Tips on being a boy mom?

So I need some pointers on being a first time boy mom, I have 2 girls so its super new to me, and I am going to get him circumcised I would appreciate it if I got some advice on how to keep the area clean and non irritated, what to and what not to do during healing ect. Or any other info you think may be helpful


I jad no problems with my 2 boys at all

Vaseline. Lots of Vaseline. It heals pretty quick tho. Listen to what the dr says. Mine had me keep a fresh gaus over it but it needed to be soaked in Vaseline. You dont want it to stick to a dry surface or you could damage the area and cause infection. Boys are great tho! I have 3 boys and they’re definitely gross at times but super easy to deal with.

Point it down when you change diapers! Nothing to do with circumcision but just in general to keep pee from coming out of the top of the diaper


Lots of Vaseline and half shirts!!!

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After the circ, you might have a plastic “bell” on it…you don’t have to do anything to it. But you could put a little Vaseline on the diaper so it doesn’t stick or irritate. If he doesn’t have the plastic bell, gently pull back, below the cut and Vaseline everytime you change him. On him and the diaper. Mom of 2 boys, my first didn’t have a bell, second did and the bell was much less stressful cause you don’t have to do anything. When changing his diaper, put a cold wipe on his belly under the top of the diaper so he pees before you pull the diaper off cause you will probably get peed on. My boys peed through every brand diaper except for Luvs (not out the sides or top but wouldn’t hold their pee).

I got some type of medicine/gauzes after my son was circumcised…had to put it on him after every time we changed his diaper.

They should tell you everything you need to know. From my experience it went super smoothly. My first boy had hypospadias so they had to circumcise him. He went through a lot because it was more difficult than a normal one. He was in a lot of pain the first day. But when I tell you that boy was trying to get up and run on the second or third day. :joy: I was a bundle of nerves trying to get him to sit still so he wouldn’t hurt himself. You’re just gonna want to be careful and gentle with him whenever you’re moving him around. Let him just wear t-shirts for a while nothing tight around the area. They are going to give you the things you need and the instructions to take care of him after. It will be okay!

Helpful tip- don’t do it! :slight_smile:

Gauze, Vaseline, leave it pointed down, thankfully it heals pretty quickly

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Foreskin has 20k nerve endings and serves to protect the penis and has numerous sexual functions. The first step of circumcision is to use a blunt probe to rip the foreskin from the glans which is held on the same way fingernails are… I highly suggest you watch videos of the procedure on YouTube before you subject your baby to it. If you want to protect him leave him how nature intended, it prevents infections to be intact. You simply wipe like a finger to keep clean

It depends on how the circumcision is done. My son had the bell so I was told to leave it alone unless poop got on it.

In case nobody told you it’s going to look horrible broke my heart but they heal up fast. They will pee on you almost every time you change their diaper in the first week or two Him when they hit toddler stage they will try to pee on everything!


Don’t circumcise your son’s :100:


They give you stuff but Vaseline and gauze as I remember. We had no issues at all.

Why would you mutilate a perfect child? There isn’t one reason to do it.


My sons and grandsons are intact no need to have cosmetic surgery performed on a newborn


Save yourself some cash and your son from a needles, risky, cosmetic surgery with 0 medical benefits: