupcakes for everybody else.

Get him his own “smash” cake. When I had my baby shower we got my cake from Vons. And they actually mailed me a coupon for a free “smash” cake. Its adorable. Like their own little cake to ruin!

This is the cake we did for his 1st birthday photos that his dad and I did. The blue definitely stained lol for his actual birthday we just did a small basic cake and I did cupcakes for everyone else

Wal-Mart gives a free smash cake for babies first birthday I believe:)

We bought the little single slice of cake you can get at Walmart for mines smash cake. Her cake for everyone else was pretty, though. Cookie Monster ice cream cake from baskin robbins

Cupcake. Let him smash it

Id say put your baby in just a diaper to do it. The dyes can stain (unless you do a white icing only). But you only need a small cake.
Walmart i believe gives free cake smash cakes if you order their main cake there.

I made cupcakes. Easier to portion for everyone and less expensive. It was super cute for both my girls!

My BFF’s mom made both of my son’s 1st cake. They loved it and no problem.

I ordered a real cake for all the guests from a bakery and went and ordered 2 dozen cupcakes from Walmart and got the free 1st bday cake from them for my little one.

We gave my on the smash cake n just let him at it lol

Keep it white or a light color. Blue stains!!! I would keep it small too but that’s because I’m on a budget and alot of it goes to waste!

My twins just sat in a blow up pool and smashed into a lil cake for each of them. They have a 4th of july bday so we went bbq and pool party.

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Diaper only because the dyes will stain and it really depends on your child but I had a whole trolls themed smash cake and my daughter wouldn’t touch it she doesn’t like cake who knew

Personally I don’t mind the outfit getting stained. If you’re choosing a first birthday outfit its an awesome keepsake to hangup or whatever to look back on the first birthday:) my kiddo got spaghetti and cake all over his little tux shirt and i think its cute.

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He had his own little 6 inch smash cake and we had a sheet cake(2 foot by 1.5 foot) for all 36 guest

Hell, let him have at it. Avoid sprinkles or anything like that probably 🤷

Whatever you are comfortable with! They may or may not even eat the cake. We are dairy and egg free so I made his cake… boy it was a process

I’m sure he’ll eat cake

If you order from Publix they will give you a free smash cake for the baby if you order a bigger cake for your guests.

Also, my sons smash cake was green and his poop was bright green for a week. So, don’t freak out if that happens.

Smash cake. It was for my grandaughter first birthday.

In retrospect I would have covered him in a trash bag :laughing::laughing:

My sister made a banana cake from scratch. Banana filling with vanilla pudding and chocolate frosting. Was the beast cake ever.

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you could do a cup cake! Or walmart will give a free smash cake to one year olds if you buy a cake!

Tres leches !! ( Hispanic versión of vanilla cake ) It’s soggy and wet and delicious

I made cupcakes and so glad I did!

Don’t do ice cream cake they get so excited and don’t realize it’s cold

We made the mistake of having black icing boarders on our sons cake and it stained everyone’s teeth and also turned his :poop: a different color lol Since then we avoid anything with black on it! Lol

I have my daughter a tiny slice and had mostly icing and a little bit of cake on it. She is a picky eater also and didn’t like it. If he doesn’t like cake or you feel uncomfortable giving it to him you can give him ice cream

Doesn’t need to be very big. Some stores make just a little cake or you can give him just a cupcake. It is all up to you. My oldest wouldn’t touch his at first but when I gave him a small piece he dove in both hands lol

I made a small separate rainbow cake for a my one-year-old, I also used whipped cream icing… then got a bigger cake from a bakery for the rest of the party. Also avoid dark coloured icing.

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Just make sure to get a soft cake. So he doesn’t chip a tooth.

I wouldn’t have fondant on it, young kids can chock on it. If you want them to wear a cute shirt that you want to keep, don’t have red or black on the cake.

My poor child had a bunch of different cakes. The one her dad and I got her wasa cupcake because we knew she couldn’t/wouldn’t eat a full cake :rofl:

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My daughters first birthday was on the 18th. We celebrated at Chuck E Cheese. Her smash cake was whipped so it was lighter than butter cream and I had them make the whipped frosting white so the colors wouldnt stain her clothes or skin.


Most local grocery stores give you a free smash cake. Make sure you ask!

We did lighter colors so it didnt stain her skin and whipped icing and it worked well for us!

3-D cake, my oldest had a Winnie the Pooh one, absolutely loved smashing into it. We had a sheet cake for everyone else. But it was fun!!

I made my son a small smash cake for his 1st bday. He loved it.

I sent know if anyone has said this but just remeber whatever color icing he eats will be in his diaper later. I’ll never forget my mom giving my brother a mostly red cake and then freaking out later :joy:
Also, we did cupcakes for babies 3 and 4 and it was much easier for them and us.

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Trust— he won’t care. Mine had 3 teeth :joy::joy:

Soft icing and not chocolate. We had a beautiful cake but wanted messy first cake photos and the icing was so hard it did not turn out. The chocolate cake gave her diarrhea lol

It’s going to get demolished. Don’t spend more than $20 for a cake. Spend it elsewhere within the party. :grin::sunglasses:

He’s ONE year old…
Common sense, please take the wheel :woman_facepalming:t4:

I had a cupcake themed birthday for my daughter’s 1st birthday. I set up her highchair outside and let her have her own cupcake and expected most of it to end up on her and on the ground instead of in her mouth. It turns out that she’s not a big fan of cake at all. She’s 9 and still doesn’t like cake. LOL

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I’m a new gma & of all the recent 1 year old parties I’ve been to the birthday children are so over stimulated they become grouchy & irritated that none of it ends up being very fun for the child it’s intended for.

Keep party size small & intimate. Have a few decorations but don’t go overboard. Have a cupcake for the child & don’t put them on full display & expect them to be happy about it.

Ask guests to buy “experiences” instead of toys & clothes & keep big gifts to a minimum.
They are way to young at 1 to understand any of the big “to do” & you end up with a baby who had a frightening day not a happy one.

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A lot of people will do a smash cake and honestly I think it’s a waste of cake. You could do a cupcake but I always just made a cake and gave baby a slice. My oldest I had a bbq and then cake and it was at a park a block or two from my moms house. So in that case make sure you have stuff to clean your baby off lol also cake is super soft and sweet so just about everyone loves it, even picky babies :slightly_smiling_face:

We had my son’s first birthday at a park. It was great! We grilled hot dogs & hamburgers. I ordered him a special first birthday cake. It came with a cute smash cake so he could make a mess and look cute for the pictures and we still had the other cake to share with our guests. The party really was more of an adult party because of his age. The “Don’t” I recommend to you is don’t hire a clown for your party. It’s great for the older children but it really upset our child. Not worth the money when your child isn’t happy. We didn’t do a pinata, but I wouldn’t recommend that either. Keep this birthday simple and spend it with family! This first birthday is so special!! Hope this helps & good luck!

I’m a cake decorator at walmart we do give free smash cakes with an order. I always recommend doing whipped icing with one years old its dairy free and has less sugar. It’s easier on babies tummies. My first daughter turned one before I started cake decorating. I gave her smash cake with regular icing and she went town and then spent all night puking. So my second daughter will he getting whipped this year for her first lol

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A birthday party for a baby that young is not for the baby. It is for the adults who come, so you can provide a small cake with the intention of allowing the baby to attack it and make as much mess as you are willing to clean up.
Then, if you have other children you can have hot dogs or whatever, and have another cake or cup cakes for them
You can have finger foods or hot dogs or whatever, for the adults-maybe, hamburgers- and cake or cup cakes. Chilly in the winter is a good option, and any other fillers you wish.

My baby girl will be 1 on next Fri we aren’t having a party we are just getting her a small little cake for herself and making her cake to share with us

I can give you a big don’t! Say, your baby loves Elmo. And you think it would be great to have all things Elmo for the party. Pass on the pinata of Elmo!! Otherwise baby will watch as all the other kids beat the crap out of Elmo!

It’s his first birthday they only get one go all out. Mine had a smash cake and cupcakes. But in the end you do what you wanna do.

Soft, one layer cake. Be careful on the icing colors and intensity (blue and red can stain hard core) otherwise, they are washable, clothes are washable. Go to town!

With our 4th daughter I made a Mickey mouse smash cake, I have made sure there is black icing on all our smash cakes because it made for perfect pictures! Don’t let them smash in anything but a diaper (it’s less mess)

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Strip him down to his diaper. We ended up putting our son in the tub clothes and all because he made such a mess.

Usually the smash cake is free if you order a birthday cake just tell them its for a 1 year old.

Walmart has free smash cake with a order of a regular size 1/4 sheet cake that says 1 year old on it

My daughter had their own cupcake for them

Give them a cupcake! Don’t water your money on smashing a cake!

try a ice cream cake like from Dairy queen

Cake is soft go all out

United Supermarkets does a free smash cake

Put a disposable tablecloth under the highchair!

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Her nana made a little cake with whipped cream on top for her actual birthday as it was the same day as our Thanksgiving celebration then I did a smash cake for her about a week later

I did a mini donut tower for my little miss when she turned one :heart_eyes:


I hot a small, round smash cake from Publix for free for him to demolish. I got cupcakes for the adults. We kept it small, just immediate family so he knew the people there. About 7 people total & we kept it very short. About 40 mins. Just enough time to sing happy birthday & help him open a few small gifts. Then, everyone left for his nap.


There’s recipes for smash cakes that are healthy, which is neat, but because they’re naturally sweetened it’s less of an overwhelming flavour for the baby. Banana and raspberry are some popular flavors.


Smash cake for him and a bigger cake for everyone else! If you have a safeway/Albertsons near you they typically give you the smash cake for free with the purchase of the bigger cake for the 1st birthdays!

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Do they actually even eat the cake? Lol… personally i had two cakes i bought an ice cream cake decorated beautifully with his pic on it, then a regular cake for him to try to eat and make a mess with… also for ppl who dont like ice cream i also had cupcakes, but you could just use a cupcake for the smash cake

I did a smash cake for my first kid and it had green icing, which stained EVERYTHING! If you do a smash cake, keep it white and stay away from food coloring that will stain your high chair

I just did a cupcake. Super easy and the mess wasn’t as big to clean up. They got to smash it just like any other cake.

Also, if you can, go lighter on the icing , I found with ours there was so much icing it was hard to get to the actual cake.

I tried to keep it pretty small to avoid the tummy ache & just did a white cake box mix.

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I did a cup cake for the "smash cake " for both my kids. I found the mess was easier to handle and its more sized to them .

Don’t do a loud colored icing- it stains evvvverything!

Walmart gives a free smash cake for 1 year olds.


I’m getting a stomachache just reading this!

If you do butter cream don’t do super bright colors, it tends to taste gross.

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